Stargate SG-1 ‘Final Cut’ Pilot Gets Soundtrack Release

Children of the Gods - The Final Cut features never before released score from Stargate composer Joel Goldsmith

Children of the Gods - Final Cut Soundtrack (CD)

More than eight years after the release of Stargate SG-1‘s Children of the Gods – Final Cut on DVD in the summer of 2009, the remastered pilot movie has a brand new soundtrack hitting the shelves.

Dragon’s Domain Records will sell the original MGM soundtrack featuring the music of long-time Stargate composer Joel Goldsmith. The CD is now available for pre-order at BuySoundtrax Records for just $17.95 USD, with more than 70 minutes of music. (In France and the EU, check out Music Box Records.)

The CD ships the week of March 26, with a limited edition of 1,000 copies. It also includes a commemorative booklet with liner notes from Stargate SG-1 co-creator Brad Wright.

Wright told GateWorld that it was, in fact, Joel’s never-before-heard score composed in 1997 for “Children of the Gods” that prompted him to return to the story. When the series was first in development MGM executives pushed the producers ton include more explicit ties to the 1994 feature film it was spinning off of, including using much of the film score from composer David Arnold.

Joel’s original, orchestral score for the pilot “I thought was beautiful,” Wright said, “and we basically got talked out of using by bosses at MGM.”

Children of the Gods – Final Cut Soundtrack (CD Internal)“I watched my teenage daughter showing her boyfriend the show from the beginning of the series,” he said. “And I’m walking by the family room where it’s playing and I’m just cringing at these music cues. I watched over their shoulders for some time and I thought, ‘Man, we could do way better than that now.'”

Wright and long-time Stargate editor Brad Rines sat down to create The Final Cut in 2009. The movie gave them the opportunity to rescue some 40 minutes of Goldsmith’s score that had gone unused.

“It started at least as a desire to give Joel his due credit,” Wright said.

Before his passing in 2012 at the age of 54, Goldsmith told GateWorld that this project might happen one day. At that time he and his team were hard at work on the first season of Stargate Universe.

In addition to all three Stargate television series and both SG-1 movies Goldsmith also composed music for Star Trek: First Contact (with father Jerry), Witchblade, Call of Duty 3, and many others.

GateWorld marked the passing of our friend Joel Goldsmith with a special episode of the GateWorld Podcast in 2012. Listen here. Our full-length, 2-part interview with Joel took place in 2006 and begins here!

We’re so happy to continue to enjoy Joel’s work and celebrate his creative legacy.

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5 years ago

Am I the only one who think MGM is very bad in marketing? First, they release Origins to a fraction of the potential viewer base, then release a soundtrack as limited edition… I’d understand, if it was an expensive, exclusive stuff, but it’s not. People, who would pay for it, will download it from torrent for free, because they can’t buy it.