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Stargate Reboot Will Embrace ‘Elements’ Of SG-1

Tuesday - June 14, 2016
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Stargate movie director Roland Emmerich says that the upcoming feature film reboot will adopt some conceptual elements from the long-running and beloved television series, Stargate SG-1.

That doesn’t mean characters, technology, or storylines, though — more like its approach to the Stargate team.

“Elements of [Stargate SG-1] will flow into the reboot, definitely,” Emmerich said in a Q&A with readers of Empire magazine, which he is guest-editing this week. “The amount of characters, for instance. It’s not a two-hander like the first one with James Spader and Kurt Russell, this time it’s a bigger group.”

That sounds like more of an ensemble story, in contrast with the original film which featured two major characters (the stoic warrior and the brilliant archaeologist) and then filled out that first team through the gate with supporting characters such as Kawalsky (John Diehl), Ferretti (French Stewart), and several Redshirts.

SG-1 departed from this a bit by establishing a larger team of major characters, adding astrophysicist Samantha Carter (Amanda Tapping) and alien warrior Teal’c (Christopher Judge).

Roland Emmerich

Roland Emmerich

“Yes, there’s still the James Spader character and the Kurt Russell character, but other people are equally important,” Emmerich added. That could mean a reboot that still features Colonel Jack O’Neill and Dr. Daniel Jackson, with new actors filling those roles. Or Emmerich might just mean that those character types will be present on the new team.

The director also said that Russell and Spader wouldn’t be in the film (unless they can be booked for cameos). “It’ll be a younger cast,” he said.

Emmerich also torpedoed the old fan theory that 1996’s Independence Day was originally intended to be a Stargate movie sequel. “That’s one of the myths out there,” he said. “There’s no overlap between those two worlds.”

The new Stargate film is still at the script stage, with Nicolas Wright and James A. Woods (Independence Day: Resurgence) on screenwriting duty.

Head over to Empire Online for more from Emmerich on Independence Day and more!

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  • I really hate that this new reboot is going to happen, because completely shatters the chance of seeing a return to the SG-1/SGA/SGU TV universe. There was so much more they could do with it.

    I know that the existence of the upcoming movie won’t eliminate the TV universe and that there’s a simple solution: Don’t watch the new reboot and continue to watch the re-runs. I’ll do this certainly, but it just bothers me that I’ll never see it back on TV.

  • I love Sci Fy so I’ll just see it as another movie. Perhaps the way they write it will make it a parallel entity anyway as Atlantis and SGU were. I mourn the fact that we couldn’t get our movies for Atlantis and better closure for SGU, but as they say “it is what it is….”.

  • @joshed *False* god ;)

    Seriously, though, maybe there’s hope yet for Emmerich.

  • It’s been so long that this movie as as likely to help the SG-1 universe as hinder it. I still doubt the movie will actually happen however.

  • its very sad for hardcore SG-1, SGA and SGU Fans they need to do it like DC and Marvel make the Universe all linked and Expand the fanbase, this is such a waste. Its just another movie.

  • Even though it’s been more than the 3 years it was supposed to take to cross to the next galaxy, I was really hoping some network would bring back SGU

  • Syfy always had an exclusivity clause in their deal. None of the Stargate shows could hop away from Syfy after they ended.

  • “I really hate that this new reboot is going to happen, because completely shatters the chance of seeing a return to the SG-1/SGA/SGU TV universe.”

    It definitely makes it less likely, but never say never. Evil Dead had its remake, but now we’ve got an ongoing TV series based on the original version.

  • The 1994 movie really wasn’t very good. Especially if you watch ‘Children of the Gods’. I have my doubts the movie will actually happen. Probably also depends on how Independence Days performs.

  • Sorry, to me this is a mixture of stating the obvious, with a bit of implied studio peer pressure thrown in.
    From what little I have seen of the trailer of Independence Day, the Day Of The Retcon, they are using a mixture of characters and doing an ensemble tier structure of characters, just as the did on the first one. – It only makes sense to do exactly the same thing on Stargate.
    As to including SG1 “elements” – the series was and still is a tremendous classic sci fi success. MGM will probably insist the film series incorporates those elements it can to try to build in some of that success into the new films. Its hedging bets based on the massive amount of money involved.

    We are really not being told anything new here. It all leaves the same old question. – Will it actually be any good? I’m not bothered either way as I have SG1 on DVD. = Thank You, and Goodnight! :)

  • I do understand why they would want to keep such a valuable property going. I just wish we got closure for SGU, and get a Stargate Extinction. I know the chances of that are slim at best. But there is no harm in hoping.

  • It will probably be a great movie. The original movie was a beautiful implementation of an original idea. Then came SG-1 (with a mostly terrible first year) that really expanded on the concepts with the Goa’uld, the Jaffa, the Ancients, Atlantis, SGU, etc. If only Brad Wright and Robert Cooper had half of Roland Emmerich’s budget.
    Imagine that it was a reboot of SG-1, where the episodes could be produced with the twenty year plan in mind?
    With all that said, what I really want is the same thing as everyone else – a continuation of the story that I’ve watched for 17 seasons and two movies. It was especially sad that SGU got cancelled after it got good.

    (Here’s what to skip in the first year of SG-1: )

  • I hate this reboot idea to the diehard Stargate fan it feels like they are walking any from two decades of successful tv series that worked after SG1 and two more spinoff sit was working I feel like Alantis was canceled due to horrible timing MGMs finance al trouble and the advent of new streaming tech thru the Internet made the show seem like a no win for the owners the point was Stargate has a Hugh fan base and completely rewriting the playbook might get new people interested but I think will turn off many of the loyal base off

  • ID2 is bombing in the theaters along with poor reviews. Tomato Scores: Critics 32%, Audience 38%.

  • It’s still going to be a while before we see a Stagate movie. Emmerich is doing “Moonfall” first.

  • Respectfully, I don’t care… I’m a Stargate fan because of SG1 and Atlantis. I am dying to see Stargate return to the TV with another series set in that universe.

    I will not be watching your reboot, I’m sorry.

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