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The Destiny suffers a power crisis, putting the lives of the stranded crew in jeopardy when even the emergency reserves run dry. Dr. Rush pushes himself to the breaking point.

WRITTEN BY: Brad Wright
DIRECTED BY: Peter DeLuise
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Transcript by Callie Sullivan

DESTINY. CONTROL ROOM. In Destiny's Control Room, Doctor Nicholas Rush is sitting alone at the main console. It seems that he has been working there for some time and he looks very tired. He lifts a mug of water to his mouth and his hand shakes. He takes a drink, wipes his mouth with his hand and continues working on the console. Something he sees there makes him very unhappy and he throws his notebook angrily onto the console and leaves the room.

(He walks briskly down the corridor. At an intersection, Sergeant Riley and another crew member are working on some wall panels. Riley sees Rush and turns to him.)

RILEY: Doctor Rush! Doctor Rush, I was wondering ...

RUSH (not stopping or turning): Not now!

(He continues onwards and eventually reaches another smaller Control Room. Lisa Park is working in there with another couple of crew members.)

RUSH: What are you doing?

PARK: Morning! Colonel Young asked us to figure out ...

RUSH: We turned these systems off for a reason. They need to stay off!

(Park stares at him, surprised. He looks at her and gestures towards the console. She reaches out and presses a button and all the equipment in the room switches off. Rush turns and walks away again.)

MESS HALL. A room elsewhere has been designated the ship's Mess. Private Darren Becker and some colleagues are measuring out portions of powder and carefully mixing it with water to produce a thin liquid. A mixed group of marines and civilians are sitting at the various tables in the room while Becker and his colleagues hand out bowls of the liquid.

BRODY: Don't know whether the ship has electrolysers to produce oxygen, but you can see there's not much left in there.

(Someone takes a bowl of liquid over to Colonel Young, who accepts it with a grateful smile.)

BRODY: We did some calculations based on our estimates of the water depth and tank dimensions ...

YOUNG: And the winner is?

BRODY: Just over ninety thousand litres.

WALLACE: Ninety-one forty-six.

(He looks around the group as some of them snort at how pedantic he insists on being.)


SCOTT: Go, Math Boy!

WRAY: Sounds like a lot.

YOUNG: Well, it wouldn't fill a back yard swimming pool.

WRAY: Still, it's enough to loosen the rationing restrictions, isn't it?

YOUNG: Camile, I think I know where you're going with this and believe me when I say that I too could use a shower!

(Everyone laughs, but Eli is laughing for another reason.)

WALLACE: I don't think the showers use water.

(Everyone falls silent.)

WALLACE: They just spray a sort of mist that you kind of stand in and it sort of beads up. There's one in the compartment off the crew quarters.

SCOTT: How do you know all that if you haven't tried it?

WALLACE: How do you know I haven't tried it?

SCOTT: Oh, we know!

(Everyone laughs.)

WALLACE: Thank you, Lieutenant Rose Garden!

ARMSTRONG (to Scott): Oh, he's right. You're worse than he is!

YOUNG: Wow! You can tell them apart!

(Again everyone laughs, then Brody gets back on topic.)

BRODY: We also identified a recycling system for liquid waste, so once we get that system up and running ...

(He breaks off as Rush stomps into the room and sits down at a table without a word to anyone.)

YOUNG: OK, folks. Let's have a better day than yesterday. Thank you.

(The group breaks up and most of them leave the room. Becker brings over a bowl of liquid food for Rush.)

BECKER: Your ration, sir.

RUSH: Thank you.

(Young limps over and sits down opposite him as he picks up the bowl and starts to eat.)

YOUNG: I ordered you here twenty minutes ago.

RUSH: I've been working - throughout the night, actually - trying to find out why our power reserves are so low. I'm quite concerned, and so should you be.

YOUNG: OK. Well, how bad is it?

RUSH (angrily): I haven't been able to access any of the main systems yet, so I don't know.

WRAY: You look exhausted. Maybe you should take a break.

YOUNG: Get the information we need and make some informed decisions and we'll report back ...

(He breaks off and looks up as all the lights flicker for a moment. Rush drops his bowl onto the table noisily, and points at Young.)

RUSH: Could you please stop people running around, activating every bloody system they can get their hands on?

YOUNG: I will.

(Rush nods in acknowledgement, then raises his bowl up towards Becker.)

RUSH (sarcastically): That was delicious. Thank you very much.

(He gets up and leaves the room. Young stares after him.)

YOUNG: That man is a lot of work.

(He turns to Camile.)

YOUNG: Let's bring in the next group, please.

CORRIDOR. Rush is making his way back to the Control Room. Riley is still in the corridor and falls into step with him as he passes.

RILEY: Doctor, I'm very sorry to bother you. I know you're busy, but I really need your ...

(Without warning, Rush grabs his jacket by the shoulders, spins him around and slams him against the wall. He glares into Riley's face.)

RUSH (furiously): What did I say?

(The lights flicker again. Distracted, Rush looks around at them, then releases Riley and continues down the corridor. Riley stares after him in shock.)

KINO RECORDING. Throughout this episode, Eli is persuading crew members to make a recording onto a Kino. Here, he is standing in front of a Kino which is already recording and he is talking to someone behind it.

WALLACE: Come on - it doesn't have to be profound. Just who you are and something you wanna say, like, uh ... (he looks into the Kino) ... hi, I'm Eli Wallace. I'm twenty-five years old, I'm ... currently unemployed and, uh - just for posterity's sake - I'd like to say ... (he goes into another bad Charlton Heston impersonation from Planet of the Apes) ... "Take your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape!" (He grins into the Kino, then looks at the other person, embarrassed.) Yeah, but I'm not really gonna s-say that. J-just try it, say something!

MESS. Another group has gathered and Becker and his team are handing out bowls of liquid food.

YOUNG: It could be that Rush is just starting the fire so he can put it out, or it could be that he's so far ahead of us, he can see problems that none of us can see.

VOLKER: So what do you want us to do?

WRAY: Help him.

(Volker laughs.)

