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Senator Kinsey arrives at the S.G.C. to investigate the program and determine whether the great drain on the U.S. budget is worthwhile, prompting the team to recall missions from the past year.

DVD DISC: Season 1, Disc 5
WRITTEN BY: Brad Wright
DIRECTED BY: Martin Wood
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Edited by Deanna Moll-Landry
SG1 Transcripts

Danny is getting his wound treated.

JACKSON: "Beware the destroyers." That's what the message said. Danny pulls out the yellow pieces of paper from his pocket. These are the coordinates the Goa'uld will attack there attack from, It's a warning. Everyone is looking at him like he has lost his mind.

TEAL'C: Or so your vision foretells.

JACKSON: No, it wasn't a vision, or a dream, or a hallucination, it was ... (The doctor fixing him up, causes him some pain.) Real. Now I know this is hard for you guys to believe. But I swear to you the whole time you thought I had disappeared on P3R-233, I was experiencing, an alternate reality.

O'NEILL: (Sarcastically) And you were there, and your were there, and there's no place like home.

JACKSON: Who is now very mad. As a matter of fact YOU were there!

CARTER: Daniel, it's not that we don't believe you.

JACKSON: So you do.

O'NEILL: No, it's just that ... we don't believe you.

JACKSON: Jack, this is very important.

CARTER: Alright, when you were in this alternate reality, were there differences?

JACKSON: Yes, ah, Teal'c was leading the attack on Earth, I wasn't even part of the program, you and Jack were engaged to be married. This gets their attention.

O'NEILL: Excuse me?

CARTER: What? Okay, ah, even if you did, actually experience this alternate reality, doesn't the very fact, that there were differences mean that we won't face the same fate?

JACKSON: Yes, but the defining event, the death of RA, took place in both worlds.

TEAL'C: An attack of retubution.

JACKSON: Yes! And the same thing is going to happen here, unless we don't stop it.

O'NEILL: Alright, wait a minute, let me get something straight. Engaged?

CARTER: It is theoretically possible.

O'NEILL: It's against regulations.

CARTER: I'm talking physics, sir. The whole concept of alternate realities, alternate universes, was predicted by Einstein, a long time ago ... General Hammond and Samuels walks into the room.

HAMMOND: I thought you might be here, how's our boy?

CARTER: He's going to be just fine, general. Major Samuels.

SAMUELS: That's uh, Lieutenant Colonel Samuels, now Captain.

CARTER: I beg your pardon, Sir, congratulations.

SAMUELS: Thank you.

O'NEILL: You'll always be 'Sparky' to me.

SAMUELS: I thought you had been transferred to the Pentagon, sir.

SAMUELS: I was, Stargate mission analyses. I'm hear today of course, for the hearing.

O'NEILL: Hearing?

SAMUELS: Senator Kinsey? The Stargate program? I thought you were going to testify?

HAMMOND: They will, SG-1 just returned from a mission last night, I haven't had the chance to inform them.

SAMUELS: Well perhaps I shouldn't say to much more.

O'NEILL: Oh cut the crap Samuels, what's going on.

SAMUELS: Senator Kinsey, has taken a great deal of interest in the program, thus far, he doesn't like what he has seen.

O'NEILL: I'm sorry to hear that.

SAMUELS: As you should be Colonel, It could meant the end of the Stargate. The hearing is at 1400 hours. I look forward to seeing you all there.



GH is on the phone, and Jack is standing at attention by his desk.

HAMMOND: Yes sir, I understand, we'll fight the good fight. GH puts the phone in it's cradle.

O'NEILL: General, politics isn't my strong suet, but doesn't the President, out rank a Senator?

HAMMOND: Senator Kinsey is chairmen of the appropriations committee, He's demanded to know what's be hind the line item the Pentagon refers to Area 52.

O'NEILL: That would be the Stargate.

HAMMOND: An unofficial project, that just happens to cost 7.2 billion dollars a year to operate. The President and the joint chiefs thought if they granted the Senator the appropriate clearances, let him in on the existence of the S.G.C., he would recognize the importance to national security and authorize the expenditure.

O'NEILL: I take it he didn't.

HAMMOND: The idea backfired. After reading your mission reports, and being fully briefed by Colonel Samuels, the senator decided the S.G.C. would get no further funding from the treasury.

O'NEILL: That effectively shuts us down, sir.

HAMMOND: Very effectively. It cost nearly a billion dollars just to turn the lights on around here.

