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The Stargate is stolen, leading SG-1 to discover that the Trust has taken control of an advanced ship in orbit. Teal'c investigates a series of wide-spread Jaffa deaths.

DVD DISC: Season 8, Disc 3
WRITTEN BY: Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie
DIRECTED BY: Peter DeLuise
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Transcript by Callie Sullivan

S.G.C. - CONTROL ROOM (NIGHT). Walter is sitting at the control desk looking at some papers on a clipboard. A male technician, Sergeant Mackenzie, trots up the stairs. Walter looks round to see who it is, then turns back to the front again, throwing down his clipboard and pen, bored. Mackenzie walks over to him.

MACKENZIE: What's going on?

HARRIMAN (in a very bored voice): Not much.

(Mackenzie grabs a chair, rolls it over to the control desk and sits down.)

MACKENZIE: I hate the graveyard shift. Nothing exciting ever happens on it.

(Walter turns round to face him.)

HARRIMAN: Hey. Just 'cos it's three a.m. here, it doesn't mean that it's not daylight on other planets. (He leans forward, as if to tell a secret. Mackenzie leans forward towards him.) There could be a team coming in hot -- any ... second ... now.

MACKENZIE: Yeah, that's true!

(Both of them turn their heads to look at the Stargate. They stare at it for several seconds.)

MACKENZIE: So -- coffee?


(They get up and walk over to the coffee pot at the back of the room.)

MACKENZIE: Let me ask you something. It's late at night and there's not that many people around -- do you ever get the urge just to dial up the Gate and check out another planet, just for a few minutes?

HARRIMAN (staring at him sternly): That'd be a no.

MACKENZIE (nervously): Me-me-me neither.

(They turn to the coffee pot. At that moment a white glow fills the room behind them, then fades away.)

HARRIMAN: What the hell?

(Unseen by either of the technicians, a computer screen starts flashing the message “OFFLINE” over and over again. Slowly, nervously, Walter and Mackenzie turn to look at each other, then turn all the way around to face the Gate Room. Mackenzie stares blankly at what he sees; Walter's eyes widen and his jaw drops. We finally get to see the Gate Room. Two airmen are standing in the Gate Room staring at the ramp. At the top of the ramp is ... nothing.)

MACKENZIE: The Gate's gone!

HARRIMAN (anguished): I can see that!

(Mackenzie looks round at Walter.)

MACKENZIE: Are we gonna get in trouble for this?

(Walter looks round at him. He clearly has no idea.)

S.G.C. - INTERVIEW ROOM (DAY). Daniel is sitting on one side of a table. Walter and Mackenzie are sitting on the other side. A camera is at Daniel's side, pointing at the technicians, and a tape recorder is on the table.

JACKSON: What about your instruments? Were you detecting any signs of Gate activity?

HARRIMAN: No, sir.

JACKSON: Did anyone approach the Gate at any time?



JACKSON: So no unusual activity of any kind. (Walter and Mackenzie both shake their heads.) OK. (He scribbles on the paper in front of him and switches the tape recorder off.)

MACKENZIE: Sir, are we gonna be facing any kind of disciplinary action for this?

JACKSON: No, Sergeant, I think it's safe to say there was nothing you could have done.

MACKENZIE: Thank God! I mean, there wasn't. One minute we were getting coffee, the next minute the Gate was ...

JACKSON (interrupting): Wait a minute! Wait a minute. You were getting coffee? (He stares at them sternly.)

MACKENZIE: Um ... we ... it ... (He and Walter look very uncomfortable.)

(Daniel glares at them for a moment longer, then his face breaks into a grin.)

JACKSON: I'm joking, I'm joking, this is a joke, I'm sorry. OK, that's all, thank you, guys, I appreciate that. (He stands up and turns off the camera.) OK. (He leaves the room, leaving Walter and Mackenzie looking shattered.)

BRIEFING ROOM. Daniel and Jack are standing at the window gazing down into the Gate Room [or should it now be called 'the Room'?!]. Sam is working on a computer further back in the Briefing Room.

JACKSON: Well, I'd-I'd hate to be the guy that has to explain this to the President.

(Jack turns and stares at him. Daniel sees his look and shrugs, then looks away and winces.)

CARTER: Sir. I've got the video surveillance footage. (Jack and Daniel walk over to her.) The Gate disappeared at oh three oh seven. There were two airmen in the Gate Room and two technicians in the Control Room but none of them saw or heard anything out of the ordinary prior to the flash.

(She starts the video, which initially shows the Gate in its normal position, then white light envelops the Gate and it is whisked upwards and out of view.)

JACKSON: Is it just me or does that look like an Asgard beam?

CARTER: It does -- which makes no sense. Why would they take our Gate?

O'NEILL: Yeah. Usually they ask nicely before they ignore us and do whatever they damn well please.

JACKSON: What about the Prometheus? Didn't the Asgard install beam technology as well as a hyperdrive?

CARTER: Yeah, it's in the hangar. We're still making adjustments to the new engines. There is another possibility. We know that Anubis possessed Asgard beam technology. We also know that Baal took over much of his fleet.

JACKSON: You think Baal stole our Gate?

CARTER: To be honest, right now I don't know what to think.

O'NEILL: Well, I need some answers.

