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The Lucian Alliance manages to board Destiny, taking several crew members hostage in a bid to wrestle control the ship.

WRITTEN BY: Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie
DIRECTED BY: Andy Mikita
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Transcript by Callie Sullivan

DESTINY CONFINEMENT CELL. The episode begins a few moments before the previous episode ended. David Telford - in Nicholas Rush's body - angrily surges towards the locked doors of his room and glares through the window at Everett Young.

TELFORD: Young! Open this damn door!

(Standing behind Young, Camille Wray looks desperately from the serene face of Ronald Greer to the sweat-covered face of Matthew Scott. He looks back at her, breathing fast.)

TELFORD: We both know you're not gonna kill me!

(Young looks back at him unblinking, his face resolute. Telford begins to breathe more heavily as the air continues to hiss out of the room. Frantically, he pounds on the wall panel beside the doors, then kicks at them. Camille grabs Scott's radio from his trouser pocket and activates it.)

WRAY: Mr. Brody, this is Wray. You need to restore the atmosphere ...

YOUNG (into his own radio): This is Young. Please disregard that request.

(Telford backs away from the doors, glaring at Young in disbelief. Camille continues speaking into the radio. In the Control Interface Room, Adam Brody, Eli Wallace and Dale Volker stare at the radio and at each other as her words hit home.)

WRAY: By letting this happen, you are participating in not only the murder of Colonel Telford, but Doctor Rush as well.

(In his cell, Telford starts looking around the room. There are crates and boxes all around and he starts vaguely moving some around as if hoping to find something that might help him. He stumbles as he walks, already suffering from oxygen deprivation. As Young continues to watch him, Scott can stay silent no longer and walks over to the colonel, talking quietly to him.)

SCOTT: OK, sir, you've made your point.

YOUNG: I'm not trying to make a point.

(Telford continues staggering around the room, pulling boxes and drums around.)

SCOTT: C'mon, open the door, sir, please!

YOUNG: I know what I'm doing.

SCOTT (angrily): What you're doing is killing him!

YOUNG: I know that, Lieutenant.

WRAY (frantically into radio): Brody!

(In the Control Interface Room, Eli looks at the others.)

WALLACE: What should we do?

BRODY: The colonel's bluffing. He's not gonna kill him.

(He doesn't look convinced, and neither does Volker. Back in the cell, Telford has fallen to his knees. He shakes his head, gasping for air, and tries to regain his feet, but falls to the floor.)

(Billions of light years away on the Icarus planet, Nicholas Rush - in Telford's body - falls to the floor and writhes, groaning. A female scientist hurries over towards him.)

SCIENTIST: What's happening to him?

(As he continues to writhe, on Destiny Telford lies on his back gasping for air. Scott listens to his high-pitched anguished panting for a few seconds, then determinedly moves towards the doors.)

SCOTT: All right, now, sir, I cannot ...

(Greer seizes him by the jacket and pushes him back away from the doors. Camille covers her eyes and turns away in anguish as Telford's painful breaths continue. Young watches through the window as Telford lies on the floor staring upwards, his breaths becoming slower and more shallow. He writhes and twitches as the last of the air runs out and gradually his breathing ceases and his chest stops moving. His eyes become fixed.)
(Young turns from the doors and looks at his wristwatch as he walks a few paces away. Camille hurries towards the window. This time Greer lets her go and she stares into the room in appalled disbelief for several seconds before turning back towards Young.)

WRAY: You've killed him.

(Scott bites his lip, fighting back tears. Young continues to look at his watch. When about twenty-five seconds have passed, he raises his radio and activates it.)

YOUNG: Brody.

(Instantly Brody slams his hand down onto the console. Air begins to rush back into the cell. The moment the pressure equalises, the doors open and Young hurries inside, kneels down astride Telford's body and begins to pump his chest. Camille and Scott watch with concern from the doorway as the C.P.R. continues. Several long anxious seconds pass.)

