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Homeworlds: Third Stargate Anthology Book Available Now
Wednesday - June 21, 2017
The newest installment includes ten short stories from around the Milky Way and Pegasus Galaxies.

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Dark Matter Season Three Takes Off Tonight!
Friday - June 9, 2017
The Syfy Channel show from Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie is back for more summer action.

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Damian Kindler’s Krypton To Shoot In Northern Ireland
Thursday - June 8, 2017
The new series will air on Syfy Channel in 2018.

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Stargate Comics Return: SGU Launching This Month
Sunday - June 4, 2017
American Mythology continues the stories of Stargate Atlantis and SGU.

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Jason Momoa Tears Up First Full Justice League Trailer
Saturday - March 25, 2017
Justice League hits theaters November 17.

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Elyse Levesque Guest Stars On DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
Tuesday - February 14, 2017
The former Stargate Universe co-star appears in the February 21 episode.

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Brad Wright’s New Sci-Fi Series Travelers Renewed
Tuesday - February 14, 2017
The Eric McCormack series will return this fall to Netflix and Canada's Showcase.

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Lexa Doig Makes Her Arrow Debut
Wednesday - February 1, 2017
The Stargate SG-1 actress will play the assassin Talia al Ghul on The CW's hit comic book show.

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The Stargate Reboot Film Has Fallen Apart
Thursday - November 17, 2016
The feature film reboot for the franchise may not move forward, according to the producer.

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Morena Baccarin Legal Drama In Development At NBC
Tuesday - November 15, 2016
The former SG-1 guest star may headline her own network show next season.

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Lexa Doig To Play Arrow‘s Talia al Ghul
Wednesday - November 2, 2016
The former Stargate actress will play an important character from DC Comics lore.

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Justice League Trailer: Jason Momoa’s Aquaman In Action!
Saturday - July 23, 2016
Watch the Comic-Con trailer for the much-anticipated superhero team-up.

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Dean Devlin On Stargate Reboot Finishing The Original Story
Friday - July 1, 2016
The writer-producer talks about the 1994 film and building a more expansive world.

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Christopher Judge Is the New Face (or Rather Voice) of God of War
Wednesday - June 15, 2016
Judge will voice Kratos in the newest entry into the video game franchise.

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Stargate Reboot Will Embrace ‘Elements’ Of SG-1
Tuesday - June 14, 2016
Director Roland Emmerich talks about the project's development.

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MacGyver Set For Fridays – Watch The Trailer!
Wednesday - May 18, 2016
CBS is rebooting Richard Dean Anderson's legendary series this fall.

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CBS Reboots MacGyver For Next Season
Friday - May 13, 2016
Lucas Till will play the character that Richard Dean Anderson made a household name.

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Independence Day Trailer #2: A Sign of Stargates To Come?
Wednesday - April 27, 2016
Watch the newest trailer for Roland Emmerich's June sci-fi invasion.

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Damian Kindler Joins Syfy Pilot Krypton
Monday - April 25, 2016
The former Stargate writer has been tapped as showrunner for the Superman prequel pilot.

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Netflix Greenlights New Time-Travel Drama Travelers From Brad Wright
Tuesday - April 19, 2016
Eric McCormack will star in the new series, which starts production today.

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