CARTER: That's not gonna be easy, sir. Without a Gate, we have no access to off-world intel. We have no way of knowing what's going on out there.

O'NEILL: You'll think of something. In the meantime (he throws a black look at Daniel), I have a phone call to make. (He walks away. Daniel smiles part-smugly and part-apologetically.)

JACKSON (to Sam): Is Teal'c still on P4S-161?

CARTER (checking her watch): Yeah, his meeting with the rebel Jaffa leaders should be over by now. When he can't contact us he'll follow protocol and head to the Alpha site.

ALPHA SITE. Teal'c, dressed in a Jaffa robe, comes into the Control Room and walks over to Colonel Pierce.

TEAL'C: Colonel Pierce.

PIERCE: Teal'c.

TEAL'C: What is the situation?

PIERCE: We've been out of contact with Earth for seven hours now. We can establish a wormhole but all we get is a “do not proceed” response to our IDC.

TEAL'C: As was the case when I attempted to return from my mission.

PIERCE: We've had lockdowns before, but the fact that they're not responding to any of our radio calls has me concerned. Right now we have no idea what's happening at Stargate Command.

TEAL'C: I will return to P4S-161. The rebel Jaffa will provide me with a cargo ship which I will then take to Earth. (He nods to Pierce and turns to leave the room.)

PIERCE: Teal'c. (Teal'c turns back to face him.) We're not jumping to conclusions; this may be just a malfunction -- but it's also possible Earth has been compromised.

TEAL'C: Indeed. (He walks away.)

S.G.C. - SAM'S LAB. Daniel walks in.

JACKSON: Find anything?

CARTER: Yeah, as a matter of fact I have. I've been going over Gate Room security tapes and the sensor logs. For two days before the Gate disappeared, we were getting this anomalous reading. (They look at the computer screen showing the reading.) We assumed it was residual feedback from a recent overhaul of the superconductors, but I don't think so. Look at this.

(She shows Daniel one of the security tapes. In fast-forward mode, various technicians and scientists move up and down the ramp until just one scientist in a white coat is left at the top of the ramp. Sam slows the tape to normal speed as the scientist squats down to the Gate and seems to place something on it before standing up again.)

JACKSON: What was that?

CARTER: I don't know, but I checked the time code and this corresponds with the exact moment that the sensors began recording the anomaly. (She types on the keyboard and the computer screen closes in on the frozen image of the scientist, then cleans up the picture so that they have a clear image of the man.)

JACKSON: I think we need to talk to this guy.

BRIEFING ROOM. Jack is holding a file with a photograph of the scientist in it.

CARTER: Doctor Kevin Hartkins. He's been with the programme seven months. Clean record, nothing out of the ordinary -- except that he's gone missing.

JACKSON: He failed to report for duty this morning. When we checked his apartment, it was cleaned out.

O'NEILL: This is starting to sound familiar.

JACKSON: You think it's The Trust?

CARTER: Well, they've been busy lately. They had Teal'c under surveillance, they blackmailed you, and they tried to kill Alec Colson. Obviously the operation is a lot bigger than we first thought. Now, as far as we know, the N.I.D. has been clean for over a year but there are still dozens of ex-agents who are unaccounted for -- and they continue to receive financing from unknown sources.

JACKSON: If they could take the Gate out from under us, they could empty the vault at Fort Knox.

CARTER: Not necessarily. If they could take the Gate any time they wanted, they would have, but that doesn't explain what Hartkins was doing, or the anomalous signal.

O'NEILL: Got a theory?

CARTER: The Prometheus has Asgard beam technology but not Asgard sensors, which means that we can't pinpoint specific targets unless they've been tagged in advance. What if whoever did this has the same problem?

JACKSON: You think the anomaly was a locator beacon?

CARTER: Yeah, which Hartkins placed directly on the Gate. I mean, there's no other way they could pull this off.

O'NEILL: So my stamp collection is safe -- how does that help us find the Gate?

CARTER: Well, if they wanna keep using the beam, they'll have to keep using the beacons. We could request N.S.A satellite time to see if we could detect the signal.

O'NEILL: Do it.

P4S-161. Teal'c comes through the Gate, then levels his staff weapon at the sight that greets him. Many Jaffa are lying on the ground near the Gate. He goes over to one and bends down to check for a pulse, then stands and levels his staff weapon again as a Jaffa comes out from behind nearby bushes, aiming his own staff weapon. Teal'c then realizes who it is -- it's M'Zel, last seen in “Death Knell”.

TEAL'C: M'Zel.

M'ZEL: Teal'c. (He runs towards him.)

TEAL'C: What has happened here?

M'ZEL: When I arrived, they were all dead.

TEAL'C: All?

M'ZEL: I will show you. (He leads Teal'c away.)

EARTH - WAREHOUSE. Two black Air Force cars are parked outside. SFs are surrounding the warehouse, weapons aimed, as a third car arrives. Three of the troops run over to the car and crouch behind it. Sam and Daniel get out and crouch behind the car with the sergeant in charge of the troops as he reports to them.

SERGEANT: We took out a couple of guards and made the area secure. Satellite intel puts the signal somewhere inside this complex.

CARTER: Alright. You three are with us. Keep your men on the perimeter -- no one in, no one out.

