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Lt. Scott leads a team to a desert planet to locate a mineral capable of fixing Destiny's life support system. Chloe visits her mother on Earth.

WRITTEN BY: Brad Wright & Robert C. Cooper
DIRECTED BY: Andy Mikita
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Transcript by Callie Sullivan

DESERT PLANET. Following directly on from the end of the previous episode, the Kino floats around the area surrounding the open Stargate. The Gate is suspended in a metal stand and there is a short ramp leading down from the Gate to the ground. Lieutenant Matthew Scott and his team come through and look around at the white sand dunes in all directions. The sun is dazzling overhead. Scott puts his sunshades on as Eli Wallace walks over to him.


WALLACE (grinning at the sight of his second alien planet): Cool!

(He puts his own sunshades on. Doctor Nicholas Rush is the last of the team to come through the Gate and it closes down behind him.)

SCOTT: Make sure we can dial back to the ship.

FRANKLIN: Already on it.

(As Jeremy Franklin turns back to the Gate, Andrea Palmer is on her knees feeling the sand. Rush kneels down beside her.)

PALMER: Looks like gypsum.

RUSH: That would be good.


PALMER: We're looking for calcium carbonate.

RUSH: Calcite.

PALMER: Gypsum is calcium sulphate, which is thirty-six percent calcium carbonate.

(She has taken out a glass flask from her pack and shovels some sand into it. Rush pours some water from his canteen into it.)


(Apparently clueless, Eli turns away and looks at the surrounding vista. Palmer swills the water and sand around the flask, then smiles in satisfaction.)

PALMER: Huh! It dissolves!

SCOTT: Are you saying we can use this sand to fix the scrubbers?

WALLACE: That would be convenient!


RUSH: Well, it's a fair indication that the components may exist nearby.

PALMER: For the sake of portability and efficiency, I'm hoping to find high concentration granular limestone.

(As she holds the flask up, Rush holds a small torch underneath to heat up the water.)

PALMER: We are looking for the dried lake bed or salt water body all this sand came from.

WALLACE: It's a desert!

PALMER: Lime is formed mostly from the remains of marine organisms.


SCOTT: Are you saying there was life here?

RUSH: Not likely anything we've seen before.

(Back at the Gate, Franklin is typing onto a hand-held device from the ship. The Stargate lights up and begins to spin.)

PALMER: Yeah, the water may be gone now but this desert was formed by H2O evaporating on a playa floor causing gypsum to be deposited in a fine crystalline form called cellanite ...

(Bored, Scott starts to walk away. Eli calls after him.)

WALLACE: Where you goin'?

SCOTT: Higher ground.

(Sergeant Ronald Greer follows after him. Palmer drips some red liquid into the flask.)

WALLACE: What's supposed to happen?

PALMER: If this sand is high enough in calcite concentration, the solution will absorb the acid.

WALLACE: Right(!)

RUSH (translating): The liquid will turn clear.

(Eli looks at the liquid, which is staying red.)

WALLACE: It's not.

(Behind them, the Stargate finishes its cycle and kawhooshes.)

FRANKLIN: We're good!

(Up on the top of the nearest dune, Scott activates his radio.)

SCOTT: This is Scott. Unfortunately there's nothing useful in the immediate vicinity of the Gate.

YOUNG (over radio): You have twelve hours, Lieutenant. Make ‘em count.

SCOTT: Copy that.

(The Stargate closes down. Scott calls down to the group by the Gate.)

SCOTT: We're movin' out!

(The team starts gathering together its equipment. Scott turns to Greer.)

SCOTT: Too bad we can't just use the sand. There certainly is enough of it.

DESTINY. Chloe Armstrong is sitting on the side of a bed in one of the sleeping quarters, looking miserable. Colonel Everett Young limps through the open door and sits down beside her. Chloe decides to answer his inevitable question before he asks it.

ARMSTRONG (a little tetchily): I'm fine.

YOUNG: No you're not. Well, neither am I, but we're still alive because of what he did.

ARMSTRONG: Look, for what it's worth ...

YOUNG: Well, it's worth a lot, you know, and as long as we're still here, I promise you ...

ARMSTRONG: Colonel, I've edited enough of my father's speeches to know what you're going to say.

YOUNG: You don't have a clue what I was going to say, because I don't.

(They look at each other for a moment, then she looks away and allows him to speak.)

YOUNG: We brought along an Ancient device - communication stones. They allow us to ...

ARMSTRONG: Yeah, I know what they are.

YOUNG: Good. Well, I'm about to use one of them to report to my superiors on Earth, tell them our situation.

(He looks pointedly at Chloe, waiting to see if she understands what he's offering her. After a moment she gets it.)

ARMSTRONG: I wanna tell her myself.

EARTH. THE PENTAGON. Colonel David Telford is sitting in Doctor Lee's lab, meditating. Nearby is one of the communication stones resting on top of its control box. A woman in civilian clothing, Doctor Mehta, walks in and goes over to him just as he wakes up and tilts his head from side to side to work out the stiffness.

MEHTA: You've been sitting here since Rush made contact. Let somebody else take a shift.

TELFORD: I'm not leaving this chair. I've been on this project for the last six months and I'll be damned if I ...

(He trails off, looking vague and confused. He tilts his head again a few times.)

MEHTA: Colonel?

(To her eyes, Telford is still in the chair but he has been taken over by Colonel Young. He looks up at her for a moment, then looks down at his uniform and his hands. He lifts his head and looks at Telford's image on the computer screen in front of him.)

YOUNG: This-this is strange.

MEHTA: Doctor Rush, is that you?

