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Stargate News
SG-1 Unleashed In New Interactive Game
Thursday - February 7, 2013
MGM and Arkalis Interactive have officially announced a new interactive game for mobile devices.

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Stargate Command App Now on Android
Sunday - January 13, 2013
Download the official Stargate interactive app free for your Android device! UPDATED

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Play Teal’c’s Revenge on your iOS device today
Thursday - December 13, 2012
If you've been waiting to do more with your Stargate Command app, here's your chance! Plus: SG-1 cast recording with Arkalis Interactive.

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Stargate SG-1: The Drift novel now available
Sunday - November 25, 2012
The follow-up to Diana Botsford's Four Dragons is available from online retailers now.

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More details on Best-Lock’s new Stargate toy line
Wednesday - August 29, 2012
The LEGO-compatible construction bricks include ships, figures, and more.

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Sears Canada selling Stargate construction brick toys
Saturday - August 25, 2012
Build your own Stargate, F-302, death glider, and Daedalus with the new LEGO-like toys.

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‘Stargate Command’ mobile app now available for download
Thursday - July 19, 2012
The free download lets fans explore the S.G.C. and play mini-games on their iPhone or iPad.

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Big Finish debuts third series of Stargate audio books
Thursday - July 12, 2012
The first installment of the 2012 series, featuring Michael Shanks and Claudia Black, is available now.

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All three Stargate series now streaming on Amazon
Wednesday - June 13, 2012
Subscribers can watch all 17 seasons of SG-1, Atlantis, and SGU -- including the final three seasons of SG-1 in HD for the first time anywhere.

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Firsthand look at the defunct SG-1 video game The Alliance
Thursday - May 24, 2012
Watch newly uncovered game-play videos from the PC, PS2, and Xbox game that never made it to market. UPDATED

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Fandemonium announces eight new Stargate novels
Thursday - May 17, 2012
Oceans of Dust and The Furies will kick off the next wave of official tie-in novels, starting in June.

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Big Finish announces new series of Stargate audio dramas
Saturday - February 25, 2012
Michael Shanks, Claudia Black, and Cliff Simon star in a new audio series in 2012.

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Stargate novels expand into ebooks
Friday - February 10, 2012
Fandemonium's tie-in novels are headed for ebook readers and print-on-demand.

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Stargate writers launch Dark Matter sci-fi comic
Wednesday - January 11, 2012
Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie's new series is now at comic shops, with hopes for a future TV series.

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Autographed SG-1 Book: On Sale!
Wednesday - December 7, 2011
A Celebration of 10 Years is at its lowest price ever for the holidays

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Atlantis Blu-ray arrives in the U.K. in September
Monday - August 1, 2011
U.K. fans can get the full series in high definition starting September 19!

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Today on Blu-ray: Complete Stargate Atlantis
Tuesday - July 26, 2011
The lost city of Atlantis has finally come home in all its high definition glory.

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Review: SGU Season Two on DVD
Friday - June 24, 2011
The final season of Stargate Universe is now available in homes. Read GateWorld's review!

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MGM reveals final Stargate Atlantis Blu-ray art
Wednesday - June 8, 2011
Here's the final box art for Stargate Atlantis: The Complete Series in high definition!

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Order Stargate Universe‘s final season on DVD today!
Wednesday - June 1, 2011
Pick it up now at Amazon and support GateWorld with your purchase.

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