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Stargate News
Episode of the Week: SG-1 Goes Virtual In ‘The Gamekeeper’
Monday - August 1, 2016    (EPISODES)
SG-1 is trapped in a virtual reality simulator in this week's rewatch.

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Episode of the Week: Nicole de Boer in ‘Whispers’
Monday - July 25, 2016    (GENERAL)
The Atlantis team goes monster hunting in the chilling Season Five episode.

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Justice League Trailer: Jason Momoa’s Aquaman In Action!
Saturday - July 23, 2016    (ACTORS)
Watch the Comic-Con trailer for the much-anticipated superhero team-up.

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Episode of the Week: John Billingsley in ‘The Other Guys’
Monday - July 18, 2016    (GENERAL)
Star Trek: Enterprise's Dr. Phlox visits SG-1 Season Six.

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Episode of the Week: Marina Sirtis In ‘Watergate’
Monday - July 11, 2016    (EPISODES)
Star Trek Month continues as SG-1 heads to Russia.

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Episode of the Week: Rene Auberjonois In ‘The Other Side’
Monday - July 4, 2016    (EPISODES)
We're celebrating Star Trek guest stars all month long!

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Dean Devlin On Stargate Reboot Finishing The Original Story
Friday - July 1, 2016    (MOVIES)
The writer-producer talks about the 1994 film and building a more expansive world.

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Episode of the Week: SG-1 Must Save Jonas’ Homeworld
Monday - June 27, 2016    (EPISODES)
SG-1 is reunited with Jonas in Season Seven's "Fallout." Watch with us!

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Episode of the Week: Can Jonas Change The Future?
Monday - June 20, 2016    (EPISODES)
Jonas experiences visions of the future in Season Six's "Prophecy."

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Christopher Judge Is the New Face (or Rather Voice) of God of War
Wednesday - June 15, 2016    (ACTORS)
Judge will voice Kratos in the newest entry into the video game franchise.

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Stargate Reboot Will Embrace ‘Elements’ Of SG-1
Tuesday - June 14, 2016    (MOVIES)
Director Roland Emmerich talks about the project's development.

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Episode of the Week: Langara On The Brink Of War
Monday - June 13, 2016    (EPISODES)
Jonas returns home and Dean Stockwell guest stars in "Shadow Play."

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Episode of the Week: Meet Jonas Quinn
Monday - June 6, 2016    (EPISODES)
SG-1 says goodbye to one of its own. Rewatch with us this week!

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Episode of the Week: Lucius Lavin Is ‘Irresponsible’
Monday - May 30, 2016    (EPISODES)
Lucius tries to pull a fast one on some Genii soldiers. Watch with us!

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Episode of the Week: Kolya Strikes Back In ‘Common Ground’
Monday - May 23, 2016    (EPISODES)
John Sheppard is captured by the enemy in this week's featured episode.

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MacGyver Set For Fridays – Watch The Trailer!
Wednesday - May 18, 2016    (ACTORS)
CBS is rebooting Richard Dean Anderson's legendary series this fall.

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Episode of the Week: Coup Tears Apart The Genii
Monday - May 16, 2016    (EPISODES)
Ladon hatches a plan against his own people in the Season Two episode.

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CBS Reboots MacGyver For Next Season
Friday - May 13, 2016    (ACTORS)
Lucas Till will play the character that Richard Dean Anderson made a household name.

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Episode of the Week: The Genii Invade Atlantis!
Monday - May 9, 2016    (EPISODES)
Meet Commander Kolya in the first season two-parter.

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Episode of the Week: The Atlantis Team Goes ‘Underground’
Monday - May 2, 2016    (EPISODES)
Sheppard's team meet the Genii in the Season One episode.

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