YOUNG (urgently but quietly): Come on, David. David, come on.

(Finally Telford heaves in a huge breath of air. His head lifts off the floor and Young cradles it, holding him as he pulls in several more lungfuls. As Young looks down at him intently, Telford recovers enough to speak. He grabs Young's jacket to emphasise his urgency.)

TELFORD: You're all in danger.

YOUNG: What?

TELFORD: They're coming.

YOUNG: Who's coming here, David?

TELFORD: The Lucian Alliance. They're coming to take Destiny.

LATER. Young's voice comes over the ship-wide comms as he briefs the crew.

YOUNG: We've been informed that this ship faces an incursion by armed forces of the Lucian Alliance, the group responsible for the attack on Icarus Base.

(In the armoury, the military crew are gearing up and arming themselves.)

YOUNG (over comms): All military personnel onboard have been placed on high alert.

(In the Gate Room, Lisa Park is busy working on one of the consoles before moving to another one. On the upper level, Volker is gluing a Kino onto the top of the railing so that it can film the floor below.)

YOUNG (over comms): If the enemy has acquired the means to dial Destiny, their point of ingress will be the Stargate.

(Finishing their work, Lisa and Volker hurry from the Gate Room.)

VOLKER (into radio): Brody, we're clear.

YOUNG (over comms): So the Gate Room is off limits.

(The doors into the Gate Room slide closed and lock. All the consoles turn off and the lights go out.)

YOUNG (over comms): All surrounding corridors have been placed in lockdown. No-one may enter without proper authorisation.

(The military are ushering the civilians out of the lockdown areas. As the areas are cleared, the bulkheads close behind them.)

YOUNG (over comms): I have provided Homeworld Security with intel on the planet from which the Lucian Alliance intends to launch their assault.

(On Earth, Jack O'Neill is in a busy ops room, supervising activities.)

YOUNG (over comms): They are dispatching forces as I speak.

(Above Earth, the battle cruiser U.S.S. George Hammond is preparing for flight. Its commander, Colonel Samantha Carter, takes the command chair and the Hammond leaves Earth orbit and jumps into hyperspace.)

MESS HALL. On Destiny, Young is talking with a large group of the crew in the Mess.

YOUNG: In the best case scenario, Earth forces take the launch point intact and we gain a supply line from home. The worst case scenario is that our forces don't make it before the attack is launched, in which case we'll have to deal with them on our end. In that event, all non-military personnel will be ordered back to your quarters where you will remain until the situation has been resolved. Make no mistake: this will be dealt with swiftly and decisively. Thank you. That is all.

(The group breaks up and everyone begins to leave the room. Camille goes over to Young.)

WRAY: Colonel.

(She lowers her voice as people walk past.)

WRAY: Only a couple of hours ago, Colonel Telford admitted to being a mole for the Lucian Alliance; and now suddenly he's on our side.

YOUNG: Yeah.

WRAY: You trust him.

YOUNG: I didn't say that.

(She looks at him, bewildered, as he walks away. Scott hurries after him.)

SCOTT: What in the hell was that?

YOUNG: "What in the hell was that, sir?"

SCOTT (angrily): All you had to do was tell me.

YOUNG: I was keeping you out of it.

SCOTT: You didn't have to.

(He turns and faces Young, forcing him to stop.)

SCOTT: If I had known that killing him and bringing him back was the only way to beat that brainwashing technology, I'd have been behind you one hundred percent.

YOUNG: So you'll follow orders as long as I explain everything to you beforehand?

SCOTT: No, sir, that is not what I meant.

YOUNG: Well, that's good, because if it was, we'd have a problem, Lieutenant. Do we have a problem?

(He stares into Scott's eyes. Scott meets his gaze for a few seconds, then wilts.)

SCOTT: No, sir.

YOUNG: Good! ‘Cause now's not the time for that.

(He walks away.)

