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5 years ago

Bretec would be a good origin story. The wraith ancients war if they can afford the cgi would be awesome. A season about one of the system lords maybe Yu would be very watchable. There are so many possibilities.

Michael Sacal
5 years ago

Eli Wallace needs to be the focus of the next season to wrap up Universe. Set it a few years after the others went into stasis to account for the actor ageing since then.

5 years ago

Lots of origins possibilities, but with Chris Judge talking about Return of the Jaffa, maybe a season two with Teal’c would be most likely. There’s already a lot to Teal’c’s backstory that could be fleshed out. He didn’t just follow O’Neill on a whim.

5 years ago

Stargate – just like Star Trek – works best when it’s about a group of people, not a single character.

allen charles
5 years ago

Any thing Stargate has my interest and i kind of trust they will only add to the franchise and for me that is a good thing. As much as the SG Universe shows disrespected some of the franchise’s most loyal fans in the beginning later one it got much better and its ending was a loss to me. I can only hope this is a genuine restarting of more spin-offs in the future. The writers certainly have much to work with. Brad Wright and crew just got burned out so a new staff seems to me to be a good… Read more »

5 years ago

I would live a film or miniseries about Merlin in medieval England. Not necessarily a prequel with the Morgan la Fay and the sangraal, but a common side story.

5 years ago

origins of how the tokra came to be would be sweet