O'NEILL: How about a bake sale? Yard sale? Garage?

HAMMOND: This is what I look like when I am not laughing, Colonel.

O'NEILL: Car wash? A very small smile crosses GH's face. I'm sorry, sir. It's just ... I don't get it, how does one man get that much power?

HAMMOND: The constitution of the United States. The issue of our work could be debated openly in the Senate, but not without making the Stargate known to the general public. The President doesn't feel the time for that has come. I agree with him.


We see Jack doodling on a piece of paper and then checking his watch.

O'NEILL: Well he's late. Teal'c walks by.

TEAL'C: You see more apprehensive of this meeting then your are of battle. We see Danny playing with something with one hand, the other in a sling, in the background.

O'NEILL: I prefer battle actually.

JACKSON: I'm sure once we tell him Earths future is at stake ...

O'NEILL: Daniel? Let's just keep your alternate reality story as our little ace in the whole, shall we?

JACKSON: Why? A whole line of people dressed in full military uniform walks in.

O'NEILL: Just because. A man in a regular suit walks in.

KINSEY: Ladies and gentlemen, I apologies. A certain congress man who will go nameless, just dose not know how to take no for an answer. He looks around the room. Aw, so this is the infamous SG-1.

O'NEILL: Infamous. Yes sir. Jack steps up to introduce himself. Colonel Jack O'Neill.

KINSEY: Colonel, I've heard alot about you.

O'NEILL: Don't believe a word of it Senator, I'm actually a nice guy.

KINSEY: Walks to the window that shows to Stargate. And this must be the drain, through witch the money flows.

HAMMOND: I know you have a very busy schedule Senator.

KINSEY: Yes of course, General Hammond. Please be seated. All of SG-1 sits down. SK sits in GH's spot, and GH sits with SG-1. A bunch of other solders sit along with them. Let me see ... Colonel O'Neill, Captain Carter, Dr. Jackson, Teal'c, with an apostrophe I understand. Let me just say, that although illness robbed me of any chance to serve in this countries military, I have greatest respect for those who do. Especially those who have made service of country, their lives work. As I have, in my own way. There is no more honorable vocation.

HAMMOND: Thank you Senator, I couldn't agree more.

KINSEY: Having said that I want to make one thing abundantly clear, I am by nature suspicious, of all things secretive. Be they in the government, or inside the military service. I believe that which grows in the shadows and withers in the light of day, does not belong on the vine. I've read several reports of your excursion. Colonel Samuels, had been kind enough to brief me on the Stargate. And I have tried to maintain open mind. I must admit that I find the very idea of this, facility ... of this command, offensive. It is far to dangerous to be this secretive. I have found many examples where you have averted tragedy ... on a global scale, by the skin of your teeth, and virtually none, where you have brought back anything of worth. However, since I have, on occasion, been wrong before ... The President of the United States, has asked me to hear you out. So hear I am.

O'NEILL: Well, as long as you've go an open mind.

HAMMOND: Colonel.

O'NEILL: For cry-an out loud, Samuels, what did you tell this man?

SAMUELS: The truth.

KINSEY: Colonel Samuels was interlay nonpartisan.

O'NEILL: Okay, now that's impossible. He's been against this program form day one.

SAMUELS: If anything I have voiced my aw and amazement, of what the Stargate is. A technological marvel.

CARTER: It is so much more then that, Senator. The Stargate represents a giant step in our understanding of this universe! We have learned more about astrophysics, in the past few months, then in the last 50 years!

JACKSON: It also gives us insights into human cultures, that are thousands of years old.

KINSEY: Dr. Jackson, I'm sure as a scholar of ancient mythology, you are familiar of the story of Pandora?

JACKSON: From Greek mythology, of course. The first woman created by Zeus, who gave her a box and warned her never to open it.

KINSEY: But she did, out of curiosity. Despite the warning of her God, who was also her father, she did. And from it spread all the pelages, pestilence and evil that exist now in this world.

JACKSON: And keeping in mind, we are talking about a myth. She closed it in time to keep hope inside.

KINSEY: The should we not close your gate, for the same reason? To keep home inside?

O'NEILL: Senator, if I may ... jump in hear. I'm not as you guys, talking in metaphors here, I'm a military man, I prefer facts. And the fact is, the gate, I.E. the box, is already open. Now what's done is done. We made ourselves an enemy by killing RA, but the threat the Goa'ulds now represent ...