YOUNG: No, it's Colonel Young. I need you to put me in a room with General O'Neill.

(He stands up slowly, adjusting to being in a fitter body than the one he left behind, then turns to the doctor.)

YOUNG: I'm gonna need you, too.

DESTINY. Colonel Telford, now in Young's body, is lying flat on his face on the floor as Lieutenant Tamara Johansen kneels over him. Nearby, two of the communication stones are on top of the control box.

JOHANSEN: Sir, I told you not to get up.

TELFORD (rolling painfully onto his back): What did he do to himself?

JOHANSEN: He's got cracked ribs, more bruises than I can count and a concussion that resulted in neurapraxia.

TELFORD: Well, that's just great!

(Johansen helps him to sit up and looks across to the woman who is standing nearby.)


(However, it's not Chloe in the mind of that particular body at present.)

MEHTA: Doctor Mehta.

JOHANSEN: Can you help me, please?

(Mehta comes over and takes Telford's other arm and the two women help him to his feet.)

EARTH. GENERAL O'NEILL'S OFFICE. Young and Chloe, in the bodies of Telford and Mehta, are in Jack O'Neill's office. He walks over to Chloe/Mehta.

O'NEILL: You know, I had some of my favourite arguments with your father.

ARMSTRONG (smiling): Are you saying you won some?

O'NEILL: ... Depends on who you ask.

(He smiles at her sympathetically, then gestures to a man standing nearby.)

O'NEILL: Listen, Major Green'll be escorting you to see your mother. Please give her my condolences.

ARMSTRONG: Thank you.

(She nods to Young/Telford and leaves the room, followed by Major Green. O'Neill closes the door and turns to Young.)

O'NEILL: So, how is it going out there, really?

YOUNG: I don't know what Rush has told you, but we may not have much time left. The ship's very old - it's falling apart.

O'NEILL: Fix it.

YOUNG: We're trying. Even if we can get the life support working, we don‘t have much food and water.

O'NEILL: Then go get some.

YOUNG: We're not supposed to be there, sir. These are the wrong people in the wrong place and, as a group, they're just not qualified.

O'NEILL: Oh, please! I wasn't qualified to lead that first team through the Stargate ...

YOUNG: I understand that, sir ...

O'NEILL: In the past dozen years or so, we've sent hundreds of teams through that thing.

(He thinks for a moment, then smiles ruefully.)

O'NEILL: I think the bottom line is: none of us are qualified.

YOUNG: I just think we're gonna get to a point very soon where everyone on board should get a chance to say goodbye.

O'NEILL (nodding): Understood.

DESERT PLANET. The team is trudging across the dunes. Some of them are breathing heavily, and Franklin takes out his canteen and takes a long drag from it.

GREER: Save it.

FRANKLIN: That's not very smart. In temperatures like these, the human body needs at least ...

GREER (talking over him): Walk, don't talk.

WALLACE: Just F.Y.I., he's right about the whole human body and water thing ...


WALLACE: Walk, don't ... I know, yeah.

(They reach the top of the dune. Scott stops and slumps slightly. Eli joins him.)

WALLACE: Oh, look! More sand!

FRANKLIN: This is pointless. We should go back.

PALMER: We just got here.

FRANKLIN: I still think we should be checking out the other planets in range of the ship.

RUSH: I still think you're wrong. The solution's here.

(He takes a drink from his canteen. Scott sighs and starts to walk again. Eli whimpers plaintively, and the team heads onwards. They walk on for some time.)


WALLACE: I know, it was a mirage, but when we were walking over that last dune, I thought I saw the Statue of Liberty sticking half out of the sand, just for a second there! I was all ready to yell, “Damn you!” (He mimics pounding the sand with his fists.) “Damn you all to hell!”

(While he's been doing his best (not very good) Charlton Heston impersonation, most of the rest of the team has walked past him, pretty much ignoring him. He looks round indignantly at marine Curtis.)

WALLACE: Oh, come on, that was funny!

RUSH: Was it?

WALLACE (trotting to catch up with him): Because it would mean we were really on Earth, but in the future, and the apes had taken over ... and then buried the Statue of Liberty for some reason.

RUSH: Eli ... have a drink.

(Greer, leading the team, has got a little ahead of the rest of the group. Scott calls out to him.)

SCOTT: Greer, hold up! Hold up!

(Greer stops and wanders back as Scott stops the rest of the team.)

SCOTT: This isn't gonna work.

GREER: Not if we keep stopping.

SCOTT: I'm saying we need to split up.

GREER: Fine with me.

RUSH: I agree. Franklin, you should come with me.

SCOTT: Nah. No-no-no, you're with me and Greer.

(He points to the left.)

SCOTT: The sun's been moving that way. We'll call it west. Eli, Franklin, Palmer and Curtis, you head that way.

PALMER: We'll test every twenty minutes or so.

SCOTT: After two hours, you head south-east. That should take you back in the direction of the Gate.

WALLACE: Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa, wait a second! (He laughs nervously.) Do we really think that splitting up is the best idea?

FRANKLIN: I say we head straight back.

RUSH: There's no point in crossing over the same territory we've just crossed.

WALLACE: Or we could just stick together.

(Exasperated, Scott walks towards Eli and the two of them step a little away from the rest of the group.)

WALLACE: Look, Matt, I'm sorry. I just have this really, really sick feeling that-that you're gonna go that way and we're gonna go this way ...

SCOTT: Eli, I need someone that I can trust to lead the second team, OK? That is you. Curtis is a good soldier -he's a tough guy. He's not gonna let anything happen to you.

