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Stargate News
Universe gets new day, new timeslot, and new competition
Monday - March 7, 2011
Post your ratings predictions for tonight's mid-season premiere! (10/9c on Syfy)

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‘Resurgence’ keeps SGU‘s fall ratings even
Friday - December 3, 2010
Stargate Universe dropped a bit in the ratings for its mid-season finale this week.

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‘Visitation’ ratings bring SGU some improvement
Wednesday - November 24, 2010
Ratings are up 14 percent for "Visitation," the second-to-last episode of Stargate Universe's fall season.

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Stargate Universe ratings steady with ‘Malice’
Friday - November 19, 2010
Ratings for the second season of Stargate Universe didn't change very much this week.

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Stargate ratings up for ‘The Greater Good’
Wednesday - November 10, 2010
SGU improved 11 percent with its game-changing seventh episode of the season, nudging back over 1 million live viewers.

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Election night no help for SGU‘s ratings
Wednesday - November 3, 2010
Stargate ticks back under 1 million live viewers for "Trial and Error," no thanks to election coverage.

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Stargate‘s ratings up slightly for ‘Cloverdale’
Wednesday - October 27, 2010
SGU's Tuesday night viewership climbed back over the 1 million mark in the fifth week of the season.

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Stargate‘s live ratings drop below 1 million
Wednesday - October 20, 2010
The fourth episode of Stargate Universe's second season made for the franchise's first trip south of the 1 million mark for live viewing.

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SGU‘s ratings rebound with ‘Awakening’
Wednesday - October 13, 2010
Viewership is on the rise again with the third episode of Stargate Universe's new season.

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‘Aftermath’ continues SGU‘s ratings slide
Wednesday - October 6, 2010
Stargate Universe continues to struggle to find its audience on Tuesday nights.

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SGU Season Two opens with lackluster ratings
Wednesday - September 29, 2010
The initial numbers are in for "Intervention," and so far the new time slot doesn't seem to be helping.

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SGU‘s Season One Ratings Report
Wednesday - June 16, 2010
The numbers are in for the final episodes of Stargate Universe's first season.

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SGU Ratings Update: ‘Air’ to ‘Sabotage’
Thursday - May 13, 2010
Live viewership is down for the second half of Stargate Universe's freshman season.

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‘Space’ turns in below average ratings
Monday - April 5, 2010
The mid-season premiere of Stargate Universe bested the December finale, but came in well below the season's average.

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Syfy announces final 2009 SGU ratings summary
Thursday - January 7, 2010
The 10-episode premiere of Stargate Universe helped give Syfy Channel its best fourth quarter ever.

Universe adds nearly 50 percent in DVR audience
Monday - December 14, 2009
Viewers are tuning in for Stargate Universe ... but the time slot? They don't like it so much.

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‘Justice’ ratings a series low for SGU
Tuesday - December 8, 2009
Monk's series finale leads to a quiet bow for Stargate Universe's last episode of the fall season.

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Stargate Universe ratings recap; renewal likely
Tuesday - December 1, 2009
Numbers are in for the first nine episodes of SGU, with Syfy expected to announce the show's fate soon.

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Universe ratings give Syfy a boost
Sunday - November 1, 2009
Stargate Universe is holding its own against baseball playoffs and big-network shows, averaging nearly 3 million viewers.

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Universe grows audience for Week 2
Monday - October 12, 2009
Ratings for SGU grew in its second week, with "Air, Part 3" drawing 2.4 million.

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