KINSEY: Threat?

O'NEILL: Yes sir. As in threatening.

KINSEY: The word threat, Colonel O'Neill, has been used far to often by this countries military as a justification for expenditures that we can no longer offered. Do you know how much this program cost?

O'NEILL: Sevenish ...

KINSEY: Seven Billion, four hundred and seven million dollars.

O'NEILL: Give or take.

KINSEY: Per year!

O'NEILL: With all do respect, Senator, the accounting department, is up on level three, I believe. But if you want to talk about maintaining the first line of defense, against what I believe is the greatest danger, humanity has ever faced.

KINSEY: Hyperbole.

O'NEILL: See for yourself! General, I suggest we dial up old P4A-771 I think it was, see how long the good Senator last in THAT world!

KINSEY: I have spent a carrier listening to doom Sayers in uniform. Let us build our billion-doller machine, and we will save America from the barbarians at the gate. Let me remind you the cold war is over.

O'NEILL: And let me tell you something, this time there really are barbarians, there called Goa'ulds, and they really are at the gate, that one! Oh he is mad!

KINSEY: Then I suggest we close it.

JACKSON: Senator, we have reason to believe that the Goa'uld are about to launch an attack, through force, in ships.

KINSEY: Then I think they will regret, taking on the United States Military.

O'NEILL: Oh for Gods sake.

JACKSON: Oh, oh you're right, well just upload a computer virus in to the mother ship.

CARTER: If they come in ships, Senator, we won't be any match for them. At their level of technology they could wipe us out from orbit.

KINSEY: I'm not convinced of that!

TEAL'C: They speak the truth.

KINSEY: I'm not entirely convinced of that either.

O'NEILL: General, what the hell are we doing hear, this man had made up his mind already! Jack gets up to leave.

KINSEY: Sit down Colonel, when I have made up my mind, you will know it! I will ask you once more. Sit down, please. Jack looks at GH.

HAMMOND: Colonel. GH nods, Jack sits down.

KINSEY: I gave the President my word that I would give you a fair hearing, and I intend to do that. He held you and your team up as a shining example of the fine work the S.G.C. is doing. Now, do you stand by SG-1's record?

O'NEILL: Yes, I do.

KINSEY: Then let's just go through it, shall we? A suit case is place on the table and opened. Inside are a bunch of files with the words: CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION, then a whole bunch of other words that are two small for me to see. The file on top gets handed to SK. On February 10th of this year, you and a team lead by Major Charles Kawasaky, went through the Stargate on a reconnaissance mission ...

O'NEILL: Excuse me, Senator. Samuels, can I get a copy of that?

KINSEY: You wrote this report, Colonel.

O'NEILL: Just want a little reference.

KINSEY: Samuels ... LCS gives his copy of the mission report to Jack. To repeat, on the 10th of February, of this year you along with a team lead by Major Charles Kawasaky went through the Stargate on a reconnaissance mission, to rescue both Dr. Jackson's wife and her brother, and to determine the Goa'uld threat.

O'NEILL: Excuse me, Senator, I'm sorry, there should be an apostrophe, after the A, before the U, it's pronounced ...

CARTER: Goa'uld.

KINSEY: I assume since shortly after arriving you were captured and imprisoned, you characterize this world as a enemy strong hold.

O'NEILL: I would.

SAMUELS: I read from the personnel report of Colonel Jack O'Neill ... dated the 23ed of February. 'Skarra was chosen, I tried to stop them from taking him away, but was struck by a alien staff weapon, in that moment, Apophis gave the order ... '


In the dungeon, hundreds of people are sitting facing a bunch of Jaffa.

APOPHIS: Kill the rest!

Everyone screams and runs for the back of the room. Sam, Jack and Danny stand up slowly and watch everyone run past them. Sha're watches for a moment then turns and leaves along with Apophis. The line of Jaffa step together down the steps towards the people, staff weapons ready. We see Teal'c in Jaffa uniform walk from the back to the from to where his Jaffa are.

O'NEILL: I can save these people! Teal'c turns around and points his weapon at Jack. Help me! Help me.

TEAL'C: Many have said that. He looks like he is about to kill Jack when he suddenly turns around and starts shooting his Jaffa. But you are the first who I believe could do it. He tosses Jack a staff weapon. A battle starts, both Jaffa and hostages die. Finally all the Jaffa are dead and they have scared off all the ones behind the gate. Sam and Danny get up from where they were hiding behind a rock. Jack then turns around to face the back wall.

