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The S.G.C. is put under quarantine after a mysterious infection leaves a Russian officer in the infirmary – but the disease may not be a disease at all.

DVD DISC: Season 8, Disc 1
WRITTEN BY: Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie
DIRECTED BY: William Waring
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By Joseph Mallozzi
Writer and Executive Producer, Stargate SG-1

"Lockdown" was actually the first episode we shot when we got back from hiatus, but the third one to air. With O'Neill now calling the shots at the S.G.C. (off the events of "New Order"), we thought it would be a fun to test him early and prove his worth as the new base commander. Faced with a potential foothold situation, O'Neill must display some uncharacteristic patience in attempting to wait out the entity.

  • One particular moment that never failed to elicit giggles whenever we screened the episode comes when Carter visits Daniel in the infirmary. Daniel asks about Colonel Vaselov's condition. Carter pauses, then reaches back and draws the curtain separating Daniel's bed from that of the Russian lying right beside him, perhaps presuming it will magically render the ensuing conversation inaudible. As Carter fills Daniel in on the Vaselov's dire state, someone in the room would invariably pipe up in a bad Russian accent: "I can heeeaaar yooooou. I am lying right heeeeere!"
  • Originally, the Goa'uld was to end up on a fiery planet at episode's end -- but when it came time to write the script, I opted for the frozen world instead. It was an image I'd been dying to use for the past few seasons.
  • In the script's first draft, after Carter tells him where she sent the Goa'uld, O'Neill responds: "Well, I hope he wore his warm socks." Natch, it was thought the comment would be too callous on O'Neill's part, so it was dropped.
  • One of my favorite moments in this episode is the idle chat between Teal'c, Daniel, and Carter just before O'Neill shows up. I liked the notion suggested: that these guys are not only friends at work, but also spend time together off-base as well.
  • The early scene in which Vaselov awakens to find Teal'c watching him from the observation room was originally scripted to take place in the infirmary. Initially, Teal'c was supposed to be at Daniel's bedside, holding vigil, when Vaselov engages him in conversation.
  • The actor who played Major Kearney, Aaron Pearl, also appeared in "1969" as the dashing Lt. George Hammond.