WALLACE (smiling bitterly): Truth is, I'm slowing you down and you wanna get rid of me.

SCOTT: I'm doing what I think will best accomplish this mission. You asked to come. I'm telling you how you can help me. Now suck it up.

WALLACE (nodding guiltily): Yeah, OK.

(Scott pats his arm. Eli turns to the rest of the group and his new team. He whirls his arm above his head and points in the direction they're going.)

WALLACE: OK, guys. We're goin' this way. Move out!

SCOTT (calling after him): Radio if you find the lake bed - we'll double back.

WALLACE: When you see the Statue of Liberty, you know what to say, right?

SCOTT: Right(!)

(He heads off in the other direction, talking quietly to Greer as he passes him.)

SCOTT: Now we can make some time!

EARTH. As a car heads towards the Armstrong home, Doctor Mehta is reflected in the rear-view mirror but it's Chloe sitting in the rear seat. Major Green goes into the house to explain to Mrs Armstrong what she's about to see.

MRS ARMSTRONG: She's here? Right now?

GREEN: Yes, ma'am, but as I've explained, you'll see ...


(She runs towards the front door.)

GREEN: Mrs Armstrong ...

(Ignoring him, she races out of the door and runs towards the car just as Chloe gets out. Mrs Armstrong stops and stares at the woman walking towards her.)

ARMSTRONG: I know I look different, and I sound different, but it's me.

(Shortly afterwards, back inside the house, Mrs Armstrong shakily pours herself a drink.)

ARMSTRONG: Mom, please. I have something to tell you.

(Mrs Armstrong takes a large pull from her glass.)


(Tearfully putting her hand to her face, Mrs Armstrong finally puts the glass down.)

MRS ARMSTRONG: I'm sorry. It's just ... the thought that you're actually on some ship so far away. I can't even imagine.


MRS ARMSTRONG: Just tell me you're coming home.

ARMSTRONG: I don't know.

(Mrs Armstrong sobs and takes another long drink.)

ARMSTRONG: Mom, please!

(Mrs Armstrong lowers her glass again.)

ARMSTRONG: The ship is old and damaged. We were losing air and somebody had to ...

(Mrs Armstrong walks away from her, then leans against the door tearfully.)

MRS ARMSTRONG: He's dead. He's dead, isn't he?

(Not even waiting for confirmation, she wails and crumples to the floor. Chloe goes over to her and wraps her arms around her as she sobs.)

DESTINY. Johansen is escorting Telford and Mehta through the ship. Telford is struggling to walk in Young's injured body.

MEHTA: Where is everyone?

JOHANSEN: Able bodies are searching the ship for anything that might have CO2 sequestration properties, and the rest are in crew quarters.

(They walk into the Gate Room just as the Gate shuts down. Steam vents noisily up from either side of the Gate for a few seconds. Adam Brody reports.)

BRODY: Colonel, we were able to dial out to the planet again.

JOHANSEN: Colonel Young and Chloe are using the communication stones. This is Colonel Telford, Doctor Mehta.

(Brody nods to them nervously.)

BRODY: Uh, right, OK.

TELFORD: Did you make radio contact with the offworld team?

BRODY: Uh, yes. Nothing to report yet. Uh, they split up.

MEHTA: How much time before the ship jumps back to F.T.L.?

PARK: Roughly nine hours.

TELFORD: All right, dial out every twenty minutes. Maintain regular contact.

PARK: We do have power issues to be aware of. Dialling the Gate is a significant drain on what seems to be limited resources at this point.

TELFORD: The away mission is priority one right now.

(He grimaces in pain. Johansen goes over to him.)


TELFORD: I'm fine.

MEHTA (to Brody): I understand that there are other Stargates in range.

BRODY: Four other addresses came up in the system but we seem to be locked out from here.

MEHTA: Have you tried working around it?

PARK: Doctor Rush didn't think that was a good idea.

TELFORD: I think it makes sense to know what our options are, so do what you can.

BRODY: There has to be a good reason why these addresses are being disqualified.

TELFORD: If I wasn't being clear, I was giving you an order. If there are good reasons, find out exactly what they are.

(He turns to Johansen.)

TELFORD: Let's keep moving. I wanna see more.

JOHANSEN: You should rest.

TELFORD: Lieutenant ...

JOHANSEN: Sir, Colonel Young's body needs time to recover.

TELFORD: Give me something for the pain.

JOHANSEN: The body feels pain for a reason. I would rather not mask it.

TELFORD: Just do it, Lieutenant. From the sound of things, you need my help here.

(Clutching his arm around his sore ribs, he stumbles away.)

DESERT PLANET. Rush has stopped again to test the sand but the liquid in the flask remains stubbornly red. Sighing, he pours it out.

SCOTT: All right, come on. Let's go.

(He walks past Rush who is kneeling on the sand and taking a long drink from his canteen.)

SCOTT: You'd better save some of that.

RUSH: We need to slow down.

SCOTT: We need to cover more ground.

RUSH: It's gonna be impossible to maintain this pace on the way back.

GREER: Maybe for you.

(Rush smiles sarcastically.)

RUSH: How tedious. Little boys playing soldier. Well, I'm sorry - I've no interest in playing your game.

SCOTT: I'm not playing anything. I'm trying to save the lives of everyone aboard that ship.

RUSH: If we continue this pace, we're gonna die out here.

SCOTT (mumbling under his breath): Yeah, maybe we will ...

(He breaks off as he sees a small vortex whirling just above the sand a short distance away. Unaware of what he's watching, Rush goes off on a rant.)

RUSH (angrily): Light years away from the admiring eyes of your father, or your drill sergeant, or whoever's approval it is you so desperately seek ...