O'NEILL: Get out of the way! The people scatter to the sides. Jack shoots a large hole in the wall to the outside. Sam jumps up and runs to the hole to help Jack get people out. Danny gets us, his face covered on dirt, his glasses going in a weird direction just looks around, stunned. Come on, lets move!

CARTER: Come on! Sam stands on the outside while Jack is on the inside. The people start to run out. Go, go, move, go, come on, come on, there you go, go, go, go, come on! The last of the people run out. we go to Teal'c who is walking down the steps, looking around, sad, and in shock.


We see Teal'c sitting at the table with his hands in a sort of primed form, he looks like he is still thinking about that day.

KINSEY: So even with your team, unarmed, at the enemies mercy, in the palm of their hand, as it were ... one of their own was able to set you free.

CARTER: It wasn't that simple, Senator!

KINSEY: Read on, please.

SAMUELS: 'We met heavy resistance, on our return to the Stargate, we became pinned down by enemy aircraft ... '


The large group of refugees + SG-1 are now running through the woods, towards the Stargate. We see a Death glider coming from behind a mountain, towards where the people are running. It's weapons get ready to fire.

O'NEILL: Take cover! Every one scatters in different directions, trying to hide in bushes. The Death glider fires, more lives are lost. Jack a Teal'c fire back with little luck.

CARTER: Colonel, were sitting ducks, here. After what seems like forever, we see a solder with an SG-2 patch, fire a Missile (?) at the Death glider, it burst in to flames and crashes.


KINSEY: It's seems to me that Major Kawasaky, made lite work of what you referred to in your report as a 'Death Gliders'.

O'NEILL: They were taken by surprise. I wouldn't expect it to be as easy, next time.

KINSEY: Why not?

JACKSON: For one thing they weren't used to fighting humans at our level of technology. Now they no what we have.

CARTER: I don't think you understand, how much more powerful their weapons are.

KINSEY: Ok, you managed to get away with minimal casualties, hardly the greatest threat, humanity has ever faced. The gate starts to open. What's happening?

HAMMOND: It's just SG-2, returning on schedule, Senator. Nothing to worry about. SG-2 walks out of the gate onto the ramp, and the gate closes.

KINSEY: Oh, I disagree, General. I think it is something to worry about.

O'NEILL: Mr. Kinsey, seems to be under the impression that the Goa'uld are not a military threat.

KINSEY: You seem to have defeated them handily at every turn!

O'NEILL: Did you read all the reports, sir? The actually killed us once.


We see Apophis (Who I think we have killed more times then they have killed Danny!) walking through a forest, looking around. Three Jaffa guards stand slightly behind him.

APOPHIS: He stops. Jaffa ... (I think that's what he said.) The Jaffa walk in front of him. One of the Jaffa sees a foot print in the dirt, looks like from one of our guys. The Jaffa studies it carefully. The Jaffa then stands up and walks forward, staff ready, a look on his face that says, 'I know your here, I can since you.' Teal'c suddenly jumps up and shoots at the Jaffa, but misses. The other two Jaffa run to help, only to be stopped by Sam shooting at them, from beside. They shot back, missing. Danny, is also shooting from the other side, one of the Jaffa turns around and starts shooting at him. All the guards shooting at someone, Jack walks up towards Apophis gun trained on him. Apophis gives him a look that says, 'Ha! You fool!' then a split second before Jack shoots, Apophis puts up a shield, and smiles. Kree-ta! Apophis yells to one of his Jaffa and holds out his hand. A staff weapon is thrown to him and he aims it at Jack. Apophis shoots, and Jack jumps for cover, but is to late, he is shot in the side. Sam sees this and stops defending her spot, she jumps up to go after him, a look of fear in her eyes.

CARTER: Colonel! Apophis sees her and shoots her in the chest, she yells, and falls to the ground. Daniel jumps up to help Sam, only to have Apophis shoot him also in the chest. he yells and falls to the ground. Teal'c the only one left is still fighting from behind a rock. He kills a Jaffa, then goes after Apophis, only to have his staff weapon be reflected by the shield. Apophis trains his Staff at Teal'c ...


CARTER: Senator, if Goa'uld technology can generate energy shields around individuals, they can do the same thing with whole armies!

JACKSON: And ships! (He is really pushing that ship thing! LOL!)

KINSEY: And have you ever seen one of these ... ships?

O'NEILL: Yes sir.