INFIRMARY. Telford is sitting on the side of a bed, being checked over by T.J. Johansen.

JOHANSEN: No headaches or blurred vision?

TELFORD: No, I told you, I'm fine.

(He looks at a nearby open laptop computer where the screen is reflecting his image - or, rather, the image of Nicholas Rush. He looks at his host's reflection for a long moment, then sighs.)

TELFORD: Well, Rush is fine. I'll find out about me when I switch back.

(He stands up off the bed.)

TELFORD: Look, I really need to go and ...

(He stops as Young walks to the doorway.)

YOUNG: T.J., can you give us a minute?

JOHANSEN: Yes, sir.

YOUNG: Thanks.

(T.J. walks away and stands with the guard at the doorway. Young walks closer to Telford and sits down on a nearby bed.)

YOUNG: How're you feeling, David?

(Telford tries to look sternly down at him, but then shakes his head and turns away.)

TELFORD: Confused.

YOUNG: I bet!

(Telford laughs ruefully and turns back to him.)

TELFORD: You went the whole nine yards - to the brink and back.

YOUNG: I had to. You know, in my defence, it wasn't the first thing I tried.

(Telford touches the cut on his face.)

TELFORD: Yeah. Thanks for that(!)

YOUNG: Well, at least the brainwashing explains why you've been such an ass.

(Telford nods thoughtfully, then draws in a deep breath.)

TELFORD: I read the S.G. mission reports of that method being done in the past. I just never, uh ...

(He trails off, lost in thought. Young watches him sympathetically. Telford shakes his head.)

TELFORD: You have no idea what it's like to remember things that you've done that, uh ...

(Again he can't finish the sentence and gets lost in his memories. He looks down, his face haunted.)

TELFORD: Terrible things.

YOUNG: You weren't yourself, David.

(Telford looks across at him, then his face fills with determination and he walks towards him.)

TELFORD: You've gotta send me back.

YOUNG: Not yet.

TELFORD: I've done all that I can ...

YOUNG (interrupting): I've already killed you once.

TELFORD: I'm more useful to you in my own body, back there with them, Everett, you know that. How the hell else are you gonna get Rush back?

YOUNG: Listen ...

TELFORD: You've gotta get him out of there.

YOUNG: David, listen to me.

(He stands up.)

YOUNG: You've just come back from the dead. I want you to get your strength back first.

(Telford stares at him, pleading with his eyes. Young pats his arm sympathetically, then walks over to T.J. and the guard in the corridor.)

YOUNG (to the guard): Excuse us.

(The guard nods and walks into the Infirmary. Young takes T.J.'s arm.)

YOUNG: T.J., listen. When they come, I want you here, safe.


YOUNG: Look, if they break containment, there could be wounded. We're gonna need you.

JOHANSEN: What we'll need is a real doctor.

YOUNG: You're up for this.

JOHANSEN: Not even close. What are you planning to do?

YOUNG: Evacuate the atmosphere in the Gate Room the minute they step through.

(T.J. stares at him in shock.)

JOHANSEN: Kill them all, you mean?

YOUNG: You think I have a choice?

JOHANSEN: If you're asking for forgiveness, I can't help you there either.

(She turns to walk back into the Infirmary.)

YOUNG: T.J. ...

JOHANSEN: I'll do my best.

LUCIAN ALLIANCE ICARUS PLANET. Kiva's henchman bundles Rush into the Gate Room and shoves him towards Kiva and Varro. Rush is holding his left hand and is hunched over as if in pain.

KIVA: You're back.

(Rush looks down at a large bleeding cut on the back of his left hand.)

KIVA: That was me.

(Rush glowers at her.)

KIVA: I had to see whether you were faking.

RUSH (tetchily): Well, I wasn't.

KIVA: I apologise.

(She looks at him silently for several seconds until he gets the message.)

RUSH: Back to work, I know.

(He walks towards the steps leading up to the lab. The henchman silently hands him a bandage and then, as if he can't stand showing him even that small amount of sympathy, shoves him up the steps.)

