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Episode of the Week: Can Jonas Change The Future?

Monday - June 20, 2016


SG-1: Season Six
First Aired: March 14, 2003

The team finds an impoverished world enslaved by a Goa’uld underlord, but their plans to free it may be compromised when Jonas experiences unexplained visions of the future.

Our rewatch of favorite moments in Stargate history continues! Each month we’ll pick a theme, and feature a key episode every week. Join us by watching the episode this week, and then head to GateWorld Forum (or posting below) to talk about it!

Welcome To The Team …

  • Jonas QuinnJonas Quinn (Corin Nemec) is a member of the Kelownans, a human species whose technology level is about on par with World War II-era Europe and the United States.
  • The Kelownans are actually one of three rival nations on the same planet, which they eventually got together and decided to name Langara.
  • Langara is one of those rare planets with a high amount of the rare element naquadria — much more powerful than regular naquadah, the element that the Stargates are made out of, and which powers much Goa’uld technology.
  • Jonas sought asylum from his government for a time, during which he served as a member of the SG-1 team.
  • … But his long-term goal is the health and security of his people, which brought him back home to help them take their place in the larger galaxy Jonas had seen first-hand.

“Prophecy” Facts:

  • ProphecyThis episode’s visions of a possible future let the writers do something that they very rarely did in the show’s 10-year run: show the total destruction of Stargate Command. The Goa’uld bomb delivered through the Stargate helped to remind us after six years that the threat was still real — and that the iris covering the Stargate is very important.
  • Jonas’ advanced powers in this episode didn’t just spring up out of nowhere. “Prophecy” pays off the episode “Metamorphosis,” when Nirrti put Jonas into a genetic manipulation device created by the Ancients — with the long-term goal of creating a hok’taur (an evolutionarily advanced human) to be her new host.
  • The specialist neurosurgeon Dr. Sandy Van Densen is played by actress Karin Konoval, who would later appear in a minor role in the Atlantis episode “Identity.” (The character was named after a fan who won a Syfy Channel contest.)

“Prophecy” on GateWorld:

Download “Prophecy” now from Amazon or iTunes!

Rewatch “Prophecy” this week! Then post your comments below, or head over to the “Prophecy” discussion thread and see what people were saying back in the day. What are your favorite moments?

Every month we’re featuring a new theme from Stargate’s 17 seasons. Watch the weekly episode with us join in the fun!

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