We appear to be on Abyados. We see a very large pyramid, and a ship coming over it. It is night time and it looks during a sand storm. The ship lands over the pyramid.


TEAL'C: It is the ship of the Goa'uld Nirrti -- an enemy of Apophis. We are now looking at what appears to be a different ship on a computer screen. We see what appear to be Death gliders taking off from the ship.

O'NEILL: What the hell is that?

TEAL'C: We must go.


We now see Teal'c in full SG-1 uniform, and Jack in a yellow containment suet, running as fast as they can for the gate. Death gliders coming after them, and shooting at them. They barely dodge the staff blasts, and end up having to dive for cover in a hole behind a tree.

TEAL'C: We must get to the Stargate. A staff blasts in front of them.

O'NEILL: No argument from me!

TEAL'C: This Goa'uld Nurti, He once set an emissary of peace ... to negotiate a treaty concerning a Stargate Apophis had taken control of ... the negotiation was a ploy ... the Stargate was destroyed! They are suddenly running again. They are on a road, with no shielding at all, running for the gate. A staff blasts near Jack and he falls onto the ground. Teal'c dials home, Jack gets up and joins him.

O'NEILL: Take your time, no hurry. The gate opens and they run through it, a staff blast his right behind them. They run into the gate room, dirt and rocks, and smoke bursting out with them. A shot of Danny, he really looks scared for a split minute there.


KINSEY: You escaped Colonel, on foot I might add.

JACKSON: Just one of these Goa'uld ships was responsible, for the deaths of SG-7, and the entire local population and that's over 1,000 people.

CARTER: The point is, sir, we have seen how the Goa'uld have destroyed, entire civilization!


We are in a lab, a large blue crystal is sitting on a desk, with Danny to it's right, Sam in front of it, Jack sitting to it's left, GH slightly behind Jack and Teal'c to GH's right. Sam walks up to the crystal.

CARTER: Hello? The crystal makes a face matching Sam's.


CARTER: What are you?

CRYSTAL: Energy, unity. You would describe me thus.

CARTER: You asked for help.

CRYSTAL: If I remain here, my energy will disintegrate. I must return.

JACKSON: Why did you not speak before?


O'NEILL: Of what?

CRYSTAL: The Goa'uld came to our planet, along time ago. We were not afraid then, and we tried to greet them. One of them touched us, as you did, and was destroyed by our Energy.

SCENE CHANGE: The Crystal Planet

See Jack walking on the Crystal planet by himself, all the crystals seems to be damaged, except for one, which stands tall, and proud. Jack walks up to the crystal, as seen through the Crystals point of view. Jack bends down in front of it, and takes off his sun glasses, he then touches it, there is a bright blast of light and Jack is sent flying quite always, only thing stopping him from going further is a large pile of yellow sand. He is knocked out.


JACKSON: The Goa'ulds must have come thought the gate exploring.

CARTER: That's why it was afraid, we look just like them.

JACKSON: One of the Goa'ulds was killed?

CRYSTAL: The gathered all the unity in one place, and ended it.

CARTER: We confirmed Goa'uld energy weapons did it.

JACKSON: Then that pit wasn't a ceremonial place at all. It was some kind of ... mass grave.


O'NEILL: I'd call that a threat.

KINSEY: Admittedly these Goa'uld are a dangerous race.

TEAL'C: More dangerous then you could possible know.

KINSEY: Ha, wh ... If their so strong, why did you switch sides in the first place?

TEAL'C: Because what is right cannot be measured by strength! Your world values freedom, I wish that very same freedom for my people.

KINSEY: I don't wasn't to appear callous, sir, but I believe that's your problem. Not ours. SG-1 now looks really pissed. Jack throws his pen down, and Teal'c stands up with one of those looks that could kill!

TEAL'C: It will soon be yours as well, Senator Kinsey. Teal'c walks in front of SK so that he is in his face. For the Goa'uld are as powerful as they are evil. The Goa'uld have enslaved a galaxy of worlds.

KINSEY: I don't care about other worlds. I must place the citizens of, this country first. He says as he points at a US flag that's pined to his jacket.

TEAL'C: Then you would be wise the heed our warnings, Senator Kinsey! For when the Goa'uld do finally come in force, and they will, your citizens, as the strongest, most powerful country of this world, will be among the first to die! Oh lightning is coming out of both of there eyes! SK turns away first, Teal'c turns his back to the table and stairs out at the Stargate. SK sits down at his seat and waves a hand at LCS. Who in turn opens up a new file.