VOLKER: The man likes to work alone.

WRAY: Well, with the way he's been treated, you can hardly blame him.

GREER: I can blame him all day long.

JOHANSEN: It's pretty hard not to, considering.

WRAY: This isn't helpful.

GREER: Yeah, well, it's the truth.

YOUNG: Well, we're stuck with Rush for now. Scott is checking out the other shuttle, seeing if it's operational.

(He looks at T.J. Johansen while indicating her and Sergeant Ronald Greer.)

YOUNG: Johansen, you two join him when we're done here, so off you go. Dismissed.

(Greer drains the last of the liquid from his bowl and pokes his tongue out in disgust. The group heads out and Young goes over to Camile.)

YOUNG: Please tell me that's everyone.

WRAY: We still have the question of what to do with the senator's body.

YOUNG: Yeah, we'll get to him. He's not going anywhere. I'd appreciate a file on everyone by some time tomorrow. Nothing fancy.

BECKER: And my assignment, sir?

YOUNG: Recipes, Becker.

(He starts to limp out of the room.)

YOUNG: For the love of God, recipes!

KINO VISION. Lieutenant James looks around to check that Eli has left the room, then begins her recording onto the Kino.

JAMES: Second Lieutenant Vanessa James. Twenty-six. Air Force Special Forces. All I have to say is ...

(She pauses for a long moment and checks again to see that nobody can hear her.)

JAMES (plaintively into the Kino): I don't wanna die out here.

CORRIDOR. Camile Wray trots down the corridor to catch up with Young.

WRAY: Colonel.

YOUNG: Thought we were done.

WRAY: There's still dozens of human resources issues we need to talk about.

YOUNG: Pick one.

WRAY: The matter of Lieutenant Johansen resigning her commission.

YOUNG: Consider her reactivated.

WRAY: Well, I don't know if that's up to ...

YOUNG (interrupting): Up to me? Yeah, it is. We need a medic.

WRAY: I don't even know why she resigned in the first place.

YOUNG: Well, it's none of my business.

(He walks on as she stops and looks at his back thoughtfully. A little further down the corridor, Riley sees Young and calls out.)

RILEY: Colonel, look what we figured out!

(Young walks over to where Riley and a couple of civilians have collected together lots of the crew's battery operated equipment.)

RILEY: We're calling it a recharging plate.

(He holds up a flashlight and presses its switch several times to show that the batteries have gone flat and the light isn't working.)

YOUNG: Uh-huh.

(Riley stands the flashlight onto his newly named recharging plate and twiddles some knobs on the device as he speaks.)

RILEY: We've tweaked it so it works with Earth technology. For now we have to be careful not to leave them on the plate for too long or it fries the battery, but ...

(He switches off the device, takes the flashlight off and presses the switch. The flashlight obligingly illuminates.)

RILEY: Not bad, huh?

YOUNG: It's great.

RILEY: Isn't it!

YOUNG: Turn it off.


YOUNG: Rush says we have power issues.

RILEY (gesturing at all the other equipment they've gathered): We've got all these things to recharge.

YOUNG: I know, but as soon as he gives the go-ahead, you kids can go crazy. For now, help me pass the word to stop pushing buttons.

SHUTTLE. Matthew Scott is sitting in one of the seats at the front of the shuttle, slowing working out how the controls work. He pokes the end of a pencil onto a button and two panels lower down from the ceiling above his head. Each of those has several more buttons on them. On the console ahead of him are raised buttons, each with an Ancient symbol on them. Scott puts a thin piece of paper over the button he just pressed and starts to rub the pencil over the top, forming a tracing of the symbol. He looks up as Johansen and Greer approach the entrance and stop cautiously.

SCOTT: It's cool, guys. This one's secure.

(The other two walk towards him.)

JOHANSEN: You think you can fly this thing, man?

SCOTT: I can fly an F-302.

GREER: Yeah, in a simulator! This is a real spaceship, man.

SCOTT: Yes it is.

(Greer wanders around the ship looking at it. Scott voices what they're all really feeling.)

SCOTT: So, pretty screwed up, huh?

JOHANSEN: Yeah. Yeah, pretty screwed up.

GREER: You think they're gonna work it out?

SCOTT: Well, we're pretty frickin' far from home, man. I don't know. Not today.

(He looks at Johansen.)

SCOTT: You should have shipped out weeks ago, T.J. It's not right.

GREER: It ain't right at all.

JOHANSEN: Yeah, well, I'm here, so what do you want us to do?

SCOTT: Help me figure out what kind of bird we've got here. I just radioed Brody to come down and help translate the controls. It took me half an hour just to find the "on" switch. Maybe we can take a little joyride, huh?

JOHANSEN: Oh joy(!)

CORRIDOR. Eli is walking with Chloe Armstrong.

ARMSTRONG: You don't have to follow me around.

WALLACE: What do you mean?

ARMSTRONG: I mean that I'm OK.

WALLACE: Oh. Thank God you said something, 'cause I thought that you were following me around and it was about to get awkward!

(He starts to head in a different direction but stops as soon as Chloe turns back to look at him. She walks over and takes his arm to steer him back in the direction she's going.)

ARMSTRONG: I don't mind the company. I just don't wanna keep you from anything important.

WALLACE: Oh, I am done with important. I'm taking the day off from important!

ARMSTRONG: You should!

WALLACE: So should you.

(Chloe laughs.)

ARMSTRONG: Me? I don't even know what to do with myself, Eli. I'm the last person who should be here.

WALLACE: I'm second to last!

ARMSTRONG: You're under-estimating yourself.

WALLACE: So are you.

(She smiles appreciatively, then stops walking.)

ARMSTRONG: Can you show me how to use that shower you were talking about?

(Eli tries not to gulp.)

WALLACE: Yes! Yes, I can.

CONTROL ROOM. Rush is working on the console. Young limps into the room, still bracing himself heavily on his rifle.

YOUNG: Scott's checking out the shuttle, seeing if it's operational. Everyone else is holding the work until you give the green light.

RUSH: Thank you.

