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With Stargate going off the air for the foreseeable future, GateWorld and the worldwide fan community celebrated all 14 years — that’s 17 seasons, one feature film, and two DVD movies — with a start-to-finish rewatch of the entire Stargate legacy!  We watched and discussed the show at a rate of one season per month, starting with SG-1 Season One in August 2011.

The Schedule:

That’s three films and 354 episodes at an average of five episodes each week.  Wind down in the evening with one episode five nights a week; or finish off the week with a Friday night mini-marathon; or run through every episode in one, massive session!

Where to Watch:

    1) On DVD. Wherever you are in the world, hopefully you’ve found all three series on DVD. Now that they’ve been out for a few years they are usually quite affordable, if you haven’t already picked them up.

    2) Netflix. As of August 2012 Netflix in the U.S. has removed Stargate from online viewing. There is no info on when it might return. DVDs are still available for rent from the service. In the U.K., you can get Stargate DVDs by mail with your LoveFilm subscription.

    3) iTunes and Amazon. Done with physical media on your bookshelf? You can buy full seasons of the shows on iTunes or instead. (Use these links to support GateWorld with your purchase.)

    4) Hulu. Unfortunately, Hulu removed SG-1 from its online offers just in time for the start of the Rewatch. Hopefully it will return before we’re done.

How to Participate:

Whichever series or character is your favorite, Stargate fans have come together to celebrate a decade and a half of our favorite shows! The important part is to think of the Rewatch as a worldwide community event. The key to its success is that you participate … not just by watching along at home, but by talking about the show with other fans and posting about your rewatch online!   Here are some ideas of things you can do while you are rewatching each of the series:

  • Facebook & Twitter. Use the hashtag #SGRewatch and post about what you are watching this week! (Be sure to follow @GateWorld and Like Us on Facebook for updates.)
  • Have a Blog? Post reviews of your favorite (and least favorite) episodes, track the growth of your favorite character, use your fanfic skills to fill in those missing scenes, or anything else you can come up with! Send us a link to what you are doing and we’ll post links to the best, most creative interactions with the rewatch.
  • Get fit! One group of fans at SparkPeople is tying their Stargate viewing with a regular fitness challenge!
  • GateWorld Forum! We have official discussion threads for every episode, which we’ll be bringing up and encouraging you to use to keep the conversation going.

New Features at GateWorld:

We’ll also have ongoing features at GateWorld that are keyed in to that particular season of the month.  We’re open to new ideas, but here is what we are planning so far:

  • Week 1 of each month:  We’ll kick things off by re-introducing you to the season of the month, with behind-the-scenes factoids, links to relevant interviews, podcasts, galleries, and more on the site, and a call for you to nominate your favorite episode, favorite character moments, etc.
  • Week 2: The polls go up!  Vote for your favorites from that season.  We’ll also release an exclusive audio commentary on an episode selected by your GateWorld podcasters. Just press play on your iPod or PC when the episode starts, and we’ll watch along with you!
  • Week 3: Share your creativity! Tell us what you are doing to celebrate the season of the month — on your blog, writing fanfic or creating original artwork, podcasting, at-home viewing parties, or something else entirely. We’ll pick a few of our favorites and show them off to other Stargate fans.
  • Week 4: We’ll announce the final poll results as readers pick their favorite episode and character moments from the season.  And (if all goes according to plan) we’ll have a second audio commentary ready to go for the episode that you’ve selected as the best of the season!

Thanks to everyone for participating! We hope that you enjoyed the Stargate Rewatch, celebrating 17 seasons of sci-fi’s best — and celebrating the very best way possible: by continuing to enjoy Stargate and its legacy for years to come.

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