SAMUELS: On your return from the Chu'lak mission, Major Kawasaky became infested by a Goa'uld parasite, correct?

O'NEILL: That's correct.

KINSEY: He very nearly destroyed this facility.


We see Major K standing in the control room typing into the computer. Davis is bending down in his chair moaning loudly, hurt. MK quickly walks out of the control room as the blast doors shut and the gate dials. MK walks into the Gate room to a now open gate. Teal'c is standing in the middle of the ramp guarding the gate.

MAJOR K: Jaffa, Kel-sha!

TEAL'C: You cannot pass.


Jack and GH run down some stairs into the control room.

O'NEILL: What?

DAVIS: Holding a hurt arm. He set the coordinates for Chu'lak!


MK looks pissed! He screams, and runs up hands in a fist in front of his, up the ramp to attack Teal'c. They start to fight, it looks like MK is winning.


HAMMOND: He set the autodestruct sequence on the failsafe device. The Autodestruct is at .55 seconds.

O'NEILL: How did he have the code?

HAMMOND: I don't know, but I need to ranking officers to over ride it and your it. They both bend down and start to type in a code.


The battle is still going. MK is on top of Teal'c, holding him by the throat, Teal'c grabs MK's throat and manages to push Mk out enough for them both to stand back up, still holding each other in a death grip. They stumble closer and closer to the open gate. MK gets out of Teal'c's hold and runs to the gate, Teal'c grabs him as MK's head is in. Teal'c pulls him back out, and the fight resumes.


O'NEILL: Alright we did it, open the blast doors. The Autodestruct stops at 44 seconds. The blast door opens. We see Teal'c and MK still fighting, dangerously close to the open gate. Jack grabs the mike. Teal'c!!! Hold him there! Shut it down ... now! The gate closes, and we take one last look at MK's face.


We are face to face with a one sad faced Colonel.

O'NEILL: We stopped him.

KINSEY: Yes you did. On that occasion, with the loss of a fine officer, you did. But consider the myriad pelages, you could bring back through the Stargate. Reason enough to shut it down forever. Colonel Samuels ... LCS opens yet another file.

SAMUELS: I quote now from the official report of General Hammond, dated March of this year, concerning a dangerous disease brought back from another world.


We see GH on the phone in his office.

HAMMOND: Sir, I am afraid I have a serious situation here. It appears we brought a very contagious disease through the Stargate. Yes, sir, that's right. Well sir, I have ordered the mountain sealed off, but I think you should order in a armed division to set up a second line of defense. Well sir my recommendation is, that anyone attempting to leave the mountain, should be shot on site, and there body burned.


Jack is sitting on the floor, looking really bad. He has cut's and bruises all over his face, and he looks cave man like. Dr. Fraiser walks in with GH in a strait jacket wheeled in on a dolly, from the looks of it.

FRASIER: Sorry, Colonel O'Neill, I am afraid your private room has become a semiprivate. They place GH on a bed. We are running out of places to put all the victims, we've used, the brigs, we've used the tent quarters, some of the storage rooms. Janet starts to walk out of the room. Jack speaks, but you can really only tell what he say's if you have your CC on. :)

O'NEILL: Good luck, doc.

FRASIER: Did you say something? Jack puts his arm out.

O'NEILL: Give more ...

FRASIER: What ... ? Give more, what?

O'NEILL: More ...

FRASIER: An injection, you mean you want more sedative? You have already had more then the maximum safe dosage, twice as much then anyone else, because you have been more violent.

O'NEILL: Give ...

FRASIER: No. It's not safe!

O'NEILL: Give!!! Give.

FRASIER: Why are you so insistent? Janet finally gives in and gives him more sedative. You must have been in alot of pain. She gets up and starts to leave.

O'NEILL: Doc!!! She turns around quickly.

FRASIER: Colonel O'Neill?

O'NEILL: It's ... me. Once again only understandable with CC!

FRASIER: Bends down in front of him and smiles. So you are still in there somewhere.

O'NEILL: A dream. A dream.

FRASIER: I'm afraid not, Colonel, it's very real. This is interesting, enough sedative must knock back the primitive mind. Colonel, listen to me, I am not going to be able to keep you at this level for very long, it's to dangerous, it could cause permanent brain damage.

O'NEILL: What ... what is it?