(Above the planet, the Hammond comes out of hyperspace and goes into orbit. At the weapons station on the Bridge, Captain Dave Kleinman reports.)

KLEINMAN: Running planetary scans.

(Sam Carter walks over to his station and looks at his screens.)


(She reports by video link to Jack O'Neill back on Earth.)

CARTER: Sir, it looks like the intel is good. The planet's laced with naqahdria deposits. We're also reading a huge energy signature emanating from what looks like a pyramid.

O'NEILL: Pyramid! That takes me back!

CARTER: Unfortunately the complex inside is shielded against beaming technology.

O'NEILL: So Rush can't be beamed out.

CARTER: No, sir. We'll have to go in with ground forces from the outside.

O'NEILL: All right, Colonel. You have a go.

(From the bays either side of the ship, F-302 fighters deploy and head down towards the planet's surface.)

(Inside the pyramid, everybody looks up as nearby impacts shake the building.)

RUSH: What was that?

(Kiva hurries in.)

KIVA: We're under attack. Can we dial the ninth chevron?

RUSH: Not without blowing everything up.

(She turns to one of her minions, Calvos.)

KIVA: Dial it.

(As he follows her orders and goes to a nearby computer, she calls out to everyone.)

KIVA: Get ready! We're going now!

(Calvos activates the computer and the Stargate begins to dial out. Everybody begins to gear up and arm themselves. Rush stands up from his console and turns to face the Gate.)

DESTINY. ELI'S QUARTERS. Eli is in his room with his portable video player. He is watching one of the instructional videos made by Daniel Jackson for new recruits into the Stargate programme.

JACKSON: The Lucian Alliance is an organisation of humans from a number of sovereign planets who have taken control of the resources and technology ...

(Outside his room, Chloe Armstrong walks to his closed doors and pushes the button to open them. The noise of them opening obscures the next bit of Daniel's lecture. Eli swings around on his chair to see who has come in, then swings back again.)

JACKSON: ... violence as a means of enforcing their dominion. Leadership of the Alliance is constantly changing ...

ARMSTRONG: The Air Force video?

WALLACE: Yeah. Just seeing if there's anything in here that might help.

JACKSON: ... control a sizeable army and numerous Ha'tak vessels, or former Goa'uld motherships.

ARMSTRONG: What's he going to do?

WALLACE: The colonel?

(He looks up at her.)

WALLACE: They're sending an army. What do you think he's gonna do?

ALLIANCE ICARUS PLANET. Kiva's crew are standing at the rear of the Gate Room as the Stargate's ninth chevron engages.

DESTINY. The ship comes out of F.T.L. and re-enters normal space. In his room, Eli frowns and activates his console to show footage from the Kino in the Gate Room just as the Stargate lights up and begins to spin.

WALLACE: This is it.

(He stands up and punches the wall panel to close the doors, then sits down again and looks at the console.)

ARMSTRONG (anxiously): It's happening now?!


ALLIANCE ICARUS PLANET. The Stargate kawhooshes, sending out a much larger vortex than usual. The crew members duck down or flinch back to avoid it. Kiva turns to Rush and smiles in triumph, then turns back to her people.

KIVA: Go! Radio back when you reach the other side.

(As the first people start to run into the event horizon, she turns to a man behind her called Koz and indicates Rush.)

KIVA: And take him with you.

(Koz seizes Rush's arm and bundles him towards the Gate.)

(In Destiny's Gate Room, Alliance crew members begin to fly through the Gate far too fast, crashing to the ground. They scramble up and take up defensive positions. In his quarters, Eli speaks into his radio as he watches the footage of the Gate Room.)

WALLACE: Colonel Young.

(Young is in the Control Interface Room standing behind Brody and watching the footage on the console.)

YOUNG (into radio): I see them, Eli. All personnel report to your designated areas. This is not a drill. Defence teams stand by.