YOUNG: Look, I want you to know that I'm well aware that in the field of Ancient technology, you're pretty much - and any other subject I can think of - you're the best I've got.

(Rush snorts.)

YOUNG: But we can't be working at cross-purposes.

RUSH: All I ask is that you check with me before issuing orders.

YOUNG: Check with you? (He laughs.) No, see, you've got it backwards. If you're doing something, I wanna know what it is, and this is not a request.

RUSH (irritably): Done! Fine! I'll tell you everything.

YOUNG: If there is an issue that affects everybody on this ship, like we're running out of power ...

RUSH (sarcastically): I think I already told you that.

YOUNG: I'm not here to snipe your back or piss you off, but if we're gonna be on this ship for any length of time, we need to be on the same page.

RUSH: I think our length of time together on Destiny may be shorter than you think.


RUSH: Uh-huh!

YOUNG: I get it. Who can I bring in to help?

RUSH: Honestly? It may take longer than we've got to bring someone else up to speed.

(Young slaps his hand down onto the console as if signifying a done deal.)

YOUNG: Volker it is.

RUSH (sarcastically): Perfect! Terrific!

YOUNG (leaving the room): You can tell him to sit on his hands if you want to.

(Rush buries his head in his hands in a mixture of frustration, anger and exhaustion.)

KINO VISION. The marine who we saw stealing handfuls of power bars checks that Eli has left him alone and then turns to the Kino.

SPENCER: Spencer. Sergeant. I'm thirty-one. All I wanna say is: I never asked for this. All I want is ... (he thinks for a moment, then shrugs) ... to get off this ship.

SHOWER ROOM. Chloe, naked and with her hair tied up, is in one of three cubicles. She is enveloped in mist from the activated shower. Eli is standing nearby with his back turned to her.

WALLACE: What's it feel like?


WALLACE: What's it feel like on your ... bare skin?

ARMSTRONG: It's really warm!


(Lieutenant James comes in, making him jump.)


WALLACE (defensively): I'm just standing guard! Anybody could walk in! I ... What?

JAMES (glancing in Chloe's direction, then shrugging): Whatever. I need to talk to you.


JAMES (stepping closer to him and smiling up at him alluringly): Alone. It's important.

(Eli gazes down at her, then glances in the direction of the shower.)

WALLACE (quietly to himself): Wow, I am so torn.

JAMES (calling out): Chloe, I'm gonna take Eli for a minute. That all right with you?


(James looks at Eli and jerks her head in a "follow me" way. Eli glances towards the shower and then quickly looks away again.)

WALLACE: I'll check back with you later, OK?

(Chloe doesn't bother to answer.)


(He follows after James.)

CONTROL ROOM. The lights flicker again as Dale Volker, his arm still in a sling, walks in. Rush sighs despairingly as the lights continue to flicker for several seconds.

VOLKER: Hey. Heard you could use a helper.

RUSH: Well, you heard wrong.

VOLKER: Yeah. Young said not to take "no" for an answer.

RUSH: If he wanted to be helpful, he would have sent Eli instead.

VOLKER: Well, thank you for that, uh, but Eli's a kid really and I'm an astrophysicist ...

RUSH (turning to him): Mr Volker, I neither need nor want your help, all right?

(He turns back to the console.)

VOLKER: Look, he's just gonna drag me right back in here and you know it.

(Frustrated, Rush puts his hand to his head and nods in reluctant acknowledgement.)

VOLKER (encouragingly): Come on.

RUSH: Right. I'm concerned that Destiny is on the verge of losing power. Look for yourself.

(Volker walks closer to the console. Without looking at him, Rush points to a nearby console. Not quite rolling his eyes, Volker diverts to that one.)

VOLKER: The ship's been flying around for the better part of a million years.

RUSH: I know.

VOLKER: So I don't understand why, all of a sudden ...

RUSH (not bothering to let him finish his question): When we showed up and started doing things, how about that?

VOLKER: Like what?

RUSH (angrily): Dialling back to Earth, for one.

VOLKER: Oh, come on, we had to try.

(Rush sighs in exasperation.)

VOLKER: What kind of window, man? We're flying faster than the speed of light. How close to the end of a rope can we be?

RUSH: You're obviously not capable of seeing the signs.

VOLKER (insulted): OK. Well, speaking of signs, when was the last time you slept?

RUSH: Look, if you know what you're looking for, there are clear indications that power is being channelled into life support and away from the ...

VOLKER: How can you know that? We're still completely locked out of the core systems.

RUSH (gesturing to the door and shouting): Out!

VOLKER: OK, I'll ... Forget I said anything.

RUSH: Now!

VOLKER: No, I'll just work quietly.

RUSH: Well, it's too bloody late for that, isn't it?! I told him you'd be a waste of time! A waste of time that we can ill afford. (He gestures to the console.) If you can't see the signs staring you in the face, then you're no good to me! Get out!

(Crushed, but unable to answer back, Volker leaves the room. Rush presses his hand to his forehead again in exhaustion and frustration.)

OBSERVATION DECK. James opens the doors to the Observation Deck and escorts Eli inside. His hopes of anything more interesting are quickly dashed when he sees several people waiting inside. Riley walks over and closes the doors again. Eli looks around at everyone nervously.

JAMES: Look, we just wanna talk.

(Eli walks closer to her and speaks quietly.)

WALLACE: You said "alone."

JAMES: Well, how else was I supposed to get you out of there?

(Spencer walks over to them.)

SPENCER: What's going on, Eli?

WALLACE: You mean right now?

JAMES: Don't be an idiot.

WALLACE: Wow, you must be getting to know me, because I respond really well to that(!)

RILEY: We can't get a straight answer from anybody about whether or not we're going to make it back to Earth.

WALLACE: I don't think anybody knows.

JAMES: They don't know, or won't tell us?

WALLACE (sarcastically): I'm pretty sure if they knew, they would tell you.

SPENCER: They'd tell you.

WALLACE: Me?! Are you serious?!

SPENCER: Yeah, we are, Eli. You're on the inside. Rush needs you. The colonel's lookin' out for you.

