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Shanks’ Saving Hope Enters Production On Fourth Season

Thursday - June 11, 2015
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Michael Shanks is back on set shooting the fourth season of the hit Canadian series Saving Hope.

Production on the fourth season of the supernaturally-tinged medical drama began in Toronto on June 1, and is set to continue through the end of the year. The CTV original will return to the Canadian broadcaster with an 18-episode season.

Erica Durance (who guest starred in Stargate SG-1‘s eighth season before going on to co-star on Smallville) leads the cast as Dr. Alex Reid. The series made Canada’s Top 30 list last year, with 1.7 million viewers tuning in for the season finale.

In Season Four Alex seeks to balance her work with life as a new mom, as well as mourning the loss of a former colleague. Meanwhile, Dr. Charlie Harris (Shanks) continues to be haunted by his ghost-seeing abilities and the looming question of whether or not he is the child’s biological father.

The show has been off the air in the United States after NBC yanked it during the summer run of its first season. But good news: cable network ION Television has picked up broadcast rights for both current and future seasons.

Shanks will also direct this season, as will Jason Priestly and former SG-1 guest star Peter Stebbings (who plays the Tok’ra Malek).

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  • Darren

    I searched on ION’s site and couldn’t find it. They picked up the rights back in the early fall, but evidently haven’t scheduled it yet.

  • Cool Ion…I’ve been downloading episodes because I love the show so much.

  • Please don’t cancel my “Saving Hope”. I have grown to love all of the characters. Alex, Charlie and Joel. They made it so easy. And if I loose my new friends I will be so sad. Just as I was when “Flashpoint” was taken off. Birdie,Holly,Michigan,U.S.A.

  • And I think that Michael Shanks is the handsomely beautiful man I have ever seen. I wish he was single and I was younger. I would have even traveled to Canada just to meet him. I CERTAINLY LOVE A AUTOGRAPHED PICTURE ALONG WITH A NOTE FROM HIM IN HIS OWN WORDS. That sure would make an older girl happy. Love to all, Birdie

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