(In all the corridors around the Gate Room, the various defence teams deploy and stand ready. In the Control Interface Room, Young looks down at the console.)

YOUNG: Which button?

BRODY (pointing): This one.

YOUNG: How long will it take to reach vacuum?

(Volker looks at Brody thoughtfully.)

VOLKER: A minute or so?

BRODY: That's about right.

(Young raises his hand and holds it over the button. They watch as more Alliance people come hurtling through the Gate. Recognising one of the men, either Brody or Eli from his own room zooms in on that person and everyone watches as Telford stumbles to his feet in the Gate Room.)

BRODY: Colonel.

(Young hesitates. He has already killed David Telford once today - can he really do it again? He tries for a long time to bring his hand down onto the button but finally he realises that he just can't do it and straightens up. He activates his radio.)

YOUNG: Defence teams, stand by to secure prisoners on my order.

(In her team, Vanessa James looks up in surprise. Similarly surprised, Scott activates his radio.)

SCOTT: Copy that.

YOUNG (to Brody): Monitor from here. Stay on the radio.

BRODY: Got it.

(Young heads out.)

DESTINY INFIRMARY. Sitting on the side of a bed, Rush's host body speaks.

RUSH: What happened?

(T.J. turns around to him.)

JOHANSEN: Colonel?

RUSH: No, no. No, it's me.


RUSH: Yeah.

(He looks around anxiously.)

RUSH: The ship; the Lucian Alliance ...

JOHANSEN: Yeah, no, we know everything. Telford told us.

RUSH: So what are we doing about it, then?

(T.J. hesitates.)

JOHANSEN: Let's just say it'll all be over in a few minutes.

GATE ROOM. Telford takes in his new surroundings and notices his bandaged hand as he adjusts to being back in his own body. Alliance crew members are still hurtling through the Gate.

CORRIDOR. In the corridors, Camille is shepherding Destiny crew members to safe areas.

U.S.S. GEORGE HAMMOND. Above the Icarus planet, Major Kleinman's console beeps warningly.

KLEINMAN: Colonel. I'm reading a huge energy spike. At this rate they've got less than a minute before their core goes up.

CARTER: Get our people out of the shielded areas and beam them back to the ship now.

(On the surface, more Alliance crew members are entering the event horizon. The female scientist calls out from her station.)

SCIENTIST: Core's going to go critical. I can't stop it.

KIVA: Still no signal from the other side?

(The scientist shakes her head.)

KIVA: Get as many of our people through as you can.

(She trots down the steps and walks across the Gate Room. The base shakes violently and columns start to fall. Kiva hurries up the ramp towards the Gate as the remaining crew members gather provisions.)

(On the Hammond, Kleinman reports again.)

KLEINMAN: Colonel, we still have two 302s on their way back from the planet.

(Sam gazes out of the windshield in anguish.)

CARTER: We can't wait. Get us out of here.

(The Hammond turns, races away from the planet and jumps into hyperspace.)

ICARUS PLANET. Inside the temple, the Gate Room is disintegrating as the last few people try to get to the Gate. On the planet's surface, veins of naqahdria erupt all around. A huge crevasse tears open the ground under the temple.

DESTINY GATE ROOM. In Destiny's Gate Room, Kiva and Varro and their colleagues look around the dark room anxiously as an ominously rising tone can be heard. The last arrival from the Icarus planet is hurled through the Gate in the same way that Colonel Young arrived on Destiny all those months ago, flying through the air almost all the way to the opposite wall, with smoke trailing from his clothing. As the Stargate's event horizon fluctuates wildly, steam blasts up from either side of the Gate and one of the blasts envelops a man standing there, who screams as he is burned.)

(All around the ship the lights flicker wildly. In Eli's room, Chloe looks around anxiously.

ARMSTRONG: Aren't we supposed to go to our quarters?

WALLACE: These are my quarters. And I'm not going anyway.