FRASIER: It's a parasitic virus. All we can tell is that it seems to mess with body chemicals, all of them. Testosterone levels sky rocket, thus the aggressive behavior. It's histaminic, which means it breaks down histamine, where ...

O'NEILL: Experiment ... on me.

FRASIER: Experiment on you? No sir, I can't do that. Jack then say's something not even CC could pick up.


O'NEILL: We saved an entire race of people, I call that a success, sir.

KINSEY: But if you hadn't have been able to find a cure so readily, if it had reached the general population ... if the effects weren't reversible. Colonel O'Neill, You nearly died on another occasion when effected by ...

SAMUELS: Nanocytes, sir.


The Gate starts to open. Danny, who was by the gate starts running.

JACKSON: Guys! Carters coming back! Jack. Jack walks out, his is looking a little old. The gate opens and Sam walks through holding a large case. She watches the gate shut down and heads towards Jack and Danny. She pauses upon seeing Jack.

O'NEILL: Welcome back, Captain. So what did you find out? Teal'c walks up beside Sam. Come on now, don't keep the elderly waiting, it's rude.

CARTER: It isn't a virus.

O'NEILL: Alright, what is it?

CARTER: Dr. Fraser and I cam up empty, she's still looking at it. But it's gonna take time.

JACKSON: Time is something these people don't have, Captain.

O'NEILL: Nor do I.

CARTER: Sir, there's something else. Your blood samples showed way more organisms compared to the Argosians.

O'NEILL: How many more?

CARTER: Maybe on a level of a hundred times more. And they are multiplying.

O'NEILL: Cut to it, Captain.

CARTER: At the rate your changing, by then end of two weeks you'll be the equivalent of 100 years old.


Sam and Janet are in a lab working with something in a incubator.

CARTER: We have given the nanocytes some live tissue to interact with, but they aren't touching it. The only thing they appear to do is make more of them selves. So how are they causing the aging on Arogos?

FRASIER: Maybe there's something on Argoes they need to make them do another task. Something in the air, or the food. San nods, then looks down at what she is working with and finds her gloves are being eaten away. She jumps, grabs her hands out and seals the incubator shut. Alarms start going off. We can see Teal'c and Danny in a observation room watching them.

TEAL'C: Over loud speaker. Is there a problem Captain Carter?

CARTER: I don't know!

FRASIER: Well it's eating through the rubber!

CARTER: Oh, God.

FRASIER: What? What is it?

CARTER: There trying to spread!


CARTER: Were working with computer simulations, and practical simulations. Realistically sir, I'm afraid it might take years. We see Jack, a very old man, sitting on some steps looking at a small computer.

JACKSON: The General say's that gate travel to Argoes, is strictly off limits for the next millennia. But we can send objects through, so if you need anything, just call. Say something. We see Sam, Danny and Teal'c in the little computer screen.

TEAL'C: Colonel, I have learned very much from you. Thank you.

CARTER: You know, goodbye's really suck!


KINSEY: As I understand it, you almost lost containment, Captain Carter.

CARTER: Yes, they tried to mutate in the lab. But after the incident, the General ordered all samples of the Nanocyte, destroyed.

KINSEY: And what about next time?

CARTER: Well there won't be a next time, the Nanocytes, the transmitter device, everything that tampered with the population of that world has been destroyed!

JACKSON: In fact, SG-2 just made contact with Kynthia's planet just a few weeks ago. They are living long productive lives because of us. Now I am very proud of what we did there.

O'NEILL: I might even retire there.

KINSEY: You have no fear of it, do you Colonel, it's like a game to you.

O'NEILL: No sir. Anything as powerful as the Stargate deserves respect. We no how dangerous it is, for us to do what we do, we also no how important it is.

KINSEY: Colonel O'Neill, your like reckless children and your playing with fire.

O'NEILL: If you shut down this program now, when it's needed most!

KINSEY: For what?!?

CARTER: To gather technology, weapons!

KINSEY: Not at this price, or this level of competence.

HAMMOND: My people are the best out there, Senator!

KINSEY: I'm sorry, general, but your best, is not good enough. I do not improve of, nor support this endeavor, and I have hared nothing here today that will change my mind. I intend to shut the Stargate down. With that, SK picks up his stuff and starts to walk out.

JACKSON: Senator, please listen to me.

SAMUELS: I think he has made up his mind Dr. Jackson.

