Episode 8

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Stargate Origins (108) - Episode 8

Aset brings her guests to the outpost of Nosdevli, where a test of combat soon ensues to demonstrate a servant's worth to his master – and putting Brücke in a difficult position.

WRITTEN BY: Mark Ilvedson & Justin Michael Terry
DIRECTED BY: Mercedes Bryce Morgan
STARRING: Ellie Gall (Catherine Langford), Aylam Orian (Wilhelm Brücke), Salome Azizi (Aset), Philip Alexander (James Beal), Daniel Rashid (Kasuf), Sarah Navratil (Eva Reinhardt), Shvan Aladdin (Wasif), Tonatiuh Elizarraraz (Motawk), Lincoln Hoppe (Stefan), Esteban Cueto (Nubai), Connor Trinneer (Professor Langford)
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Morning has come, and Catherine awakens inside her tent at the Abydonian outpost of Nosdevli. James Beal crouches by the entryway, hushing her as she comes over just in time to witness the arrival of the alien Aset. Aset has brought Brücke and the other humans from Earth to see her loyal servants firsthand. The Abydonians bow in respect, and Kasuf is excited to introduce Catherine and Beal to his goddess.

The two remain hidden to witness the events that follow – though Catherine must fight the impulse to burst out of the tent when she sees her father, hands bound, translating on Brücke's behalf.

Brücke is impressed with the display of servitude, but asks if any of these people are actually willing to die for her. A bit of posturing between Brücke and Aset brings about a "friendly game" – a test of strength and obedience in the form of a fight between an Abydonian warrior and Brücke's own man, Stefan. The Nazi nervously steps forward to fight the big, burly Nubai. The fight will be to the death.

The two struggle for several minutes, both landing blows while the surrounding crowd watches. Stefan fights dirty by throwing sand into his opponents eyes, but Nubai soon has him on the ground. To prevent his man's abject failure, Brücke pulls his pistol from its holster and shoots the Abydonian warrior in the back of the head.

Aset and her right-hand warrior, Serqet, are shocked at this brazen act. The Abydonians shout and fall into mourning, with Kasuf and Motawk calling for the Wand of Horus to try and save their friend's life. Eva rushes to Stefan's side. Dr. Langford translates Aset's fury: she will permit this outrage to pass, because she earlier killed one of Brücke's men (Gunter) inside her temple. But he must not overstep again.

Wanting to show his own ruthlessness to the alien queen, or perhaps unwilling for the score to be even between them, Brücke shoots Stefan dead in the dirt. Eva is livid, and after he commands her to film him again she withdraws from him, telling Brücke "You have no good side." Brücke declares himself a "god," promising Aset a desert full of countless slaves.

The desperate villagers bring the Wand to Aset. Evidently to reaffirm her commitment to an alliance with the brutal off-worlder, she raises the healing device high above her head ... and then breaks it over her knee.

After they have gone, Beal and Catherine emerge from the tent convinced that Brücke must die for his actions. And Kasuf and the others are now fully on their side: Brücke is a bad man, who has turned their benevolent Aset against them. They will help the outsiders get rid of him.


  • The Wand of Horus healing technology appears to be made of wood, or some other easily breakable material, at least in its center staff. The healing technology itself might therefore be located only on the end of the device, though it causes the entire staff to glow when active.


  • Wilhelm BrückeWilhelm Brücke - Brücke has crossed many more lines – playing games with the lives of others, murdering an innocent man to save face, executing his own man, and even declaring himself to be a god. He is without morals or honor, loyal to none but himself and his quest for personal power.
  • AsetAset - Aset has allowed Brücke to drive a wedge between her and her loyal subjects. Through her own disregard for life she reasserted dominance over them, destroying the healing device she bestowed upon the outpost – perhaps to save face with the cutthroat Nazi.
  • KasufKasuf - Kasuf has suffered a major blow to his faith – but he still does not hold Aset ultimately responsible for what has happened. Convinced that it is Brücke who has made her wicked, an angry Kasuf has offered to join with Catherine, Beal, and Wasif in their fight against him.


  • How will Kasuf and the others go about helping Catherine, Beal, and Wasif to destroy Brücke? Will they take up arms?
  • Will the Abydonians finally turn on Aset herself, or do they mean only to expel Brücke from their world?
  • Will Eva continue to follow Brücke's orders and go along with his plan, now that he has killed her friend and declared himself a god?