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Torri’s such a sweetheart! Good luck to her! And thanks for the interview.


I changed the stargate wikia


She is a class act. No disrespect to the others that followed but her character was just fine to begin with. You gotta love the “business” of TV.


It would be funny if a convention got all of the actresses that played Weir up on a stage together including Jessica Steen, who played Weir before Torri Higginson.


Thanks Torri.
You played a great role in Stargate Atlantis and made it your own.

No disrespect to Amanda but Robert and Torri suited the leader of Atlantis role so well.

Which is surprising for Robert’s character as he was a …. in SG1 and only started being nicer towards the end.


Chad, thank you for doing this interview. It was a pleasure to meet her last summer (and you, of course!). I keep raving to my boyfriend about how awesome she was, and he said “I’m not surprised, she seemed pretty cool.” I’m working on converting him to Atlantis as well, since he is so hardcore SG-1. We’re both coming to the Con in August 2013 (yes, new boyfriend who wants to attend his first Con, this should be great), so I’m psyched that he will get to see what I’m talking about. My photo-op with her and Kate Hewlett and… Read more »


As a quiet but enthusiastic fan of Torri Higginson and Elizabeth Weir, thank you thank you thank you in doing this interview. The others who filled her position did fine jobs, but as I clicked so strongly with her I was sad the way her departure was handled. Like the poster above me, I’m rewatching Atlantis and will be sad again, but I’m thrilled to see this new interview and I’ll see if I can attend her Houston con too. I haven’t seen her in person yet, just youtube clips of conventions and panels. Jedi_Master_Bra’tac, thanks for changing the stargate… Read more »


The good question is if the would work in Stargate Extintion. Sue’s the soul of Atlantis.


This old heart will always remember Torri as the true soul of SGA.

IMO, the interview above showed *why*.

With all due respect to Tapping (and her contract with the franchise), her Carter character just did not belong in that post as admin for that station; and, behind the screen, the showrunners seemed to not think clearly enough on what to do with Wier’s (and Ford’s, and Beckett’s, and Keller’s) character from a certain point in the series– and it showed up in ways too painful to watch.

Thanks again for attempting to maintain SGA’s soul then, Torri…


Torri made ATLANTIS. The interaction with Sheppard was – well, just look at all the YouTube videos dedicated to them. Torri, if you’re reading these, please accept more “meet & greets” to give all of us a chance to see you.


I haven’t loved a female character this much since Carter, on SG1. I was always hopful the writers of the show would further expand on Weir’s duties, and off-time activities, ect. Sadly, that never happened; but Weir lives on through the hearts, and minds of the fans who love her. I hope I get the chance to meet you in person someday; and if I can get a picture with Higginson, I’ll sit it on my mantle! It is so rare to encounter a character portayed by an actress who has that special, “something” about them; and Torri is one… Read more »