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Why do you keep talking about Origins as it would have been a hit or at least a decent show? You should not bash it, but all this praising is too much.

And please, do something with the cookie expiration time, because don’t want to be logged out every other week.

Heightmeyer's Lemming

Stargate Command all-access is still only available to 6 countries (USA, CA, AUS, NZ, UK & GER) which means that none of those “new” stories even exist outside of those 6 countries. Except for Origins which eventually ended up on iTunes and the likes, the Dial Home interviews aren’t available when you live outside the scope of those 6 countries and blocked from all-access. Or any of the other cool “locked behind the paywall” stuff — like the Origins bloopers. They are bloopers for crying out loud. Put them on YT, like they do with their ocasional free episode viewings… Read more »


I have always been a big fan of the whole Stargate franchise! I would love to see another series on tv, even Netflix or something like that maybe. Oh and definitely with Chris Judge!


Its time to reboot SGU they are at the next Galaxy!!


Origins is a disaster and they should just apologize and remove it from the canon. So much promise and so little delivery. Too much PC agendizing. I absolutely love the franchise but the management of the brand is off the rails. I happily purchased access to Stargate Command to get access to the past episodes; which had been pulled from every other streaming service. Then right after their membership drive ends, and all the fans have given their money, they release everything to Amazon Prime (incredibly more convenience to stream from any device!). How frustrating! Yes, there are other value… Read more »