SERGEANT: Understood.

(He gives commands into his radio as they all run towards the warehouse. As they reach one of the doors, he puts explosive on the lock and everybody ducks back. The explosives blow the lock. The sergeant pulls the door open, and one of his men tosses a smoke grenade inside. It explodes, and smoke fills the air. The five of them run inside, checking out the area. Daniel spots something.)

JACKSON: Sam! (He pulls back a cover from a couple of rockets.)

CARTER: Daniel, these are VX rockets.

(Daniel goes to some glass canisters filled with a glowing blue liquid and picks one up.)

JACKSON: Yeah? What's this?

CARTER: Methylphosphonothioic acid.

JACKSON: Which is?

CARTER: Nerve gas.

JACKSON: OK -- putting that back! (He nervously puts the canister down again.)

CARTER: There's enough here to kill several hundred thousand people.

JACKSON: What would the ex-N.I.D. be doing stockpiling this stuff?

CARTER: I have no idea.

(A member of The Trust, hidden behind some boxes, raises his head into view. One of the SFs spots him.)

SF: Colonel!

(He fires at the man, who returns fire. As the S.G.C. personnel fire at him, he continues shooting back, and some of the canisters are smashed by flying bullets. Sam gets into a position to zat the man and he goes down. The SFs run cautiously towards him. Behind them, unnoticed, the smashed canisters are leaking gas. Daniel turns and sees them.)

JACKSON: Ah -- we've got a problem here! What do we do?

CARTER: It's too late.

(They stare at the canisters. After a few seconds Sam tilts her head in confusion.)

JACKSON: Nothing's happening.

CARTER: This doesn't make sense. The effects are almost instantaneous. We should all be dead.

P4S-161. M'Zel leads Teal'c to the edge of a Jaffa camp. Teal'c stares at the sight that greets him.

M'ZEL: You see?

(Teal'c walks forward into the camp. The camp covers a large area -- and hundreds of Jaffa are lying dead on the ground.)

S.G.C. - BRIEFING ROOM. Jack is looking at photographs taken in the warehouse. Sam hands him a small capsule with the blue liquid in it.

CARTER: We managed to identify the liquid we found in the warehouse. It's symbiont poison -- specifically the new formula we were working on in conjunction with the Tok'ra. (Jack gingerly puts the capsule down on the table, then wipes his fingers off against each other before wiping his hand on his sleeve.) It's more stable than the original and easier to produce, but just as deadly to the Goa'uld.

JACKSON: And the Jaffa.

CARTER: Exactly -- which is why we agreed not to use it except in defensive situations. Sir, the people behind this have the Gate and they have rockets capable of delivering the poison in aerosol form over large areas. I think The Trust intends to launch a full-scale chemical attack against the Goa'uld without any regard for the millions of Jaffa lives that could be lost in the process.

O'NEILL: So, they didn't get the memo.

(Sam shrugs.)

JACKSON: The guy from the warehouse isn't talking but he was carrying this. (He takes an I.D. badge out of his pocket and hands it to Sam, who passes it to Jack.) It's an Area 51 identification badge.

AREA 51. Sam and Daniel, wearing overalls, are sitting in a room. A male scientist, wearing overalls with a white coat over them, comes in.

BRICKSDALE: Colonel Carter, Doctor Jackson. Sorry to keep you waiting.

CARTER: Doctor Bricksdale. I believe you've been briefed on our situation?

BRICKSDALE: Yes, I have.

CARTER: Well, as a result of our investigation, we have reason to believe that your security has been compromised.

BRICKSDALE: With all due respect, Colonel, we're not the ones who lost the Stargate.

JACKSON: But alien technology has gone missing from Area 51 before.

BRICKSDALE: Yes. However, our security measures have been significantly increased since then. No one's allowed to bring anything in or out -- no computers, no cellphones, not even their street clothes, as you've seen. (He looks at their overalls.) All personnel are subject to a thorough search and scan every time they leave.

CARTER: Look, whoever took the Stargate has access to Asgard beam technology. Last year when Osiris came to Earth, she used that same technology, which she activated remotely with a wrist device. After she was captured, that wrist device was brought here, and you worked on it.

BRICKSDALE: And it's been here ever since.

JACKSON: Well, if you don't mind, we'd like to see it.

ALPHA SITE - CONTROL ROOM. Colonel Pierce is talking with Teal'c.

PIERCE: Doctor Harris checked out some of the dead Jaffa on P4S-161. You were right -- it was the Tok'ra symbiont poison.

TEAL'C: I would not have believed it had I not seen it with my own eyes.

PIERCE: I knew the Tok'ra had lost patience with the alliance, but I never thought they'd do anything like this.

(M'Zel storms into the room.)

M'ZEL: Teal'c! I have received word from our Jaffa brothers. Three more Goa'uld planets have been attacked. Millions are dead.

AREA 51 - SECURITY ROOM. Bricksdale leads Sam and Daniel into the room and puts his hand onto a palm scanner. He then goes over to a bank of drawers in the wall as one of them slides open. Inside are several Goa'uld devices, including Osiris' hand ribbon device with the wrist device attached to it.

BRICKSDALE: You see? Right where we left it.