JACKSON: You want your one reason, I'll give it to you. What if I told you I knew that they were coming, in ships. What if I said that a ship larger then the great pyramid is going to land right on top of this mountain, in a matter of weeks, maybe days.

KINSEY: Then I would be curious to know why you waited until this moment before saying so.

JACKSON: Because I didn't think that anyone would believe me. And if I didn't live through it my self, I don't think I would, but it is a fact! And if you shut this program down, you will rob us of our one chance to stop them before they get here.

KINSEY: Where did you learn this information?

JACKSON: On our last mission. We came across a civilization with a technology level similar to our own. They had been wiped out, they left behind a warning, 'Beware the Destroyers' now along with that warning came a set of numbers. Danny pulls out his yellow sheet of paper. Coordinates of where the final Goa'uld attack will be lunched from.

KINSEY: And did all of you witness this warning?

JACKSON: No sir, they didn't, just me.

CARTER: Sir, we think Daniel may have experiences a interdivisional transfer to a alternate reality.

KINSEY: I beg you pardon?

JACKSON: The moment I touched an item on 233, I was separated from the rest of the team, I was actually transported to an alternate reality, where Earth was already under Goa'uld attack. I got this when I was there.

KINSEY: My heaven, I have heard enough of this.

JACKSON: Senator, the Goa'uld were bombarding our cities from space, we were defenseless against their weapons.

KINSEY: Dr. Jackson, I do not suffer fools gladly.

JACKSON: Nor do I, Senator, and I am telling you, when we killed Ra two years ago, we set in a motion a chain of events that WILL that will eventually lead to an all out attack, on Earth, by the Goa'ulds!

KINSEY: If this is so, why have they waited?!?

TEAL'C: It would take time for Apophis to assemble the necessary forces.

JACKSON: Right, the society id feudal, it would take time to build an army. Look all I know is the location there going to lunch the final attack from. If you don't believe me then just let us dial in the coordinates, and let us go there and find out!

KINSEY: How many ships Dr. Jackson has anyone detected there approach?

JACKSON: I can't be sure of the exact details, I mean there were differences between that reality and this one.

KINSEY: Oh ... of course there were.

JACKSON: I am not crazy.

KINSEY: Nor am I, Dr. Jackson, neither am I unused to 11th hour please, though NEVER have I heard one so despite, as this.

JACKSON: Senator, they are coming.

KINSEY: Then I say, let them come!

O'NEILL: Where do you get this bureaucratic bull? Your talking suicide!

KINSEY: Colonel O'Neill, you under estimate this great nation.

TEAL'C: It is you that under estimate the enemy, we have challenged Apophis, he will not rest until the people on the world worship him as their god.

KINSEY: There is only ONE God, sir! And I do not believe for one moment that he will allow what you're trying to tell me come to pass, we are after all, one nation, under God.

O'NEILL: And you think ... God is going to save us?

TEAL'C: The Goa'uld believe they are gods. And your beliefs will not dissuade them.

KINSEY: If the Goa'uld do come, then we will be able to tell them that we have buried our gate on under the ground forever, and that we will never go through it again. If they challenge us then we shall prevail.

JACKSON: You are a fool.

KINSEY: And if they don't come, which I think is infinitely more likely, then Pandora's Box, will have finally been closed, once and for all. Now if you will excuse me, I have business to attend to.

He walks out.

SAMUELS: For what it's worth, I'm sorry it had to end like this.

HAMMOND: Get out of here! LCS nods and walks out.

TEAL'C: General Hammond, I would like to request permission to return through the Stargate, before it is permanently sealed. If this world does not intend to continue it's struggle against the Goa'uld, then here I do not belong.

O'NEILL: I think I'm going with him.

HAMMOND: I can't allow that Colonel, I'm sorry by you know that. The president has made it perfectly clear, if were unable to convince the Senator, we would sease opperations, effective immediately.

CARTER: Sir, there are still two SG teams off world.

HAMMOND: Well keep the light on until they return, but that's all I 'm authorized to do.

O'NEILL: So what, that's it?

HAMMOND: That's it Colonel.

CARTER: It can't be.

O'NEILL: With all do respect, sir ... Danny interrupts him.

JACKSON: Sir, with all do respect, the good Senator is an ass ...

HAMMOND: He is a elected official of the government we have sworn to serve. Weather we agree or disagree, he has made his decision. Our commander and chief, had given us our orders accordingly. I expect you all to carry them out. Dismissed.

The General slowly walks out. SG-1 gathers at the window to look out at the gate.