WALLACE: OK, tell you what. If they tell me, then I'll tell you!

RILEY: That's all we ask.

WALLACE: That's it?

(The group nods.)

WALLACE: Great! This has been good! I think, as a group, we've bonded(!)

YOUNG'S OFFICE. Volker walks into a room where Colonel Young is sitting at a desk and muttering quietly to himself as he writes. Young looks up to see who's coming in and laughs ironically.

YOUNG: You - you've gotta be kidding me.

VOLKER: Oh no.

YOUNG: You were in there five minutes.

VOLKER: He kicked me out.

YOUNG: What-what's the matter with you? You're a grown man.

VOLKER: I know that! But he said, "Out!"

YOUNG: Well, what the hell did you say to the man?

VOLKER: I didn't say anything! I was just trying to figure out what his problem was.

YOUNG: It's our problem, Volker, it's not just his. I need you to get your ass back in there ...

VOLKER: I'm telling you, he's gone crazy.

YOUNG: Well, we already knew that. Go.

VOLKER: This isn't the old crazy. This is a whole new crazy.

YOUNG: Would you like me to hold your hand, is that it? Is that - is that what you need me to do?

VOLKER: Come on, Colonel, I'm trying here ...

YOUNG: All right. (He stands up.) Here we go. Let's do this. I'll take you there myself.

(He starts to limp out of the room.)

YOUNG: Oh, for God's sake, Volker. If you people can't stand up to the son of a bitch ...

(Just then, all the lights go out. Destiny exits F.T.L. flight and comes out into normal space. All around the ship, people look around in startlement as the lights go out, leaving just a few emergency lights on. Young and Volker go to the Control Room.)

YOUNG: Did you do that, Rush?

RUSH: Is that what you think? (He laughs bitterly.) No! No, I didn't. But I had been standing here for the past few minutes watching systems fail all over the ship - and there's nothing that I could do to stop that. The F.T.L. drive was amongst the last to go.

VOLKER: We could be in range of a Stargate.

(Rush lets out another bitter laugh, pointing to Volker while looking at Young.)

RUSH: You see what I mean?! (Condescendingly) No, there's no countdown.

(He points to the counter above the doorway. Young shines his flashlight up there but the display is unlit.)

YOUNG: Well, there's gotta be emergency reserves.

RUSH: I don't think you seem to understand what's going on here, Colonel. Our "reserves" are gone. All of our power is gone.

KINO VISION. Volker, illuminated by somebody (presumably Eli) shining a flashlight on him, is doing his video message. He looks lost in thought, but then looks up into the Kino.

VOLKER: Uh, Doctor Dale Volker. I'm thirty-four years old and, despite what you may or may not have heard from a certain Scottish person, I like to think that I'm a pretty fine astrophysicist. I mean, they don't send you to work on solving the mysteries of the universe on other planets if you're a hack, right? So ... that's all I have to say.

(He nods to the holder of the flashlight, who moves the light off his face, but then he starts talking again. The flashlight holder illuminates his face again.)

VOLKER: I mean, we can't all be Mozarts, right? Some of us are ... Salieris. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I-I like Salieri. I find his music is, uh ... It's, uh ... It's soothing. (He points to one side as if gesturing towards Rush.) I'm not suggesting that he's Mozart either ... although Mozart did go a little nuts, didn't he? All right, I'm done.

(The flashlight moves off his face. He promptly starts talking again and the flashlight moves back onto his face.)

VOLKER: He's maybe a Schubert, at best, or an Elgar.

(A few moments later.)

VOLKER: I'm done, Eli.

CORRIDOR. Jeremy Franklin comes out of his quarters just as Eli and various other crew members walk past.

FRANKLIN: The lights went off in my compartment.

WALLACE: Yeah! It's the same all over.

FRANKLIN: Well, why?

WALLACE (frustrated): Why does everybody think I know everything?!

ARMSTRONG (calling out from the shower room): Eli! Eli!

(Eli races off in the direction of her voice. In the shower room, Chloe continues to call his name as she tries to get her towel sorted out so that she can dry herself in the dark.)



(He runs in, then skids to a halt and looks away as he catches a glimpse of her naked body. She pulls the towel to herself.)

ARMSTRONG: Not funny, Eli!

WALLACE: It wasn't me! We had a power failure or something! I was on my way to go ...

ARMSTRONG: Well, I'm freezing and I can't see.

WALLACE: Wait, wait.

(He gets his BlackBerry out of his pocket and activates it.)

WALLACE: You want me to help ...

(The screen lights up and he holds it up like a flashlight, shining it towards her but automatically looking towards her as well.)

WALLACE: Ooh! (He quickly looks away again.) Sorry! Sorry!

ARMSTRONG (stepping into her knickers): Everything just stuck and went pitch black. I completely freaked.

WALLACE: Yeah, we heard. How was the shower?

ARMSTRONG: It was fine. Thanks for asking(!) Look, just go find out what's going on. I'm OK.

(Eli steps closer to her but pointedly keeps his eyes averted. He offers her the phone.)

WALLACE: Here, here, it's something anyway.

(She takes the phone from him.)

WALLACE: Don't make any long distance phonecalls!


(He leaves the room. A moment later she yells out again.)


WALLACE (instantly rushing in again): Yeah!

(He meets her eyes and then looks away again.)

ARMSTRONG (plaintively): Wait for me.

WALLACE (smiling): Sure!

ARMSTRONG: Turn around!


(He quickly turns his back to her.)

ELSEWHERE. In another corridor, Young, Rush and Volker are heading for the Gate Room.

YOUNG: So it wasn't anything you did?

RUSH: Since I arrived, I have been unable to access any of the core systems - power, navigation or propulsion.

YOUNG: Why didn't you bring somebody else in on this?

RUSH: Because I'm the only qualified person.

YOUNG: You see, this is what I'm talking about.

VOLKER: Maybe it's like a Lantean device - you need the Ancient gene to access the ...

RUSH: Destiny pre-dates that technology.

YOUNG: D'you know that for a fact?