CARTER: Sorry if I'm a little sceptical but, uh, we've been down this road before. (She places a sensor in the tray and activates it. The sensor beeps. Sam looks round at Daniel.) It's real. (She takes the sensor out again.)

BRICKSDALE: Like I said. We figured if Osiris' ship was still up there, we could use the wrist device to get on board. Unfortunately it's not only keyed to the presence of naqahdah in the blood of the user but also specific Goa'uld D.N.A. We tried to create an adapter using samples of both elements but we didn't get anywhere.

JACKSON: So the ship is probably still in orbit but cloaked.

CARTER: In which case we have no way to find it.


M'ZEL: The Tok'ra will be made to pay for this treachery!

PIERCE: Let's just calm down a second. We need to figure out what's going on.

M'ZEL: What more do you need to know?! The Jaffa are being murdered -- poisoned, like vermin!

PIERCE: The Tok'ra have had this chemical weapon for a long time. Why would they suddenly decide to use it now?

TEAL'C (angrily): Perhaps the failure of the alliance convinced them that there is no other way.

PIERCE: There's something else going on. It's not a coincidence that this happened immediately after we lost contact with Earth.

TEAL'C (more calmly): It does seem unlikely. (To M'Zel) We must speak to the Tok'ra directly.

PIERCE: That's not so easy. Ever since they left the Alpha site, we haven't had much intelligence on their movements. We have no idea where their new base is.

TEAL'C: We still know the location of some of their operatives. (To M'Zel) I believe our best chance for contact is P3S-114. A Tok'ra operative named Zarin is undercover commanding one of Baal's garrisons on that world.

M'ZEL: I will come with you.

PIERCE: Woah -- hold on a minute here. You're talking about walking into Goa'uld-occupied territory, and there's no Jaffa fifth column there to help you out. Without sympathetic warriors in Zarin's ranks, how do you plan to avoid being captured?

TEAL'C: We do not.

PIERCE: What?!

M'ZEL: Only by being captured will we be brought before the commander.

PIERCE: That's how you're gonna make contact?!

TEAL'C: We must speak to the Tok'ra. There is no other way.

PIERCE: It's too risky. You walk in there unannounced and Zarin could have you sacrificed just to maintain her cover.

TEAL'C: That is a great possibility.

PIERCE: You realise the second you walk through that Gate, you're on your own?

TEAL'C: Understood.

EARTH - NEVADA STREET. Bricksdale is waiting nervously. He opens his cellphone and starts to dial a number, but stops as a car pulls up. Hoskins, one of the Trust members last seen in “Affinity”, gets out of the car.

HOSKINS: So what's the big emergency?

BRICKSDALE: I can't do this any more!

HOSKINS: You've already taken the money, Doctor. Little late for cold feet.

BRICKSDALE: You don't understand! They came to see me! They asked me about the wrist device!


BRICKSDALE: Two people from Stargate Command.

HOSKINS (looking around cautiously): And you arranged a meeting with me?!


(The sound of an approaching engine can be heard, and a black van screeches around the corner.)

HOSKINS: You were followed.

(He pulls a rifle out and fires at the SFs getting out of the van. They dive for cover as Bricksdale cowers. Hoskins throws a dark look at Bricksdale, then turns and fires multiple shots into the lock of a nearby warehouse door, blasting part of the door to bits. As a second van arrives, he pulls open the door and runs inside. SFs run towards Bricksdale, who has his hands in the air. One of the SFs pushes Bricksdale face down onto the bonnet of his car. Other troops run into the warehouse. Inside, Hoskins is reloading his rifle as he walks along quickly. As the SFs come inside, he turns and fires at them. They take cover, then Hoskins runs up some stairs.)

SERGEANT: Careful with your fire -- we need him alive!

(They run up the stairs.)

(On an upper level, Hoskins blasts out the lock of a door leading to a gantry on the outside of the building. He kicks open the door and runs along the gantry, reloading again. He runs along a couple of roofs, then drops to the ground. Checking the area, he takes a device out of his pocket and presses it. Nearby, Sam, wearing a snazzy black leather jacket, rises up from where she has been hiding behind a car and zats him. He falls to the ground, dropping the device, which is beeping. She picks it up. An Asgard transporter beam envelops her and whisks her away.)

(Sam reappears in the cargo hold of a Goa'uld ship. Behind her, Jennings, also last seen in “Affinity”, takes out a zat gun of his own and shoots her. She collapses to the ground. Jennings picks up a radio as he walks towards Sam.)

JENNINGS (into radio): Brooks.

BROOKS (over radio): Go ahead.

JENNINGS: We've got a small problem here. Take a locator beacon and get down to Hoskins' last position.

BROOKS: What happened?

JENNINGS: We've got an uninvited guest.

(A wide shot of the cargo hold shows that the Stargate is at the end of the room. There are several VX rockets nearby.)

P3S-114 - PYRAMID. Three Jaffa walk into the throne room and kneel before a woman sitting on the throne.

ZARIN: Speak.

JAFFA: My Lord Zarin, two enemy Jaffa have been captured near the Gate. One of them is the shol'va Teal'c.

ZARIN: Are you certain?

JAFFA: I am. Lord Baal will be most pleased, will he not?

ZARIN: Yes, of course. You have done well. Now bring them to me.