(Furious, Greer storms up behind him and kicks him over. Rush scrambles up and spins round to Greer, livid.)

RUSH: How dare you?!

GREER: Get up and move.

SCOTT (oblivious to what's been going on): Hey, d'you see that?

(He turns to the other two who are glaring at each other. Greer goes over to join him.)

GREER: What?

(He follows Scott's gaze across the sand, but the vortex has gone.)

SCOTT: I don't know. Nothin'. Let's move.

(He walks over to pick up his pack. Rush gestures at him angrily.)

RUSH: One hour. One hour and then we start circling back.

SCOTT: All right, fine.

(They head off again. Unnoticed behind them, the vortex reappears and whirls its way down to the patch of red on the sand where Rush dumped the contents of the flask. It whirls over the top for a while, absorbing all the liquid, then moves on.)

DESTINY. Telford sits on the side of a bed as Johansen gives him an injection. She puts a dressing over it and gets him to bend his elbow.

JOHANSEN: Just hold that there.

TELFORD: Thank you.

(He tries to stand up but can't. He shakes his head as Johansen turns and looks at him.)

TELFORD: What did you ...

(He breathes heavily, then falls back onto the bed, unconscious. Johansen calmly starts packing her kit again.)

MEHTA: That was supposed to be for the pain! What did you give to him?

(Johansen picks up Telford's feet and swings him around so that he's lying flat on the bed.)

JOHANSEN: A strong sedative - which we are desperately short on and I should not have had to use - just so that Colonel Young can return to a body in working condition.

MEHTA: You are out of line, Lieutenant.

JOHANSEN: Disregarding the health of another human being is out of line. I am well within my rights as ranking medical officer. He'll be out an hour or two.

MEHTA: Well, what am I supposed to do?

JOHANSEN: I don't care. I have other patients to attend to.

(She walks out of the room, activating the button that will close the doors behind her.)

DESERT PLANET. Scott's team is trudging along in single file. Scott turns and looks back at the rise they just came over. Rush turns and notices him.

RUSH: Something wrong?

SCOTT (turning back to him): No, I'm fine.

RUSH: Good a place as any to stop and test.

(He drops down onto his knees and starts getting his kit out.)

ELSEWHERE. Some distance away, Eli's team is also testing. Palmer holds up her flask to show the red liquid inside. Eli shakes his head.

WALLACE: I take it that's not good.


(Nearby, Franklin and Curtis are looking at Franklin's hand-held Ancient device.)

FRANKLIN: I don't know. I think that ...

(He pushes something and the device beeps. Eli trots over to them.)

WALLACE: Hey, guys. Another negative over here. I'll radio Scott and tell them we're moving on.

FRANKLIN: Uh, yeah, the ... That's not what's going down.

WALLACE: It's not?

FRANKLIN: No. (He holds up the device.) There are four other viable addresses in this thing. I think I found an override that'll allow us to dial from here ...

WALLACE: Yeah, but ...

CURTIS: Look around! This planet is a dead zone!

WALLACE: But ...

FRANKLIN: We should have been trying to dial these other planets from the start.

WALLACE: But Rush said ...

CURTIS: We don't care what Rush said!

FRANKLIN: We don't trust him.

WALLACE (pointedly): Rush doesn't want us all to die!

PALMER: That doesn't mean we trust him to make the right decisions.

(Eli turns back to her.)

WALLACE: You too?! What about the lake bed?

PALMER: It could be hundreds of miles from here. We could be blowing our only chance of finding a decent place to evac.

FRANKLIN: Maybe the ship did bring us here because there's lime on this planet. For all we know, the Ancients had a way of locating it that we don't.

CURTIS: For that matter, I'm sure they could have stopped the ship for longer than twelve hours to find it, and recover it with the proper tools.

FRANKLIN: The fact is, the Ancients wouldn't have let the life support system get that screwed up in the first place. Rush is set on fixing the ship. He's deaf to any other logic. We need to find a planet we can survive on. (He waves the Ancient device.) This might be our last chance.

SCOTT'S TEAM. Back at Scott's team, Rush pours another flask of red water onto the sand.

SCOTT: We've gotta keep going.

(Rush takes another pull from his canteen, then offers it to Scott.)

RUSH: Here, take it.

SCOTT: I have my own.

RUSH: No, no. I can't go on. I'm never gonna make it back. I know it's here - you have to find it.

(He drops his canteen on the sand.)

RUSH: Take it.

(Scott picks up his pack, takes it over to Rush and starts packing the testing gear into it. Greer walks over to him.)

GREER: We're gonna leave him here?

RUSH: I'll make my way back to the Gate.

SCOTT (to Greer): Go with him.

GREER: I'm not leaving you here alone.

SCOTT (talking over the top of him): Make sure he gets back alive.

GREER: What difference does it make?

SCOTT: Because if I don't find what we need, he's gonna be the one to find some other way to save his own ass, and yours along with it.

(Greer reaches out and puts his hand on Scott's chest.)

GREER: You're losin' it.

(Scott shakes his head.)

SCOTT: I'll be OK.

(Not totally confident of that, Greer slaps Scott's arm. Just then, Eli whispers over the radio.)

WALLACE: Scott, this is Eli. Come in. If you can hear me, please respond.

SCOTT (into radio): This is Scott. What's up?

(Eli is following along a short distance behind the other three from his team.)

WALLACE (into radio): We have a problem. Franklin, Curtis and Palmer have given up and are headed back to the Gate to try dialling the other addresses on the remote. They also have the Kino. They don't think we're gonna find the lime here. They wanna look for another planet that will support life.

