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Episode of the Week: ‘Resurgence’ & ‘Deliverance’

Monday - January 18, 2016

SGU: Season Two
First Aired: November 30, 2010 and March 7, 2011

The crew’s new-found control over Destiny‘s flight path introduces new risks when they find themselves in the middle of a war between two races. Up against a fleet of drones, the crew is surprised by the arrival of an old foe — and Chloe faces her former captors when her friends decide to hand her over.

“Resurgence” / “Deliverance” Facts:

  • A basic story point sets up the events of the mid-season two-parter, and has been long in the making for Stargate Universe: the crew’s ability to steer the ship. In Season One Destiny was a “runaway train,” and in the first part of Season Two Dr. Rush found the bridge, cracked the computer’s control code, and took the first steps at figuring out how to operate the ship’s navigation. This episode begins there: Now that we could depart Destiny‘s pre-programmed path … should we?
  • By introducing the weaponized fleet of a long-dead alien war, “Resurgence” sets up the rest of the season — and gives us something of a thematic call-back to another Stargate adversary. Before they were given human bodies, voices, and names, the Replicators too were a technology-based foe created by someone who isn’t around anymore, which threaten our heroes merely by continuing to fulfill their programming in a non-malicious way.
  • Before the writing team settled on a title for the second half, Joseph Mallozzi — who had written “Resurgence” — jokingly suggested the clever title “Still Resurging.”
  • Chloe’s storyline with the blue aliens was set up nearly one full season prior to this episode, with the first season episode “Space.” Mallozzi later revealed that, prior to the aliens removing their virus from her system, Chloe was “mutating into a hybrid alien form with similarities to them — and another species they had experimented upon.” That story was never developed further, with the show lasting only another nine episodes.
  • “Resurgence” director William Waring joined the Stargate franchise with his directorial debut, the SG-1 fifth season episode “Meridian.” He went on to serve as a camera operator for some 60 episodes and direct a total of 38 hours between all three Stargate shows. (Waring is a veteran of the BC film and television industry, with credits also including sci-fi favorites Sliders and The X-Files.)

“Resurgence” / “Deliverance” on GateWorld:

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