JAFFA: Yes, my Lord. (He and his colleagues rise and leave the room. Zarin looks smug until they have left, then looks concerned.)

S.G.C. - INTERROGATION ROOM. Bricksdale is seated at a table in the middle of the room. Daniel is standing on the other side of the table, while two SFs stand nearby.

JACKSON: I'm gonna ask you again -- where's Colonel Carter?

BRICKSDALE: I don't know!

(Daniel turns to the SFs and jerks his thumb towards the door. The SFs leave the room as Bricksdale looks worried. Daniel closes the door behind the SFs, then comes to the table and sits down.)

JACKSON: You're gonna need to start co-operating.


JACKSON: A decorated officer of the United States Air Force and a member of one of our government's most top secret organizations is missing, and you're implicated. (Bricksdale covers his face with one hand, almost crying.) I don't think you're gonna just walk away from this.

BRICKSDALE: They'll kill me!

JACKSON: We can protect you. (Bricksdale shakes his head, sobbing.) And we can also choose to ignore your two million dollar Cayman Island account. (Bricksdale raises his head and looks at Daniel.) Didn't think we'd find out about that, huh?

BRICKSDALE: So if I help you, I can keep the money?

JACKSON: We can come to an arrangement.

(Bricksdale sits back in his chair, looking much more confident.)

P3S-114 - PYRAMID THRONE ROOM. Teal'c and M'Zel are marched into the room to face Zarin. M'Zel is easily pushed to his knees, but it takes a staff weapon in the back of the knees to get Teal'c down.

JAFFA: The prisoners, my Lord.

ZARIN: Leave us.

JAFFA: My Lord?

ZARIN (standing up): I intend to question them myself. Leave us, now.

(All the Jaffa in the room leave. Once they have gone, Zarin walks forward.)

ZARIN: Are you mad?! What are you doing here?

(Teal'c and M'Zel rise from their knees.)

TEAL'C: We must speak with you.

ZARIN: Speak with me? Do you not realize that by coming here you have placed all our lives in danger?

TEAL'C: Are you not in control of this garrison?

ZARIN: I am -- and, as such, it is my responsibility to see to it that you are tortured for information until such time that Baal arrives to witness your execution.


JACKSON: So what's it gonna be?

BRICKSDALE: You said Colonel Carter was missing?

JACKSON: Mm-hmm.

BRICKSDALE: Well, she's probably on the ship.

JACKSON: Osiris' ship. So you did manage to get on board.

(Bricksdale nods.)

BRICKSDALE: About a year ago, some men came to see me. They knew everything about my work, the Stargate, Osiris. They knew there was a possibility that a cloaked ship had been left in orbit and they wanted it badly. I told them that the key was the wrist device but I couldn't get it out of there, at least not through the front door.

JACKSON: What do you mean?

BRICKSDALE: One day I was in the lab working on the adapter. Next thing I know I found myself on the ship. I had remotely activated the transport beam.

JACKSON: Which you failed to report.

BRICKSDALE: It was killing me that I wasn't able to tell anybody I'd figured it out. I had to keep telling them it wasn't working. Anyway, after that I went back and forth half a dozen times, but at the end of the day the wrist device was always back where it belonged.

JACKSON: And you beamed the others up using locator beacons.

BRICKSDALE: Well the beam was the only thing that worked without the command codes. And that's where you came in.

JACKSON: The translation. (He closes his eyes and sinks back in his chair.)

BRICKSDALE: Osiris worked for Anubis, and Anubis had all his command codes translated into Ancient. (Daniel mouths the word 'Ancient' along with him.) Once they had full control of the ship, thanks to you, they had no need for me. They kept a permanent presence up there twenty-four seven, worked in shifts. I went back to Area 51 and sabotaged the adapter. The project was shelved and no one was the wiser.

(Daniel has an expression on his face that looks like a bulldog chewing a wasp. After a moment, however, he leans forward.)

JACKSON: Can you get the wrist device to work again?

BRICKSDALE (smugly): Absolutely.

OSIRIS' SHIP - CARGO HOLD. Sam, lying on top of a metal box, wakes up and sits up, to find her hands tied behind her back. Brooks is working nearby and walks over to Hoskins.

BROOKS: Launch window in three minutes. Ready for off-grade.

HOSKINS: Get down to the engine room -- check the power relays.

BROOKS: Yes, sir. (She leaves.)

(Jennings notices that Sam is awake and nods towards her.)

JENNINGS (to Hoskins): Sir.

HOSKINS (walking towards Sam): Colonel Carter. Welcome aboard.

CARTER: Where are we?

HOSKINS: We're in a polar orbit around the Moon -- cloaked, of course.

CARTER: This is the ship Osiris left behind.

HOSKINS: We really have to thank you. If you hadn't caught her, we never would have had this opportunity.

CARTER: You know they're gonna come after you.

JENNINGS: Prometheus is undergoing a refit.

CARTER: They still have sublight engines. Once they realize you're in a ship, they'll launch -- and even with a cloak, you're giving off an energy signature.

HOSKINS: We're operating at minimal power. Maybe after a year of intensive scans, they might be able to find us, but this won't take that long.

(Sam sees Jennings take a capsule of symbiont poison and start to put it into the top of a VX rocket.)

CARTER: You're gonna launch a chemical attack against the Goa'uld.