RUSH: They're gonna get themselves killed.

GREER: Don't we need the remote to get back to the ship?

RUSH: That's not the point. A few hours is nowhere near enough time to determine whether a planet is even safe, let alone viable for sustaining life. The ship - the ship's our only real hope of ever getting home.

(Scott finishes filling his pack, and hoists it onto his shoulders.)

SCOTT: Stop them if you can. I'll turn back when I have to.

GREER: Yes, sir.


(He continues in the direction they were heading. Greer looks down at Rush who is still sitting hopelessly on the sand.)

GREER: You lead.

EARTH. ARMSTRONG RESIDENCE. Major Green comes into the living room and knocks on the door.

GREEN: I'm sorry, excuse me. Uh, Miss Armstrong, we'd better be going soon.

MRS ARMSTRONG: You get my daughter home.

GREEN: Everyone is doing the best they can, I assure you.

MRS ARMSTRONG: That's not good enough.

ARMSTRONG: Mom, it's not his fault.

(Mrs Armstrong stands up and walks closer to the major.)

MRS ARMSTRONG: I am a personal friend of the President and of the first lady.

GREEN: Yes, ma'am.

MRS ARMSTRONG: You tell your superiors, if anything happens to her, I will go public with what I know.


(She turns to the major.)

ARMSTRONG: I'm sorry. She's upset.

MRS ARMSTRONG: My husband gave his life for my daughter. You get her back to me, or the whole world is gonna know what has really been going on these past years.

DESERT PLANET. Scott trudges on alone across the vast expanse of white sand. After some time, he stops and takes a drink from his canteen, then stares as the vortex appears in front of him. As it hovers over one spot, he walks closer and kneels down near it. He opens his canteen and pours a drop of water onto the sand. The vortex promptly whirls across to that area of sand and hovers over it, absorbing the liquid, before backing away again. Scott looks down at the smoothed-out area where the vortex had been ‘drinking'. Suddenly the sand recedes from that area, revealing the face of a human man staring upwards. The man has a beard, and although the rest of his body is hidden by the sand, he appears to be wearing the white dog collar of a priest or vicar around his neck. Scott recoils in shock and falls backwards. When he sits up, the face has gone. He looks up and sees the vortex moving slowly away from him, as if encouraging him to follow it.

ELSEWHERE. Further back, Rush and Greer are making their way back towards the Gate. They trudge along the top of a sand dune.

RUSH: I need water.

GREER: We're almost there.

RUSH: I thought, since I gave Scott my canteen, we'd share.

GREER: And you were wrong about that.

RUSH: Ah, I should have known.

GREER: Yeah? You think you know me pretty well, don't you?

RUSH: I helped choose the personnel for Icarus Base. I read your file, and neither you nor Captain Marvel back there were on my list, I can tell you.

GREER: Ooh! (He laughs.) You think I care?

RUSH (holding his hand out to him): Give me some water.

(Greer slaps his hand away, making him stumble.)

GREER: Keep walking.

RUSH: You think just because you were born poor, that gives you the right to be angry at the world! How pathetic!

GREER: Ooh, yeah, yeah. You think that's why I'm angry?

RUSH: If it wasn't for the army, you'd be in jail, or worse.

GREER (laughing ironically): Oh, that's what all you rich people think.

RUSH: Rich?! (He turns on Greer angrily.) My father worked in the shipyards in Glasgow. I earned a scholarship to Oxford while I was working two jobs. I have earned the right to make decisions without explaining myself to you or anyone else! You give me some of that water!

GREER: Keep walking.

RUSH: You give me some of that water!

(He tries to grab the canteen from Greer but Greer pushes him back hard, sending him falling to the ground.)

GREER: Don't you ever touch me.

(Rush scrambles up and hurls himself at Greer, and the two of them fall and roll down the side of the dune. They reach the bottom and Greer jumps up, pulls out his pistol and aims it down at Rush's head.)

GREER: And you do that again and I'm gonna put a bullet in your face.

RUSH: Oh really?(!)

(Greer cocks his pistol and aims it down at him again.)

RUSH: I don't think so. You need me. Otherwise you'd have gladly done it by now.

(Furious but unable to carry out his threat, Greer turns and storms away.)

GREER: Right now, I pray to the God above that dehydration will shut you the hell up.

(He turns back and yells at Rush.)

GREER: Walk - or die here. It's your choice, Mr Decision-Maker.

(Rush stares at him. Greer laughs sarcastically and heads up the dune.)

STARGATE. Palmer, Franklin and Curtis are at the Gate. Franklin has dialled one of the addresses on the device and the Gate is open. He is looking at the device, apparently watching footage and data sent back by the Kino.

FRANKLIN: Looks like it's worth a shot to me.

CURTIS: Let's do it.

(Eli runs over the top of a nearby dune towards them.)

WALLACE: Wait! Stop!

(Franklin turns and walks towards him as he approaches.)

FRANKLIN: Look, it's not perfect, but it's better than here. Vegetation, water, air. It's not too late for you to come with us.

WALLACE: Don't go.

FRANKLIN: We'll dial back when we know it's safe to evacuate everyone.

WALLACE: We'll never get back home!

FRANKLIN: You don't know that! Maybe there's a way we can use the Gate system to connect the dots.

(Eli turns to Curtis and Palmer who are standing right by the event horizon.)

WALLACE: There has to be a reason the ship locked out those addresses!

(Even before he finishes the sentence, Curtis turns and walks into the event horizon. Palmer turns back and looks at the two men. Franklin nods encouragingly to her.)