RUSH (rounding on him furiously): Yes, Colonel. I know many many things for a fact! I know you asked Gorman to poke around in the weapons systems, for a fact. I know you have ordered teams of people all over the ship to do things that they know nothing about, for a fact!

(He storms away. Young and Volker follow him.)

YOUNG: Right. You think all those things add up to this, Rush? Does that make sense to you?

(Rush walks over to the Stargate console and taps it angrily, showing that it's inactive.)

RUSH: Look! Look! No, you're right. You are right. It was your reckless, pointless attempt to dial Earth that robbed me of the time I needed to solve this problem!

YOUNG: Maybe we're just missing something.

RUSH: Yes! The opportunity of a lifetime - because you wouldn't listen to me!

(His face crumples in anguish and he turns away, putting his hand to his face as if he's about to burst into tears. Young takes out his radio and activates it.)

YOUNG: T.J., this is Young. I could use a medic in the Gate Room.

RUSH (beginning to pace around the room): I refuse to be held responsible for this situation!

YOUNG: Nobody's blaming you.

RUSH: I ran out of time!

YOUNG: We can fix this.

(By now, Rush is almost apoplectic with rage.)

RUSH: "Fix this"! What, you think just because you give the order that it's possible? There is no more power! Destiny saved every last ounce of its reserves for life support - and I've seen it happening. I've seen it being sequestered away from me. I tried to ... I tried to stop it. I tried to stop it but I couldn't!

YOUNG: Rush ...

RUSH: In a few days' time, this ... (he clutches his hand to his head in pain) ... this ship will go dark. It will go dark and cold ...

(He crumples to the floor, unconscious. Young drops to his knees beside him, activating his radio.)

YOUNG: T.J., now!


RILEY: OK, I'm Sergeant Hunter Riley. I'm, uh, one day short of my thirtieth birthday. Um, I grew up on a farm. I have relatives who've never even left the state, and here I am halfway across the universe, so ... no regrets.

(His face, however, shows his sadness.)

SPACE. We see an external shot of Destiny moving slowly through space. In the distance ahead of the ship is a sun and, much closer, a planet.


YOUNG: So ...

VOLKER: Rush was right. Everything but life support is dead.

YOUNG: Why now? Why just when we show up?

VOLKER: Because we just showed up.

BRODY: There's the Stargate. It's a power hog and we had it on all day yesterday.

VOLKER: There's still some power and the shields are still working to some degree but ...

BRODY: ... again, that's to keep us alive.

YOUNG: For how long?

BRODY: We're gonna have to wait for Rush to wake up for an answer to that one.

YOUNG: T.J. says he's not gonna be up for a while. So - where does that leave us?

BRODY: Dead.


(Young turns to Eli as if seeking his confirmation.)

WALLACE: Not right away.

VOLKER: Yeah, we have days - maybe a lot of days, but if there's no Stargate in range ...

WALLACE: ... and there's not ...

BRODY: We don't have the power to dial out, anyway.

VOLKER: So it's a race between food, water and life support.

YOUNG: I don't buy that.

VOLKER: We can't do anything without access to the ship's systems. Look.

(He pokes at various control panels but nothing happens.)

VOLKER: I mean, I could stand here all day.

(Young turns away from him.)


WALLACE: I put a Kino in a search mode and sent it into unpressurised areas of the ship, looking for an active console somewhere. Nothing yet. Also, I was looking into if there's any way we could integrate the shuttle's power with the ship's system ...

(He shakes his head to indicate that he's not very hopeful.)

YOUNG: So you're working the problem.


(Young turns and looks pointedly at Brody and Volker, who look a little embarrassed.)

YOUNG: Does the computer-hacking drop-out have to save our asses?

WALLACE (raising his hand indignantly): The drop-out is still here.

YOUNG (to Brody and Volker): Are you gonna get your heads out of yours?

(The two men exchange glances for a moment, then Brody turns back to Young.)

BRODY: The shuttle idea's pretty good.

VOLKER: Yeah, there might be a workaround.

YOUNG: Well, let's do that.

(Brody and Volker move off to get to work.)

YOUNG: Thank you, Eli.

WALLACE: Uh, by the way, it's "M.I.T. drop-out."

YOUNG: You want a - you want a gold star for that?

WALLACE: No, I just ...

YOUNG: Do something. I'm gonna be gone for a few hours.


YOUNG: To report this mess. If you need me, yank me back.


SCOTT (to Eli, offscreen): What, is it on? (He looks at the Kino.) Lieutenant Matthew Scott. Twenty-six years old ... and ... (he looks at Eli again) ... I'd like to say a prayer for all of us, if that's OK.

WALLACE (offscreen): Sure, yeah. Whatever you want.

SCOTT (his eyes closed): The Lord is my Shepherd. I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures. He leadeth me to still waters ...

EARTH. THE PENTAGON. Colonel David Telford walks into the lab where the communication stones are constantly online. He walks across to the man sitting in the chair [it's Peter deLuise, our director, ladies and gentlemen!].

TELFORD: I'll take it from here, Peter.

PETER: Again?

TELFORD: What can I say? I'm a glutton for punishment.


(He vacates the chair and leaves the room. Telford settles into his place. He touches the stone on top of the control box to align it to himself, takes a drink from a mug, picks up a newspaper and starts to read.)

DESTINY. Colonel Young settles into a chair and puts a communication stone onto its control box. A moment later Colonel Telford looks around the room, adjusting to his new surroundings. He starts to stand up and groans, clutching his sore ribs and then his back. He straightens up slowly, then sees a handwritten note on the desk in front of him. It reads, "USE THE CRUTCH" and an arrow points to the left. The rifle is propped up against the table at the end of the arrow. Sighing, Telford picks up the rifle/crutch and hobbles out of the room. He stops and looks in confusion at the dark corridors. Just then, Riley approaches.

TELFORD: What's going on, Sergeant?

RILEY: Actually, I was coming to ask you.

(Telford looks down at his uniform, realising that Riley thinks that he's Colonel Young.)

TELFORD: Colonel Young went back to report. I'm Colonel Telford. I'd like to speak with Doctor Rush immediately.