JENNINGS: We already have. We're starting with Baal's territory, since he is the most immediate threat right now.

CARTER: You realize you're killing millions of innocent Jaffa?

HOSKINS: Spare me, Colonel. The Jaffa are a race of warriors, bred specifically to serve the Goa'uld and enslave humans throughout the galaxy.

CARTER: They're indoctrinated from childhood to believe that the Goa'uld are their gods. They don't have a choice.

JENNINGS: So they're just following orders, right? Where have I heard that argument before?

CARTER: What about the rebel Jaffa? They're growing in numbers every day.

JENNINGS: We consider them acceptable losses.

HOSKINS: It's very simple, Colonel. Earth faces an imminent threat, and we have a weapon that can eliminate that threat. We intend to use it.

(Jennings has finished inserting the capsule into the rocket, and the rocket now seals.)

JENNINGS: We're ready. (He goes over to a computer.)

HOSKINS: What's the next target?

JENNINGS (typing, then looking at the screen): P3S-114.

HOSKINS: Dial it.

JENNINGS: Yes, sir. (He goes to another computer and types. The Gate starts to dial out.)


ZARIN: You force me to choose between abandoning my mission and allowing you to die.

M'ZEL (walking towards her): I would worry more about my own life if I were you, Tok'ra. (He wraps both hands around her neck and starts to strangle her.)

TEAL'C: M'Zel! (He walks close to him.) I feel as you do, brother, but this is not the way.

(M'Zel continues to strangle Zarin for a moment, then looks round to Teal'c, who nods at him. He lets Zarin go.)

ZARIN: Why are you here?

M'ZEL: We know about the attacks.

ZARIN: What attacks?

TEAL'C: The Tok'ra have been using the symbiont poison against the Goa'uld. Jaffa of three worlds have been annihilated thus far.

ZARIN: Impossible.

M'ZEL: We have seen it with our own eyes. An entire Jaffa army lying dead on the ground with no wounds, no signs of battle. How do you explain this?

ZARIN: I cannot -- but I can assure you that the Tok'ra are not responsible. If these attacks had been planned, I would have been informed.

OSIRIS' SHIP. The Stargate kawhooshes.

JENNINGS: Initiating launch sequence.

CARTER: You can't do this. It's murder.

JENNINGS: That's where you're wrong, Colonel -- it's war. Launching in three, two, one.

(The VX rocket launches and heads into the wormhole. Sam closes her eyes in grief.)

P3S-114 - OUTDOORS. A group of Jaffa are walking along. The leader raises his hand as the sound of a rocket can be heard. They stop and look up as the rocket soars into the air. The Jaffa drop to the ground and raise their staff weapons as the rocket starts to curve around and head towards the ground.

P3S-114. THRONE ROOM. Zarin turns and looks upwards as the sound of a distant explosion can be heard.

ZARIN: What was that?

(The sound of approaching feet can be heard. Teal'c and M'Zel sink back down to their knees and Zarin stands imperiously in front of them as her Jaffa enter the room.)

JAFFA: My Lord. We are under attack.


JAFFA: A weapon was fired through the Gate. It exploded over the ...

(Zarin gasps in agony and clutches the back of her neck. She starts to fall to the floor, still gasping.)

JAFFA: Lord Zarin! (He runs towards her.) Lord Zarin. (He holds her as she collapses to the ground in agony. She gazes up at the Jaffa in anguish, then dies.)

TEAL'C: Brothers! We must leave immediately! (He and M'Zel get to their feet.)

JAFFA: Kree! Da'nok! (The other Jaffa aim their staff weapons at Teal'c and M'Zel.) You are not going anywhere, shol'vah. (He aims a zat gun at Teal'c.)

TEAL'C: You do not understand.

(M'Zel gasps in pain and clutches his stomach. As Teal'c grabs hold of him and supports him, the other Jaffa also start to collapse in agony. The sound of squealing symbiotes can be heard.)

TEAL'C: M'Zel, there may still be time.

(M'Zel collapses to the ground, his symbiont squealing in pain. Teal'c cradles his head. M'Zel gazes up at Teal'c, grunting in agony.)

M'ZEL: I die ... free. (He dies.)

TEAL'C (gazing at him in grief): Indeed. (He stands and looks at the bodies all around him.)

PROMETHEUS. The ship is in Earth orbit. Colonel Pendergast is in the big chair.

COMMS OFFICER: Sensor grid R-14 shows no anomalies, sir.

PENDERGAST: Very well. Proceed to the next grid.


PENDERGAST: She's out there somewhere.

S.G.C. - INTERROGATION ROOM. An SF opens the door and Daniel walks in with a case. He puts it on the table and opens it. Osiris' ribbon device is inside. He turns the case around to show Bricksdale.

JACKSON: Make it work.


JENNINGS: Our next target is P5R-357.

HOSKINS: Let's do it.

CARTER: I wouldn't bother. Baal abandoned that planet six months ago when the naquadah mines went dry.

JENNINGS: She's lying.

CARTER: Go ahead. Waste another rocket. That's one less planet you'll be able to destroy.

HOSKINS: She does have more up-to-date intelligence.

JENNINGS: She's bluffing.

HOSKINS (to Sam): You can make this a lot less painful if you help us select optimum targets.

