Dr. Daniel Jackson (12-inch)

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SERIES: 12-inch
MANUFACTURER: Diamond Select Toys
DISTRIBUTOR: Diamond Comic Distributors
SCULPTOR: Bill Mancuso
OFFICIAL SITE: http://www.diamondselecttoys.com/
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Based on the hit Sci-Fi series Stargate SG-1, this twelve-inch action figure line features the best Earth has to offer -- the unstoppable SG-1 team! Responsible for the initial activation of the Stargate, SG-1 continues to explore and defend the galaxy from a multitude of threats -- from the evil Goa'uld to the fanatical Ori. Join Jack O'Neill and the rest of his legendary team with this twelve-inch action figure line featuring authentic cloth costumes, twenty-six points of articulation and Stargate Command gear!

Sculpted by Bill Mancuso, prepare for a new universe of alien armies, advanced technology and unlimited possibilities as humanity reaches for the stars as never before!

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    Zat gun; Replicator disruptor; Replicator