RILEY: Oh. Uh, well, he's had a nervous breakdown, sir.


RILEY: But I can take you to Lieutenant Scott. He's in the shuttle.

(He switches on a flashlight which he's carrying and leads Telford away.)

EARTH. Young, in Telford's body, comes out of General O'Neill's office. His escort, Peterson, is waiting outside and stands up.

PETERSON: Wow, that was quick.

YOUNG: Doesn't take very long to say, "We're screwed."

PETERSON: I'm sorry, sir. Wish there was something we could do.

(Young looks at his watch, calculating how long he has before he ought to get back.)

YOUNG: There is.

LATER. Peterson drives Young to his house. Stopping outside, they get out of the car. Peterson prepares to go and explain to Young's wife what she's about to see.

PETERSON: I'll shout down when she's ready to see you.

(He heads off towards the house. Young turns back towards the car and can't help but stare in surprise at the reflection of Colonel Telford in the window.)

KINO VISION. Johansen holds up a flashlight to illuminate her own face.

JOHANSEN: Lieutenant Tamara Johansen. I'm a paramedic. I actually quit my job a few weeks ago. I shouldn't even be here. (She chuckles briefly.) To think I could have missed all of this.

(She stares into the Kino for a long moment, then switches the light off.)

EARTH. Peterson comes out to the car. Without waiting for him to say anything, Young hurries past him. His wife Emily is standing at the open front door and looks awkwardly at the sight of Telford looking back at her.

YOUNG: Hey, Emily.

(He smiles and walks closer. As he approaches the doorway he reaches out to embrace her but she puts her hand on his chest and backs away a little.)

EMILY: No, don't. I said that you could come in, but that's all.


(He looks at her for a long moment, then reluctantly steps around her and walks inside.)

DESTINY. The ship is travelling into the nearby solar system. Inside, Riley leads Telford to the entrance of the shuttle. Telford nods to dismiss him and Riley heads off. Telford looks into the shuttle where Scott, Greer, Johansen and Brody are working.

TELFORD: Scott, Johansen ... (he beckons to them) ... a word, please.

(The two of them walk over to him.)

TELFORD: There's no power except for the shuttle?

(The other two frown.)

SCOTT: Sir, you already know that.

(Johansen realises why Colonel Young is talking that way.)

JOHANSEN: Matt, this is Colonel Telford.

TELFORD: That's right. Now, would either of you two officers care to explain how Colonel Young managed to let things fall apart so fast?

SCOTT: There-there was no way of knowing this was gonna happen ...

TELFORD: You're saying Rush didn't see it coming?

(Scott and Johansen don't reply.)

TELFORD: That's what I thought. I wanna know what's really going on aboard this ship.

YOUNG RESIDENCE. The colonel is sitting in the living room while Emily stands nearby. He has apparently just explained the whole situation to her.

EMILY: It's just - it's ridiculous.

YOUNG: It's true.

EMILY: Let's say that it is. Why? Why are you putting me through this?

YOUNG: Because I-I wanted to say ...

(He gazes at her as she looks back at him, waiting. Eventually he lowers his head. She turns away, sighing.)

YOUNG: I'm sorry. I didn't choose my job over you.

EMILY: It wasn't just about the job.

YOUNG: I know.

(Realising there's nothing more he can say, he starts to walk away, but then turns back to her.)

YOUNG: I love you.

(He walks out the front door, leaving Emily confused and unhappy. He walks to the car and gets in.)

PETERSON: I'm guessing that didn't go well.

(Young doesn't reply. Peterson is just about to start the ignition when he sees Emily coming out of the house, wrapping a shawl around her shoulders.)


(Young looks where he's pointing, then gets out of the car again and walks over to his wife.)

EMILY: How does this change anything?

YOUNG: What do you mean?

EMILY: Let's say that I believe all of this. I don't really, but even if I did, you did choose, and you chose to go.

YOUNG: I didn't choose this.

EMILY: You knew there was a chance you wouldn't be coming back.

YOUNG: I am coming back.

EMILY: No. You wouldn't be here, like this ... (she gestures to Telford's body) ... to say goodbye if you really thought there was a chance.

YOUNG: Listen, I'm doing everything that I can. I'm going - I'm going - I'm going to do everything that I can. I want nothing more than to get back here to be with you and I want nothing more than for you to be here for me when I do get off there. I'm just - I'm just saying I don't - I don't know when that will be. Please.

EMILY: You made your choice, Everett. (She shrugs.) And I made mine. Nothing's changed. And I really - I really do hope that you're gonna be OK.

(She turns to walk away. He reaches out and tries to take her arm but she pulls away.)

YOUNG: Hey ...

EMILY: No, don't.

YOUNG: Emily, listen, please.

EMILY (backing away): Please.

YOUNG: Emily, please. Emily.

EMILY: Just let me go.

(She turns and hurries back into the house. Everett watches her go in despair.)


TELFORD: I gave you a direct order, Lieutenant.

SCOTT: Sir, I understand that you gave me a direct order, and I respectfully suggest it would be a complete waste of time. I'm telling you: this ship came here for a reason.

(Johansen reaches out to Scott as she sees a change come over the colonel. Scott realises that his expression has altered.)


YOUNG: The ship came here for what reason?

SCOTT: Colonel Young?

YOUNG: Yeah-yeah. What the hell was Telford just ordering you to do?

SCOTT: Use the communication stones to report that you need to be replaced.

YOUNG: He's probably right about that. So, the ship came here for what reason?

(Scott jerks his head towards the front windshield and he and T.J. lead the colonel to the front of the shuttle.)


PARK: The odds of coming out of F.T.L. on the outer edge of a star system are astronomical. Throw in the fact that there are three potentially habitable planets plus a gas giant to act as a comet catcher on the outside of the system - we're talking miraculous! So, there's a chance now that we're gonna live - though our definition of "habitable" just means the surface temperature range allows for the presence of liquid water and, since the primary is a red dwarf, the planets must have a relatively short orbital radius just to fall within that range, which means there's a likelihood at least one or two of them will be tidally locked, meaning one side will always be facing the star, which increases the prospect of geological instability due to tidal stresses, and I can't stand earthquakes. I was in one when I was thirteen and I cut both my feet on broken glass. (She stops for a moment, realising how negative she has been sounding, and gestures brightly.) But it might be nice!

