Stargate’s Cast And Crew Remember ‘Baal’ Actor Cliff Simon

Cliff Simon was not just a fan-favorite at conventions, who played one of the Stargate universe’s most beloved baddies, Lord Baal. The actor was also loved by his co-stars.

With the news of Cliff’s passing in a tragic kiteboarding accident earlier this week, his fans and coworkers alike have been pouring out their love, their memories, and their grief online. Here we’d like to showcase some of these words of kindness, as the worldwide Stargate family continues to grieve together.

Cliff Simon with his fellow System Lords Jacqueline Samuda (Nirrti), Peter Williams (Apophis), and Suanne Braun (Hathor). Credit: Suanne Braun / Instagram

Many of the actors below never appeared on screen with Cliff. Instead they got to know him on the convention circuit, and as a fellow member of the Vancouver and Los Angeles television guilds.

Below is a sampling of some of the outpouring of love and affection on social media this week. Meanwhile we hope you’ll share your favorite memories of Cliff in the comments below (or tag @GateWorld on Twitter).

And please join us this Sunday on the “Dial the Gate” YouTube channel (March 17 at 12pm Pacific time) for a livestream memorial and celebration of our friend Cliff Simon. We’ll be sharing our memories of Cliff and his stellar performances as Baal, and opening up space for other fans to share as well.

So incredibly sad to hear of @cliffmsimon passing away. What a wonderfully lovely man he was. Such an important part of the Stargate family. I’m speechless. RIP 💔

— Amanda Tapping (@amandatapping) March 12, 2021


— Christopher Judge (@iamchrisjudge) March 12, 2021

Like so many of you, I am gutted by the news of @cliffmsimon tragic death. He was a talent at EVERYTHING he tried and I was lucky enough to call him my friend. Cliff lived his life to the fullest extent of anyone I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. ❤️ 💔❤️ Rest now. Man.

— Michael Shanks (@MichaelShanks) March 12, 2021

Did anyone figure out how to stop the world? I want to get off. Oh dear I’m a mess. Cliff, you were a gentleman and a delight to play-work with. I wish you endless adventures through all the realms china, and I’m sending deepest love to your family. Ouch.

— Claudia Black (@TheClaudiaBlack) March 12, 2021

Such sad news. Cliff was always a gentleman and leaves behind a legacy of many great performances on Stargate.

— Brad Wright (@bradtravelers) March 12, 2021

Incredibly saddened to hear of the passing of the wonderful Cliff Simon.

— Joseph Mallozzi (@BaronDestructo) March 12, 2021

Stargate writer and executive producer Joseph Mallozzi also posted a lengthier remembrance on his blog.

Yes that’s terrible. He was such a lovely person.

— James Bamford (@JamesBamford) March 12, 2021

I’m so devastated to know that I will never see your smiling face again my dear friend. @cliffmsimon you’ve left us way too soon and I’m utterly, utterly heartbroken. My prayers go out to Colette and your family. The world won’t be the same without you. #RIPCliffSimon

— Suanne Braun (@SuanneBraun) March 11, 2021

Very sad news today about the death of friend and Stargate SG1 cast mate Cliff Simon. He was a wonderful actor with an adventurous spirit and a sensitive soul. Miss you mate!

— tony amendola (@tmamendola) March 12, 2021

I planned to share some photos today of the beautiful vibrant spirit that is Cliff Simon, but…another time. Love you, Cliff. How is it possible to feel so close and connected to someone you only get to see now and then? When someone is the embodiment of life itself, it’s easy💔

— Jacqueline Samuda (@JSamuda) March 12, 2021

Been a couple days of deep reflection. @clifffmsimon had professional families who grieve with his closest loved ones. He was a Superman and a super man. There'll be more remembrances as this sinks in. His passing has rocked the #Stargate world. We love him and won't forget. 💔

— Peter Williams (@actualApophis) March 12, 2021

We comprised a unique group of sci-fi baddies over the #Stargate years. @cliffmsimon @SuanneBraun with South African roots, @JSamuda and I with Jamaican roots.

That's a powerful axis, and the balance was a thing of beauty. #onelove #RIPCliffSimon 🇿🇦🇯🇲

— Peter Williams (@actualApophis) March 12, 2021

I don’t have any photos with Cliff Simon. But I remember him fondly. He had the most insane stories, and he would weave them masterfully. I sat enthralled – listening, laughing… I remember every car ride, brother.

Hope you’re holding court somewhere interesting.


— David Blue (@DavidBlue) March 12, 2021

Cliff ❤️

So sad for his family. Gone far too soon.

— Jewel Staite (@JewelStaite) March 12, 2021

💔see you at the next one, Cliff

— David Nykl (@DNykl) March 12, 2021

Such sad sad news about my dear friend @cliffmsimon a true gentleman! You will be missed my brother ❤️🙏

— Paul McGillion (@PaulyMcGillion) March 12, 2021

Super shocked and deeply saddened to hear of Cliff SIMON’s untimely passing. His embracing of life, adventure and spiritual archeology was always inspiring and such a delight to be around. Many thoughts of strength and love to his family. 💔 ❤️

— torri higginson (@torri_higginson) March 12, 2021

Soo very sad to hear of the sudden passing of Cliff Simon.

Such a kind, talented and thoughtful soul.

You will be dearly missed my friend.

Deepest condolences to his family and loved ones.


— Peter Kelamis (@PeterKelamis) March 12, 2021

Thank you @cliffmsimon for sharing your smile and talent with all of us. I feel so fortunate to have known you. I think I speak for the entire Stargate family when I say, we love you Cliff Simon! ❤️🙏✨ #Legend #Baal #StargateSG1 💫

— Simone Bailly (@SimoneBailly) March 12, 2021

The nicest evil bastard ever. Look at that smile! He's just tickled to be there. Yes, he'll be massively missed. Jesus…

— Gary Jones (@TheGaryJones) March 12, 2021

RIP beautiful man. Heartbroken to hear of Cliff Simon passing. Proud to know him and honored to call him a friend. He was the absolute epitome of cool and beyond genuine in every way.

Rest easy, brother.


— Dan Payne (@actorDanPayne) March 12, 2021

So sorry to hear of the passing of Cliff Simon. A lovely man with a great sense of humor. His family and friends are in my thoughts 💔

— Jennifer Spence (@SpenceJen) March 14, 2021

This is how I will always remember my friend. Smiling and laughing. Thank you Chris Lehm for sending me these happy photos. 💔💔💔

— Suanne Braun (@SuanneBraun) March 12, 2021