Episode 7

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Stargate Origins (107) - Episode 7

As Brücke comes to realize the power that his new alliance could offer him, Catherine and her friends get better acquainted with the planet's natives.

WRITTEN BY: Mark Ilvedson & Justin Michael Terry
DIRECTED BY: Mercedes Bryce Morgan
STARRING: Ellie Gall (Catherine Langford), Aylam Orian (Wilhelm Brücke), Salome Azizi (Aset), Philip Alexander (James Beal), Daniel Rashid (Kasuf), Sarah Navratil (Eva Reinhardt), Shvan Aladdin (Wasif), Tonatiuh Elizarraraz (Motawk), Derek Chariton (Heinrich), Lincoln Hoppe (Stefan), Ghadir Mounib (Renisenb), Esteban Cueto (Nubai), Connor Trinneer (Professor Langford)
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Having achieved a breakthrough in his relationship with the powerful goddess Aset, Wilhelm Brücke is at first disappointed to see what it is she offers him in trade: a crate full of dark, black rocks. It is naquadah, the substance that the Abydonians mine on behalf of the Goa'uld. After a brief demonstration Brücke realizes the power that the mineral in fact possesses. Naquadah is "life and death, and everything in between." It can be forged into weapons stronger than steel; it is the very basis of the aliens' galaxy-spanning empire. It guarantees swift death to enemies, and guarantees eternal youth and beauty.

The power-hungry Nazi's eyes glisten as he contemplates aloud the notion of establishing his own "everlasting Reich."

Back at the Nosdevli encampment Catherine is learning to speak the Abydonian language with greater ease. She, Beal, and Wasif have gathered around the table with Kasuf and his people for a great feast. Wasif gets acquainted with Motawk, one of the natives (the one who accidentally stabbed him, as a matter of fact). Now that he is convinced the off-worlders are emissaries of Ra, Kasuf believes that Aset will be most pleased that they are being well-treated. He narrates an impromptu play that recounts the story of Aset and her benevolence: having fallen from Ra's favor long ago, Aset was brought back from the dead and appointed to watch over Abydos. She has done so with love for the people – including bestowing upon them the gift of the Wand of Horus, the healing staff used to save Wasif's life.

Catherine slowly realizes that Brücke kidnapped her father because of his knowledge of the language of ancient Egypt; he must have suspected that the language would be spoken on the other side of the gateway. Now she knows that much more is at stake in their quest, should the Nazis get ahold of the aliens' advanced technology. Momentarily panicked, Catherine tries to leave – but night has fallen, and James convinces her to stay and wait for the daylight.

Brücke records a message for his colleagues and superiors back home, introducing them to the powerful Aset. In exchange for the mineral – which he calls "Vril," a mythical energy source known amongst occultists – he plans to deliver a multitude of Germany's "undesirables" to toil as slaves.

Back at the Abydonian camp, the mood has turned less dire and more intimate. James shows Catherine a piece of naquadah he has found, and gives it to her as a memento. Kasuf offers the two his tent for the night. James is awkwardly nervous at first, but soon they kiss.


  • Although Brücke was initially frustrated to see that Aset was offering him only rocks, he quickly realized the power that the mineral naquadah must possess. The mineral is not found on Earth, and serves as the basis of the Goa'uld's far-reaching empire – including in the development and construction of weapons, such as Serqet's staff. In other forms, in fact, it can serve as a power source for energy weapons – such as the liquid naquadah that powers a staff weapon.

    Should Brücke be able to deliver the shipment to Nazi headquarters back on Earth it could potentially help to power Germany to world domination – though it should be said that Brücke is now talking openly about creating an empire of his own. It also remains to be seen how long it would take German scientists to study the naquadah samples and learn how to put this relatively small amount to use in the creation of new weapons.
  • Having discovered the Eye of Ra amulet that Catherine wears, the Abydonians have quickly turned from holding them as prisoners to treating them as honored guests (Episode 6). Kasuf and the others hosted Catherine, Beal, and Wasif at honored guests at a feast of local dishes. This parallels the feast that Daniel Jackson and the others would receive in the feature film ("Stargate" the Movie).

    Another movie parallel: the feast is followed by an open tent. In the movie Kasuf offers his daughter Sha'uri to Daniel; in Origins a much younger Kasuf offers his own tent to the amorous Catherine and Beal.
  • Brücke refers to naquadah as "Vril," and the real-world parallels are striking. Vril is a mythical energy source conceived in an 1871 novel and believed by some occultists to exist in the real world. In 1921 a Nazi secret society, the "Vril Society," was formed. In the novel the substance is said to be useful for either destructive or for healing purposes. The energy can destroy like lightning, or heal and cure. It can be harnessed and channeled by the use of staff. Thus, when Brücke was told of naquadah's power, it's no wonder that the occultist immediately associated it with the legendary form of energy he had read about.


  • Wilhelm BrückeWilhelm Brücke - Brücke has solidified his deal with Aset, securing a small shipment of naquadah to take home to Earth – a show of good faith, on which she will expect him to deliver in return. The power-hungry Brücke has also made his own ultimate agenda clear to those around him (Professor Langford, and Eva): he wants not to deliver new power to Hitler but to establish his own "everlasting Reich."
  • Catherine LangfordCatherine Langford - In spite of their recent conflict Catherine and James have taken their romantic relationship to the next level.
  • James BealJames Beal - Though Beal has expressed concern about a physical relationship with Catherine (Episode 2), the two have now entered into an intimate relationship.


  • Will Brücke be able to get the naquadah back to Earth and into German hands? What might be the long-term consequences of this?
  • Is Brücke loyal to the Führer, or is he truly more interested in sweeping Nazi Germany aside to create his own empire? Would Eva and Stefan perceive his words as disloyal?
  • Why did Ra bring Aset back from the dead? Does he trust her? Does he still maintain some power or influence over her?


  • Episode 7 has a post-credits scene: Back on earth Heinrich is searching through the Langfords' books and research notes, growing increasingly frustrated with his total inability to understand any of it.