CREW QUARTERS. Doctor Rush slowly wakes up and sees Johansen looking down at him.

JOHANSEN: Hey. How are you?

(Rush looks around, realising where he is and that he's lying on a bed.)

RUSH: How did I get here?

JOHANSEN: You're not that heavy!

(Rush groans and sinks his head back onto the bed as he realises what happened, but T.J. explains anyway.)

JOHANSEN: You passed out for a little while.

RUSH: How long?

JOHANSEN: About ten hours.

(He sits up abruptly, shocked that so much time has passed.)

JOHANSEN: It's probably the first real sleep you've had since we arrived here.

RUSH: Has anything happened?

JOHANSEN: Not since we lost power, no. You haven't missed a thing.

(Rush puts his hand to his head, grimacing.)

JOHANSEN: How do you feel?

RUSH: Embarrassed.

JOHANSEN: Don't be.

RUSH: Oh, you weren't there.

JOHANSEN: Your head's pounding, right?

(He nods.)

JOHANSEN: How many cups of coffee do you normally drink a day? Four, five?

(He gestures to indicate a higher number than that. She nods sympathetically.)

JOHANSEN: You're in caffeine withdrawal. So are about a dozen other people onboard. It can make you pretty crazy. You should see the smokers!

RUSH (ruefully): You're looking at one.

JOHANSEN (smiling): Double whammy, huh?!

(Rush sighs.)

JOHANSEN: I was gonna let you sleep it off, but the colonel wants you to see something, so let's go.

KINO VISION. Eli is trying to encourage Rush to make a recording. Rush is unpacking a bag and pointedly refusing to look into the Kino.

WALLACE (offscreen): If you don't do one, they're not gonna know who the hell you are.

RUSH: Eli, I have nothing to say.

WALLACE (offscreen): People are gonna find this. They're gonna wanna know who we were. Look, I'll do your slate, OK? This is Doctor Nicholas Rush. He is the lead scientist of the Icarus Project. Now, just say what you feel.

(Sighing, Rush leans on his bag for a moment, then raises his head and looks into the Kino, staring silently into it for a long time. His expression tells exactly what he's feeling but there just aren't the words to describe the supreme acting skills of Robert Carlyle at that moment and your humble transcriber, defeated by the man's brilliance, urges you to see his expression for yourself.)

SHUTTLE. Destiny is flying closer to the gas giant in the nearby solar system. T.J. escorts Rush to the shuttle, where Young turns to greet them.

YOUNG: Come on in.

RUSH (looking at the approaching planet and immediately realising what's happening): Orbital insertion trajectory?

SCOTT: That was my first thought.

GREER: No, your first thought was we were gonna fly into the damned thing!

SCOTT: No, sir, I'm guessing we'll get close enough to kiss but not enough for capture.

RUSH: An aerobraking manoeuvre?

SCOTT: Well, that's over my head but, yeah, should come out of the slingshot somewhere in the system.

RUSH: Where there are habitable planets.

(Young looks round accusingly at Johansen.)

JOHANSEN: I didn't tell him!

RUSH: No, but you're all smiling.

SCOTT: Well, we're still too far off to know if they're anything more than rocks, but we found three candidates before Big Bertha here filled up the sky.

RUSH: So this trajectory is no accident, then.

(He starts picking off stickers which have been attached below the buttons on the consoles hanging from the ceiling.)

YOUNG: Well, the man's quick(!) We'll know once we're clear.

SCOTT: That'll be in, uh, six minutes.

RUSH (holding up the stickers): Who translated this? (He looks round accusingly at everyone.) You know it's completely backwards?

(He starts to put the stickers back into their correct positions while Young gives Scott a long look. Trying to hide his embarrassment, Scott stands up.)

SCOTT: Well, pull up a chair, sir. This'll be a show you don't wanna miss.

YOUNG: So we're clear, my definition of "habitable" includes a sandy beach, a tropical climate ...

RUSH (interrupting as he takes one of the seats): There's gonna be some severe turbulence when we contact the atmosphere.

(Scott sinks back down into his chair. Young turns to leave the shuttle.)

YOUNG: We'll pass the word.

RUSH: Colonel, about our previous conversation.

YOUNG: Rush, no need to apologise.

RUSH: I wasn't about to. Only trying to explain I was suffering from withdrawal symptoms.

YOUNG: Yeah, yeah. I know. I know all about it.

(He walks back to Greer who is waiting to escort him out.)

YOUNG (quietly): Lotta lotta work.


BRODY: Hullo there. Adam Brody ... is my name. (He sighs and looks off-camera.) Can I start again?

(Take two.)

BRODY: My name's Adam Brody, as I said earlier. Hullo.

WALLACE (offscreen): Cut!

(Take three.)

BRODY: Adam Brody, engineer. I like football and I ...

(Offscreen, Eli giggles.)

BRODY: What?!

WALLACE (still giggling): Dude, this isn't for a dating service!

BRODY: Yeah, I just ... (He buries his head in his hands momentarily.) I don't know why that came out. I don't know why I'm so nervous.

WALLACE: No-no-no, it's all good, it's all good. We ... what have we got? We have your name, we have your job. Uh, what else is there? Oh! You're forty-something, so ...

BRODY: Thirty ... thirty-six.

WALLACE (after a long pause): ... 'K. (He suppresses a disbelieving snort.) Got that now(!) We'll fix that in editing. All that's left is what you wanna say for posterity.

(Take four. Brody looks seriously into the Kino.)

BRODY: I always knew I was gonna die in space. From the moment I stepped through the Stargate, I ... (He shakes his head and gestures around at Destiny.) I mean, I didn't expect this but I knew something awful was going to happen. (He nods.) I just knew it.

CORRIDOR. Greer and Young are walking along a dark corridor.

