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MGM and Sinclair Group To Launch 24/7 Sci-Fi Network

Monday - June 29, 2015
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Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Sinclair Television Group today announced plans to launch a new science fiction network, which will feature over 1,500 hours of content from MGM — including existing episodes of the Stargate franchise.

The companies will partner to jointly create, develop, distribute, and air what they call “the first ever 24 hour / 7 day per week science fiction multi-channel network.”

MGM will handle programming and other aspects of operation for Sinclair, which will own the network.

The as yet unnamed network will premiere in the fourth quarter of 2015 with availability in approximately 30 percent of the United States, with plans for distribution deals with other broadcasters prior to launch.

Programming on the network will include a mix of science fiction, fantasy, and adventure series, including titles from MGM-produced TV series such as Stargate, Poltergeist: The Legacy, The Outer Limits, and Dead Like Me.

“We are excited to be partnering with MGM on the launch of the first ever science fiction multi-channel network,” David Amy, Chief Operating Officer of Sinclair Broadcast Group, said in a press release. “MGM has an extensive collection of science fiction films and television movies that appeal to a vast audience who will now be able to access that content through broadcast television.”

“As a producer of some of the genre’s greatest films and television series, MGM knows how passionate and loyal fans are about Sci-Fi,” John Bryan, MGM’s President of Domestic Television Distribution, said.

MGM began producing original science fiction series in the mid-1990s, with Showtime as its primary distribution partner. Today the studio’s TV arm produces scripted dramas such as Vikings (History), Teen Wolf (MTV), and A.D. – The Bible Continues (NBC).

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  • Wow! If they really do this right, they can take the sci-fi away from SyFy. I am stoked!

  • maybe this could give the stargate tv franchise a chance at revival!! #hopes

  • This is hope maybe someday we can get a real end to SGU.

  • Wonder if they would consider anything SGA related as a new project? They were complicit in cancelling SGA in the first place and now they are backing the Devlin reboot. That would be my only interest.

  • Doubtful that we would get the full cast of either SGA or SGU to finish their stories. But a new show with references to those stories and maybe some choice guest stars would go a long way.

  • Calling it now. A show depicting descendants of the Destiny crew discover Destiny and continue the mission and discover contact with Earth for the first time.

  • IT’S ABOUT FREAKIN’ TIME! .. Let’s hope they get their heads on straight and do something to save FUTURE Stargate travel.

  • What? A sci-fi channel that plays sci-fi?!… This is amazing! And not just one, bur they’re giving us multiple sci-fi channels?! Just goes to show you how disconnected and off base Syfy really is to what fans want. They had the monopoly and messed it up big time. Have fun with your wrestling and C-level movies Syfy, I probably have no reason to ever watch you again.

  • You all do realize this “network” is just going to be one of the upper digital channels on one of your local Sinclair owned broadcast stations. In my market they own the ABC and FOX affiliates.

  • Oh my god, This actually may be the start of what could be the revival of the stargate we love! and the Stargate that will make big money for MGM if they get it right. SGU was picking up and if they continued it and finished at 5 Season that would be great. Along the way you can tie into SGA and SG1 perhaps bring the Ancients in, Morgan LeFay e.t.c perhaps where Destiny is going is more important somewhere higher than the planes that ascension takes you.

  • Take it easy, gents, before you get too wound-up.

    To be very clear here, MGM/Sinclair are NOT launching a SyFy network competitor. The channel is a “digital multicast channel”, which is to say it’s going to be a sub-channel carried by Sinclair’s terrestial television stations. This is similar in concept to This TV and Me-TV, which are two other ventures that MGM is already involved in.

    The point to take from this is that the purpose of this channel is to offer low-cost last-run programming for broadcasters to place on their subchannels. These channels attract few viewers, but the content is long since paid for, so it’s free money for MGM and Sinclair. But the important part to take away is that there won’t be any first-run programming on these channels, so no new MGM series will be airing on them. Not that you’d want to anyhow, these channels are broadcast in overcompressed 480i, so well below DVD quality.

    Really this is just a deal for MGM to make a few more bucks on their back-catalog of sci-fi content. Stargate alone (by my calculations) is about 25% of the 1500 hours quoted, so it’s going to be airing a LOT of Stargate re-runs, for better or worse.

  • Maybe this channel will know the difference between sci-fi and other genres such as horror and professional wrestling.

  • Looking forward to watching Stargate re-runs knowing that other fans are also watching at the same time. And who knows what the future will bring?

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