WALLACE: Don't. Please!

(Palmer turns and follows Curtis through the Gate. Exasperated, Eli turns to Franklin, who shrugs at him and starts to walk up the ramp. Suddenly a single shot rings out and a bullet impacts the ramp just in front of Franklin, who cringes and jumps back. Eli, rather belatedly, flings himself to the ground to get out of the way. Franklin turns and looks at Greer who is standing some distance away aiming his rifle at him. Rush trots up behind Greer. Franklin walks a few paces towards them, then turns and starts to hurry up the ramp again.)

RUSH: Shoot him.

(Greer aims carefully and fires another single shot. The bullet strikes Franklin in his right shoulder and he cries out and crashes onto the ramp. As Greer and Rush hurry forward, the Stargate shuts down. Eli scrambles up, holding his hands out placatingly to Greer.)

WALLACE: Why did you do that?

GREER: He told me to.

(He runs over to Franklin and puts his hand on his back. Franklin groans.)

RUSH: He saved his life.

WALLACE: By shooting him?!

GREER: He'll live.

WALLACE: You just stranded Curtis and Palmer.

GREER: We'll send them another remote. I wasn't taking any chances.

WALLACE: Where's Scott?

RUSH: He's still looking for limestone.

(Eli picks up Franklin's remote, which beeps at him.)

WALLACE: So, it's half-time. We only have six hours ‘til the ship leaves.

(Greer activates his radio.)

GREER (into radio): Lieutenant, this is Greer. Come in.

WALLACE: I hope he's turned back by now.

GREER (into radio): Lieutenant? Come in.

(There's no reply.)

DESERT. Out in the desert, Scott is still walking along. He looks behind him and finds a man following him. It's the priest whose face he saw buried in the sand. Scott turns away, trying to ignore it as just a hallucination, and sees the vortex whirling away in front of him. The priest is now walking at Scott's side. Scott stops. The priest walks a few paces further, then turns back to him.

PRIEST: You must keep going, my boy. You don't give up.

SCOTT: I don't need you to tell me that.

(He unscrews his canteen and takes a drink. In response, the priest reaches into his inside jacket pocket, takes out a hip flask and, chuckling and raising it to Scott in a toast, drinks deeply.)

SCOTT: I'm not gonna let anyone else down the way I let you down. And you really don't have to follow me around to remind me.

(He walks past the priest and continues across the desert.)

PRIEST: He has His plan for all of us.

(Trying to ignore him, Scott keeps walking.)

STARGATE. Franklin has been moved off the ramp and appears to have lapsed into unconsciousness. Rush is sitting next to him and dressing his gunshot wound.

RUSH: He's either out of radio range or he's lying face down in the sand, dead or soon to be.

GREER: I'm going back for him.

RUSH: Oh, that's great. Suicide.

GREER: I'm not leaving him out here.

WALLACE: I'll go with you.

GREER: No, no, you're just gonna slow me down.

RUSH (gesturing to Franklin): Look, this man has to get back to the ship. He needs medical attention.

GREER (to Eli): Dial. He can take Franklin back; you wait here for me.

WALLACE: You have five hours to find him and get back here.

(Rush laughs sarcastically.)

RUSH: Oh well, it's not been a pleasure knowing you.

(Greer looks down at him, then takes out his pistol and offers it to Eli.)

WALLACE: What do I need that for?

GREER (still looking at Rush): Just in case.

WALLACE: In case what?

(Greer starts to walk away.)

WALLACE: I don't even know how to fire this thing!

(Greer turns and walks briskly back again. He takes the pistol from Eli, cocks it and hands it back to him.)

GREER: You'd better be here.

WALLACE (taking the gun): I will.

(Greer pats him on the chest, then turns and trots off. Eli turns and aims the pistol out into the desert, grinning.)

WALLACE: I have a gun!

(As he chuckles in delight, Rush shakes his head as if to say, ‘We're all doomed!')

DESTINY. Colonel Young wakes up in his own body, lying on the bed.

YOUNG (drowsily): Why do I feel like I've been drugged?

JOHANSEN: Oh, good to have you back, sir.

YOUNG: Son of ... (He groans as he sits up.) What the hell was Telford doing?!

JOHANSEN: Well ...

(As Young struggles to get up, she hands him the rifle that he has been using as a crutch.)

JOHANSEN: Here, you're gonna need this.

(He finally gets to his feet and limps out of the room.)

GATE ROOM. The Gate is open and Sergeant Riley, together with Brody and several marines, are waiting nearby. Rush, with Franklin's good arm draped over his shoulder, stumbles through the Gate.

RILEY: There they are.

(He and the marines hurry forward to catch Franklin before he falls.)

RILEY: Hurry up, hurry up!

MARINE: Come on, help him, help him!

(The marines gently lay Franklin down on the ground. Riley takes Rush's arm as he crumples to his knees.)

RILEY: What happened?

RUSH: Greer. Greer shot him. Water, water.

(Riley hands him a canteen and he drinks deeply as Johansen hurries in and goes over to Franklin. Riley watches unhappily as Rush continues drinking, then takes the canteen off him as soon as he takes it away from his mouth.)

RILEY (grumpily): That was my ration for the day!

(Colonel Young limps in.)

YOUNG: What's going on?

(Rush takes off his sunshades and turns his sunburned face up to the colonel.)

RUSH: Oh, we've had a lovely day at the beach. How about you?