YOUNG (into radio): This is Young. We are expecting some atmospheric turbulence in a few minutes. Find a secure place and point your asses down.

(Seeing something in the darkness up ahead, Greer snatches out his pistol and aims it down the corridor.)

RILEY's VOICE: Whoa, don't shoot! It's me!

(His voice is coming from a floating Kino.)

GREER: You can talk through that thing?

RILEY's VOICE (from the Kino): Hey, I can talk through this thing!

(Lieutenant James comes out from her sleeping quarters and stares at the Kino. Riley and Eli arrive just then with Riley holding the Kino's remote control.)

WALLACE: Um, uh, Riley asked me how to use the ...

RILEY (talking over him): I asked him how the Kino worked ...

WALLACE: Yeah, yeah!

(James, wearing only a vest and shorts, stares at the boys, then at the Kino and then down at her clothing. Realising that the Kino was about to enter her room - or, even worse, has just left her room - she glares back at the boys.)

WALLACE: Took a wrong turn!

(He thumps Riley's arm.)

JAMES: I can and will kick your ass.

WALLACE (pointing to Riley): No ...

YOUNG (interrupting): Let's do that later. We're gonna pass very close to a gas giant in a few minutes. It's gonna be a bumpy ride. We're short on radios. Help me spread the word.

JAMES: Yes, sir.

YOUNG: Thank you.

(James looks round to Eli and Riley one more time with murderous promise in her expression. Again Wallace points to Riley.)


(He holds up his hands innocently. James glares back at the Kino, then heads into her quarters to get dressed.)

YOUNG: Wrong turn, really? You're gonna stick to that story?

(Riley and Eli nod sheepishly.)

YOUNG (sternly): Go. Help. Now.

(Snatching the remote from Riley's hands, Eli walks over to collect the Kino from midair.)

OBSERVATION DECK. Destiny races into the edge of the gas giant's gravity well. Many people have gathered in the Observation Deck and are standing watching the view. Rush, Scott and Johansen are in the shuttle. Scott activates his radio.

SCOTT (into radio): Ninety seconds to contact.

(In Chloe's quarters, Eli is jiggling impatiently on the spot as he urges her to hurry up while she changes her clothes.)

WALLACE (urgently): Come on, come on, come on, come on!

ARMSTRONG (lacing up her shoes): I'm coming!

WALLACE (checking the clock on his phone): Well, we don't have much time.

ARMSTRONG: We've seen planets from space.

WALLACE: How could you let yourself get jaded to this stuff so fast?!

ARMSTRONG: I'm not jaded. I've just got other stuff on my mind.

WALLACE: Oh. (He puts his hands on his hips.) Well, we're just passing through the atmosphere of a gas giant on the far side of the universe in an Ancient spaceship. (Nonchalantly) I'm sure there'll be other gas giants ...

ARMSTRONG (holding her hand out as she rolls her eyes): OK! OK, let's go.

(Grinning, Eli grabs her hand, pulls her to her feet and tugs her out of the room. Giggling, he pulls her along the corridor.)

ARMSTRONG: Eli, can we please slow down?!

WALLACE: Trust me - it'll be worth it, OK?

(She sighs. He drags her into the open doorway of the Observation Deck, then stops as he sees the many people already gathered there.)

WALLACE: Oh ... (He folds his arms, annoyed.) Guess everybody had the some idea.

(Chloe's jaw has dropped at the sight out of the window.)

ARMSTRONG: Eli, it's beautiful!

(The two of them move closer to the front window, where the curve of the gas giant almost fills the entire vista. They gaze at the view for a while, then the ship begins to shake gently.)

(In the shuttle, Scott radios to those who can hear him.)

SCOTT: Thirty seconds to contact. Hang on.

(Rush and Johansen, sitting in nearby seats, buckle seatbelts across their laps.)

(In a corridor, several crew members sit down on the floor and automatically sit against the walls. Young sees them as he does his rounds.)

YOUNG: No-no, no. I need everyone away from the walls. Away from the walls. The turbulence could break your back.

(The crew members shuffle into the middle of the corridor and Young heads on.)

(In the Observation Deck, the vibration becomes stronger.)

WALLACE: Sit down, sit down.

(Everyone sits down on the floor.)

(Young tries to continue onwards but the shaking is too much and he almost falls. He braces his hand on the floor, then pushes himself upwards and stumbles on.)

(In the Mess, Becker and his colleagues are thrown to the floor.)

(In the shuttle, Scott scrunches his eyes closed in dread as the vibration gets worse. Destiny begins to skim the upper atmosphere of the planet. The vibration increases and the crew in the Observation Deck cling onto the benches, railings and each other but eventually the shaking begins to subside. Eli laughs in relief as Destiny soars out and away from the planet on her new route into the solar system.)

(In the shuttle, Scott straightens up and whoops in relief.)

SCOTT: Hell of a ride, huh?!

(He and Johansen laugh as Rush looks round at them.)

RUSH: Yes. Yes, it was. Now, let's find these planets you were talking about.

SCOTT: There they are, dead ahead.

(He gets up and indicates them on a screen on the console.)

RUSH: Yes. We should be able to analyse the atmosphere of the nearest planet within a few hours.

(Young comes in.)

YOUNG: We clear?

SCOTT: Yes, sir. Did you catch any of that?

YOUNG: No, I couldn't get back in time.

(Rush is staring at the screen on the console.)

RUSH: This is - this is unbelievable. Look at this.

(Behind him, the other three are chattering and don't hear him.)

RUSH: Please. Please, everyone, be quiet!

(The others fall silent.)

RUSH: Our trajectory has changed.

SCOTT (looking at the screen): Oh, no.

JOHANSEN: Changed?

RUSH: The planet has altered Destiny's course more than we hoped.

YOUNG: What are you talking about, Rush?

(Rush sinks back into his seat in despair.)

YOUNG: Lieutenant, what the hell's he talking about?

(Scott doesn't answer, too shocked to have heard what the colonel said.)

(From an outside perspective, we watch as Destiny heads off on her new course - straight towards the sun.)