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MacGyver Set For Fridays – Watch The Trailer!

Wednesday - May 18, 2016

CBS’s upfront presentation took place today, and with that comes our first look at its new fall shows — including a reboot of the classic Richard Dean Anderson adventure series MacGyver.

Take a peek at the 2-minute trailer below.

Lucas Till (X-Men: Apocalypse) stars as a 20-something version of Angus “Mac” MacGyver, who is recruited to join a clandestine organization where he uses his knack for solving problems in unconventional ways to help prevent disasters from happening.

George Eads (CSI) also stars, though the rest of the line-up is being recast following the pilot.

Joining his team on high-risk missions around the globe is maverick former CIA agent Lincoln (George Eads). Under the aegis of the Department of External Affairs, MacGyver takes on the responsibility of saving the world, armed to the teeth with resourcefulness and little more than bubble gum and a paper clip.

The network also announced that the show will start off Friday nights at 8/7c this fall, leading into new seasons of Hawaii Five-O and Blue Bloods.

MacGyver comes from writers and executive producers Peter Lenkov and Michael Clear, with Henry Winkler, Lee Zlotoff, and James Wan also executive producing.

What do you think of CBS’s new take on MacGyver?

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  • Can’t watch the trailer here New Zealand–bummer

  • Man, gotta say.. this show looks like a pass to me. The actor that chose as the lead is very unlikable and doesn’t have chops to pull off this iconic role. Also, that hair.

  • While it is nice to see the show back. I think I will stick to the classic Macgyver. This Mac seems, i dunno, he is playing the wrong roll and won’t have the charisma that RDA brought to Macgyver. And he seems to be forcing it instead of letting it happen.

  • Should have been a MacGyver daughter. The Mercedes Citan commercial / advert was far better than this trailer.

  • It might do well. But it doesn’t look like it will last long.

    The actor may be proud to have the role, but he’s giving the character a slightly arrogant attitude the original didn’t. The charm of the original was that he got into the jams, then figured his way out of them, almost casually, in the moment. Not like “You should already know I’ll work this out.” This version’s attitude is “I got this” which is good, but doesn’t allow for the swaying circumstances the original flowed with ~ he’s too cocky.

    Maybe it’s just written for the 25 year old attitude, not a full adult that knows things can go wrong when you’re trying to fix things.

    Arrogance will bite you in the a$$ every time.

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