DESERT PLANET. Scott is not so much walking as dragging his feet through the sand, barely able to lift them. He pulls his rifle's shoulder strap over his head and drops the gun, then shrugs off his backpack and drops that as well. Stumbling forward just a few more steps, he drops onto his knees and starts to crawl forward, his head hanging low. He crawls a short distance and then manages to lift his head. He squints and stares at the sight of a large wooden crucifix, complete with a carving of the crucified body of Christ, standing ahead of him.

FLASHBACK. Scott is sitting in a pew in his church, his head lowered as he sobs. The priest stands next to him with a sympathetic hand on his shoulder as Scott raises his tearstained face and gazes at the crucifix on the altar in front of him.

SCOTT: I have sinned, Father. I have failed you; I've failed Him; I've failed myself.

PRIEST: We have redemption through His blood.

(Scott closes his eyes, fighting his tears. On the desert planet, Scott stares at the crucifix ahead of him, sobs quietly, then crumples unconscious onto the sand. There is nothing in front of him.)

STARGATE. Eli is pacing in front of the Stargate, which he has opened to the planet that the others went to earlier.

WALLACE (into radio): Curtis, Palmer, this is Eli. If you can hear me, please come in.

(He looks at the Gate hopefully but there is no reply.)

WALLACE (into radio): Curtis, Palmer, please respond.

(There's still no reply, and apparently thirty-eight minutes have passed because the Stargate closes down. Eli looks around in despair, watching for Greer's and Scott's return.)

DESERT. Out in the desert, Matthew Scott lies unconscious in the sand. Inside his mind, the priest speaks as they sit side by side in the pew at the church.

PRIEST: Do you love her?

SCOTT: She's not gonna have it.

PRIEST: You're certain?

SCOTT: She's sixteen. We barely even know each other.

PRIEST: What are you going to do?

(Matt shakes his head.)

SCOTT: I don't know ... about anything. I thought He was my calling, but now ...

(He shakes his head again, fighting back the tears.)

PRIEST: I am sorry.

SCOTT: Why? I'm the one who's weak. It's my fault.

PRIEST: No, it isn't.

SCOTT: It's not yours.

(The priest turns and looks at him, then dissolves into white sand which quickly whirls away and dissipates. In the desert, the whirly vortex runs up the length of Scott's unconscious body. It swirls just in front of his face for a while, then burrows down into the sand. The sand heaves for a moment and then water bubbles out of it, running into Scott's face and waking him up. He lifts his head and stares at the water in amazement, then gets up onto his hands and knees. He reaches down to the soaked sand and picks up a handful of it, crumbling it between his fingers, then gets up and hurries back to fetch his pack. Getting out the testing equipment, he drops some of the wet sand into the flask, adds more water and then heats it before dropping in some of the red fluid. As he swirls the liquid around, the red colour disappears. He laughs in amazed delight and scrabbles for his radio.)

SCOTT: This is Scott, come in!

(There's no reply.)

SCOTT (into radio): I've found it! I've found the lake bed. I've got the lime!

(Deactivating his radio, he looks at his watch and notes the time with horror.)

SCOTT: Oh my God.

(He activates his radio again.)

SCOTT: If you can hear me, wait! Just wait! I'm coming!

(Pulling out an empty sack from his backpack, he starts shovelling sand into the sack.)

LATER. Lieutenant James and two other marines step through the Gate. She gasps in amazement as she looks at the desert, then her attention is caught by a badly sunburned Eli standing at the bottom of the ramp.


(She trots down the ramp and hands him a new Kino.)

JAMES: Which way?

(Eli promptly starts typing onto his hand-held device, but takes a moment to point the way that the search team should go.)

JAMES: Let's move out.

(She and her colleagues head off.)

(Out in the desert, Scott is dragging the large sack of sand along as fast as he is able. Some distance away, Greer is heading towards him at a weary but consistent trot.)

(On board Destiny, the scientists have taken the goo-encrusted scrubbers out of the walls and are cleaning them as best they can. Standing nearby, Rush shakes his head with a total lack of confidence.)

(In one of the sleeping quarters, Chloe is holding a flashlight over Franklin to illuminate his wound while Johansen is removing the bullet.)

(In the desert, Scott plods on, almost at the end of his strength.)

(Greer starts to run down a steep dune, his own impetus keeping him going.)

(On Destiny, some of the crew are starting to struggle with their breathing. On the gantry above the Stargate, Colonel Young gazes down at the Gate, willing it to open and bring their salvation while, all around, people sit or lie weakly, waiting to be saved or to die.)

(In the desert, Scott can go no further. He drops the straps of the sack, lets his rifle drop from his fingers, stumbles a couple more paces and then crumples to the ground.)

(Greer sees footprints ahead of him, leading up a dune.)

GREER: Scott.

(At the top of the dune, Scott is lying with his back against the sack. Greer runs over the top of the dune and, seeing him, shakes off his backpack and races over to him, pulling out his canteen. There are only a few drops left but he pushes the neck into Scott's mouth and shakes out the drops.)

GREER: Drink. Come on, come on, come on back. Come on.

(Scott grunts and regains consciousness. Greer wraps his arms around him and tries to pull him up onto his feet.)

SCOTT: Take the bag.

(Greer continues pulling him upright.)

SCOTT: There's no time. You have to take it.

GREER: Yes you can.

SCOTT: No, I can't make it.

GREER (dropping him and yelling angrily): Get the hell up! Come on!

(He pulls at the bag.)

SCOTT: I can't make it.

GREER (yelling at him): I can't carry you and this!

(He leans over and yells into Scott's face.)

GREER: Get your weak ass up! Come on!

(As he starts to drag the sack away, Scott groans and struggles to push himself to his feet.)

(On Destiny, Rush looks at the Ancient countdown above the Gate Room door.)