CARTER: What are you talking about?

HOSKINS: You know as much about the current tactical and strategic positions of the different System Lords as anyone on Earth.

CARTER: I don't know as much as you think.

HOSKINS: You know enough to help us get maximum effect with minimum collateral damage. You're the one who wants to save innocent lives.

CARTER: Nice try.

JENNINGS (to Hoskins): So -- are we going for P5R-357 or not?

(Hoskins looks at Sam, trying to gauge what she knows. She doesn't return his gaze.)

HOSKINS: Go to the next one on the list.

(Jennings shakes his head, annoyed, but moves the cursor on his computer down to the next address.)

S.G.C. - CONTROL ROOM. Daniel is arming himself ready to go up to Osiris' ship. Siler is working on the ribbon device nearby. Jack comes down the stairs.

O'NEILL: Alright -- tell me again why I should agree to this?

JACKSON: Because it's the only way we have to get on the ship, and if they've changed the command codes, I'm the one who has the best chance to decipher the Ancient symbols.

O'NEILL: And if there are ten armed goons when you get there, you're the one that's gonna ... get ... (He draws his hand across his throat.)

JACKSON: Better ideas? (He looks at Jack, then across to Siler. Siler looks startled.)

O'NEILL: Look, Daniel, just because I don't have a better idea is no reason to do anything.

(Daniel looks puzzled. Jack thinks through what he just said and looks confused.)

JACKSON: Look, once I shut down the cloak, Prometheus will be able to pinpoint the ship's location. Then all I have to do is disable the hyperdrive and wait for the cavalry. They'll never see it coming!

O'NEILL: Which is one of the advantages of the totally insane idea.

JACKSON: Yeah -- where'd I learn that from?! (He looks at Jack, who looks bewildered.) OK. (Siler hands him the ribbon device and moves away towards Jack. Daniel holds the device in one hand, and activates his zat gun with the other. It's pointing straight at Jack and Siler. Siler moves cautiously behind Jack. Jack looks round at him, then realizes what Daniel's doing and backs away himself. Daniel looks behind him at a scientist standing on the other side of the glass star map. The scientist sees his look and moves away.) See you soon. (He activates the device, and is transported away.)

OSIRIS' SHIP. Daniel transports onto the bridge. There's nobody around. He goes to a computer and types on the keyboard. The message “Access denied” appears on the screen. He types again. Again the message “Access denied” comes up.

JACKSON: Come on! (He types again. The message “System error” comes up.) Fine. (He goes to the front of the ship, presses some buttons which open a panel of crystals, and zats the crystals. In space, the ship comes out of its cloak and we see it for the first time. It's an Al'kesh. Daniel leaves the bridge.)


COMMS OFFICER: Sir, we have something. Definitely a ship. Bearings 157 by 229, five hundred thousand kilometers.

PENDERGAST: Battle stations! Plot an intercept course.


Pendergast presses a button on the console on his chair.

PENDERGAST: General O'Neill, this is Prometheus.

O'NEILL (in the S.G.C. Control Room): Go ahead.

PENDERGAST: Looks like Doctor Jackson pulled it off, sir, we have 'em on our screens and we are moving in.

O'NEILL: Understood.

OSIRIS' SHIP. In the cargo hold, Hoskins and Jennings are inserting another toxin capsule into a rocket. Brooks comes in.

BROOKS: We've got a problem. I just monitored a sixty percent drop in our power consumption.

HOSKINS: The cloak! (He takes a zat gun out of his coat pocket and starts to leave the room with Brooks. He turns to Jennings and gestures at Sam.) Stay with her.

Elsewhere on the ship, Daniel is creeping around. After a while he is hit by a zat blast and drops to the ground. Hoskins and Brooks walk around the corner, Hoskins still holding his zat gun out in front of him.

HOSKINS: Get up to the bridge -- get that cloak back online.

BROOKS: Yes, sir.


COMMS OFFICER: We're in weapons range, sir.

PENDERGAST: They noticed us yet?

COMMS OFFICER: I don't think so. They seem to be operating at minimal power, no evasive maneuvers.

PENDERGAST: What about the hyperdrive?

COMMS OFFICER: Still no signal from Doctor Jackson.

PENDERGAST (into radio): General O'Neill, we have a problem. The ship's cloak is down, sir, but Doctor Jackson has yet to confirm whether he has disabled the hyperdrive or not.

O'NEILL (in the S.G.C. Control Room): Just give him a little more time.

PENDERGAST: Right now, sir, they are sitting ducks. If they spot us, they can run, and we won't be able to catch them. We can't afford to let them get away, General. I recommend we open fire immediately.

(Jack looks concerned as he considers his options.)

PENDERGAST: General, please advise.

OSIRIS' SHIP. Brooks cautiously makes her way onto the bridge, then sees the burnt-out panel of crystals.

CARGO HOLD. Daniel joins Sam and sits down beside her. Hoskins stands over them. Jennings comes into the room and sees Daniel.

JENNINGS: Where the hell did he come from?!

HOSKINS: He got the wrist device.

JENNINGS: Any chance there's more of them on board?

HOSKINS: It only lets one person up at a time.

BROOKS (over radio): Hoskins, this is Brooks.