RUSH: Less than three minutes before the ship jumps again.

BRODY (looking at his console): Incoming!

(The Gate's chevrons light up and the Gate starts to spin.)

(On the desert planet, the Gate kawhooshes. Eli, who just dialled the address, turns as James and her colleagues return from their search.)

JAMES: I'll stay here.



WALLACE: I've got it.

(He gestures to the ramp and the three soldiers head up it and through onto Destiny. James reports to Young.)

JAMES: Sorry, sir.

YOUNG: You did your best.

(Back on the planet, Eli watches the footage from the Kino which he has sent out to search for Scott and Greer. He shakes his head despairingly as it shows nothing but sand.)

(On Destiny, the countdown which - up until now - has been white, turns red and a warning beep sounds. Everyone turns to look at it.)

RUSH: Less than one minute.

(In the desert, the Kino footage still shows just sand ... but then it shows two figures coming over the top of a nearby dune. Eli gasps in relief and grabs his radio.)

WALLACE: I see them!

(He trots up the ramp and stops by the event horizon.)

WALLACE (into radio): They're carrying something.

(Scott and Greer, holding one strap of the bag each, trot over the nearest rise.)

GREER (yelling to Eli): We've got it! Don't go! We've got it!

WALLACE (into radio): They've got the lime! ... And they're not gonna make it!

RILEY (on Destiny): Forty seconds.

(Rush hurries over to one of the marines, gesturing for his radio.)

RUSH: Give me that.

(He takes the radio and activates it.)

RUSH: Eli, I want you to stick your arm into the event horizon of the puddle.

WALLACE (high-pitched into radio): Seriously?!

YOUNG (quietly to Rush): You sure?

RUSH: No. But I'm betting there's some kind of safety protocol that prevents something getting cut off halfway through.

YOUNG: And what if there isn't?

(Rush turns and looks at Young.)

RILEY: Twenty seconds.

(Realising he has no other choice but to risk Eli's life, Rush activates his radio.)

RUSH: Eli, do it now!

(Grimacing and cringing, Eli slowly pushes his arm into the event horizon. Still cringing, he looks around as the boys hurry towards the Gate.)

GREER (to Scott): Come on, man! Come on!

WALLACE (wailing at them): Come on!

(On Destiny, Riley starts the final countdown.)

RILEY: Five, four, three, two, one.

(The Ancient clock pings and shows a recognisable zero. Destiny starts to vibrate as if wanting to jump to F.T.L., but it can't ... because the Stargate is still open. Everyone looks round anxiously as the vibrations increase, and then Scott and Greer race through the Gate, carrying the bag between them, and crash to the floor gasping for breath. Seconds later Eli plunges through the event horizon and falls to the floor, holding his arm out and feeling it to check that it's still intact. The Gate closes behind him. As a marine helps him up onto his knees, Rush hurries over to him and hands him a canteen.)

RUSH: Eli, drink.

(Eli takes the canteen from him. Nearby, Scott is coughing convulsively as Young calls down to him.)

YOUNG: Scott, look at me. Lieutenant, look at me. Look at me! Look at me.

(Next to him, Greer takes a swig from a canteen that has been handed to him. Rush pats Eli's arm as he drinks.)

RUSH: Well done, Eli, well done.

(Many of the lights in the Gate Room go out and the ship convulses as the engines begin to power up. Everyone looks around nervously and, moments later, the ship jumps back into F.T.L.)

LATER. Some time later, the lime sand has been converted into a fluid and is being poured into the tank of one of the scrubbers. Fitting the top back on, two of the crew carry it back to the hole in the wall and fit it in. The scrubber slots back into position and activates and almost immediately CO2 starts to bubble through it. In the Control Room, Eli pushes a button that will reactivate the air flow. He looks at the schematic on the console as the corridors, which were marked in a yellowish-red, begin to light up green. He beckons to Brody and Park.


(The others hurry over to him just as he starts to smile. Air begins to hiss throughout the ship and the crew take deep breaths and smile in relief. Limping along a corridor, Colonel Young stops and takes a deep lungful of air, his eyes closed appreciatively.)

DESTINY. SLEEPING QUARTERS. In one of the sleeping quarters, a badly sunburned Lieutenant Scott is lying on a bed and watching the F.T.L. vortex flow past his window. Chloe walks into the room and takes a bottle over to his bedside.

ARMSTRONG: I brought you some water.

(Scott smiles.)

SCOTT: I still have some.

ARMSTRONG: You really need to drink it.

SCOTT: I'm fine.

(She sits on the side of the bed and looks at him.)

ARMSTRONG: Everyone appreciates what you did.

SCOTT: Did Rush say how long they'll last?

ARMSTRONG: He's not sure.

(Scott looks up at her.)

SCOTT: How are you?

(She shrugs and looks down, fighting tears.)

SCOTT: My parents died in a car crash when I was four years old.

ARMSTRONG (shocked): No! I'm sorry.

SCOTT: And the priest who raised me - he pretty much drank himself to death when I was sixteen.


SCOTT: I'm sorry - I'm not trying to diminish what you're going through ...


SCOTT: I think my point is: there's just some things you never get over. That's just the way it is.

(Chloe reaches out and takes his hand in both of hers. He props himself up onto his elbows and looks at her.)

SCOTT (softly): You go on through ... best as you can.

(She nods her understanding, and he settles back down again. As they continue to hold hands, the camera pulls out of the window and slowly pans along the length of the ship.)

(Parked on one of the flat exterior surfaces of the ship, a small, unidentified shuttle activates its shields and takes off, heading away from Destiny and out into space.)