HOSKINS: (into radio): Go ahead.

BROOKS: The cloak's been disabled. I don't know if I can get it back online.

HOSKINS: This position is compromised. We need to get out of here now.

BROOKS: Yes, sir.

JENNINGS (to Hoskins): What about them? (He nods at Sam and Daniel.)

HOSKINS: We can't take them with us.

JACKSON: I don't mind going for a little ride.

CARTER: Me neither.

(Hoskins raises his zat gun and aims it at Daniel.)

HOSKINS: Sorry about this, Doctor Jackson.

(The Gate starts to dial in. Hoskins and Jennings turn and stare at it in disbelief.)

JENNINGS: Incoming!

(They drop to the floor to avoid the burp as the Gate kawhooshes. As they start to get up, Daniel jumps up and throws himself at Hoskins. Sam, her hands still tied behind her back, kicks Jennings' feet out from under him. Hoskins' zat gun flies across the floor as he and Daniel crash to the floor. Hoskins' radio also skitters across the floor, then a voice comes from it.)

TEAL'C (over radio): This is Teal'c of SG-1.

(Daniel and Hoskins start to scramble up. Daniel punches Hoskins hard in the face. He tries to punch him again but Hoskins blocks the blow and punches him in the stomach, then in the face. Daniel falls to the floor.)

TEAL'C (over radio): This is Teal'c of SG-1. Repeat, this is Teal'c.

(Jennings is trying to get up but Sam kicks him in the face, knocking him out.)

TEAL'C (over radio): Repeat, this is Teal'c.

(Daniel grabs the radio.)

JACKSON (yelling into the radio): Teal'c, this is Daniel, we need your help, c'mon through!

(Hoskins sees the zat gun lying nearby. He runs over and picks it up, aiming it at Daniel. Behind him, Teal'c comes through the Stargate. Hoskins turns and aims his zat at him, but Teal'c shoots him in the chest with his staff weapon. The Gate deactivates. Teal'c walks forward, looking at Hoskins' body.)

CARTER: Somebody wanna untie me?

BROOKS (over radio): Cargo hold, what's happening down there? Cargo hold, respond. (Daniel looks at the radio, knowing there's nothing he can do.) Jennings, Hoskins, where the hell are you?

BRIDGE. On the bridge, Brooks puts the radio down and starts typing on the computer. She goes to another computer and types, and the engine sound increases.

CARGO HOLD. Daniel is untying Sam. They look up as the engines fire up.

JACKSON: What's happening?

(Sam runs over to the computers and looks at the screen.)

CARTER: She's bringing the hyperdrive on line. Get to the Gate.

(Teal'c and Daniel run over to the Gate.)

BRIDGE. On the bridge, Brooks goes over to the pilot's seat and sits down.


COMMS OFFICER: They're trying to run, sir.

PENDERGAST: Dammit! (Into radio) General O'Neill, they are powering up their hyperdrive -- we are out of options.

O'NEILL (in the S.G.C. Control Room): Can you disable the ship without destroying it?

PENDERGAST: I cannot give you any guarantees.

(Jack hesitates.)

OSIRIS' SHIP - CARGO HOLD. Sam is frantically rummaging through Jennings' pockets. Finally she finds his locator beacon and activates it as she runs towards the Gate.


COMMS OFFICER: Sir, we're picking up a signal coming from inside the ship.

PENDERGAST: What is it?

COMMS OFFICER: Locator beacon, sir. Same frequency.

PENDERGAST: Lock onto the signal -- activate transport beam.

COMMS OFFICER (typing on her console): Beam activated.

OSIRIS' SHIP. Brooks finishes her preparations, puts both hands on the steering device and pulls it towards her. Outside the ship, a hyperspace window opens and the Al'kesh flies into it.


COMMS OFFICER: Ship's gone, sir.

PENDERGAST (into comms): Cargo Bay, report.

VOICE (over comms): This is Cargo Bay. We have the Gate, sir, as well as Teal'c, Colonel Carter and Doctor Jackson.

PENDERGAST (to his officer): Teal'c?! (Into comms) Acknowledged. (Into radio) General O'Neill, it looks like you were right. We have the Gate and SG-1 aboard. They're all alive.

(In the S.G.C. Control Room, Jack closes his eyes in relief.)

O'NEILL: That's good news. Bring 'em home.

PENDERGAST: Yes, sir. (He smiles, then nods to his officer, who starts to fly the ship home.)

(In the Control Room, Jack blows out a relieved breath.)

S.G.C. - GATE ROOM. The Gate is back in place. Sam is supervising various technicians who are reattaching the superconductor interfaces. She walks down the ramp to Daniel, Jack and Teal'c.

CARTER: The good news is, the Gate is fully operational again. We can resume off-world missions immediately.

JACKSON: And the bad news is, The Trust now has a fully functional Goa'uld Al'kesh.

CARTER: We've installed jamming devices around the Gate to prevent any locator beams from operating in the future.

TEAL'C: What of the Tok'ra poison?

CARTER: Well, they left most of it behind, but they still have enough to wipe out at least half a dozen Goa'uld worlds.

JACKSON (to Jack): In retrospect, maybe you should have destroyed the ship when you had the chance.

O'NEILL: Yeah. Tough choice. (He turns and walks away.)