(He turns back to the Kino console and looks at the footage from the Gate Room, where a couple of men are moving the burned man away from the now closed-down Gate.)

(In the corridors, Young arrives at Scott's position.)

SCOTT: Colonel.

YOUNG: They brought Rush along with them. We're gonna have to do this the hard way.

(Everyone moves into position. Inside the Gate Room, Kiva turns accusingly to Telford, who she still believes is Rush.)

KIVA: What did you do to the Gate?

TELFORD: It wasn't me.

KIVA: You killed over a hundred of my men!

TELFORD: It was Rush!

(Kiva draws her pistol and storms towards him, aiming the gun at his head.)

TELFORD: Masson. Masson - your father's name. It was my password. Gate travel must have severed the link. It's me.

KIVA: Telford?

(As Telford nods, Young's voice comes over the ship's comms.)

YOUNG: Lucian Alliance forces. You are surrounded and sealed in. You will also find the intel provided by Colonel Telford is now useless. Lay down your weapons in front of the doors and step back into the centre of the room with your hands on your heads, or we will vent the entire compartment to space.

KIVA (to Telford): Can they do it?


KIVA: Then they should have.

(She jerks her head at Varro, who signals to various crew members. They take cases to all the doors and remove small round devices which they attach to the central door locks. Other crew members put on gas masks. Brody reports over radio from the Control Interface Room as he watches the activity.)

BRODY: Colonel, they're up to something.

YOUNG (into radio): Talk to me.

WALLACE (into radio from his room): They've got something to open the doors.

YOUNG (into radio): Vent the atmosphere in the Gate Room, Brody. Do it now.

BRODY (over radio): Too late.

(The devices spin the locks around and the doors slide open. Alliance crew toss small metallic objects out into the corridors.)

SCOTT (yelling): Take cover!

YOUNG: Grenade!

JAMES: Get back!

(In their various positions, the defence teams open fire as the smoke grenades explode. The masked Alliance squads race out of the Gate Room and return fire. Young shoves Scott away towards a better position.)


(He calls out to the rest of the team.)

YOUNG: Fall back!

(The team retreats around the corner, then fires towards the advancing squads.)

(In the Infirmary, Rush stands up as he hears distant gunfire and walks towards the exit. T.J., wearing a flak jacket, turns to look at him.)

JOHANSEN: Rush, you should stay here.

RUSH: No, no. The ship's under attack.

(He turns and runs off.)


(Picking up and cocking a pistol, she chases after him.)


(Outside the Gate Room it's pandemonium as the Alliance squads fire through the smoke and the Destiny teams return fire. The side of Hunter Riley's head is either clipped by a passing bullet or by shrapnel and he crumples to his knees, crying out with pain and holding his head as the Alliance advance on his position. Scott and Young cover another crew member as he tries to drag a shot colleague to safety but he too goes down under a hail of bullets. Young backs down the corridor as his team beats a retreat. The Alliance squads continue to advance.)

(In Eli's room, Chloe has had enough.)

ARMSTRONG: OK, Eli, it's time to go.


ARMSTRONG (sternly): Eli, let's go. Now!

(Tugging him to his feet, she glares at him. He realises that she's right.)

WALLACE: Yeah. Yeah.

(As he turns to pick something up, Chloe opens the doors but they're too late. An Alliance squad is already at the far end of the corridor ahead of them and is coming in their direction. As a couple of nearby Destiny crew members fire towards the squad, Eli and Chloe run out of the room and head off down another corridor. The Destiny men retreat in another direction as the Alliance squad progresses forwards. Eli and Chloe pelt down their corridor.)

WALLACE: There's an elevator this way.

(They run on, but a couple of Alliance men round the corner behind them and fire at them. Eli shoves Chloe around another corner and towards open elevator doors at the end of the corridor. She cries out in pain as he pushes her inside, follows her in and hits the button to close the doors. They shut just in time as the Alliance men run around the corner towards them. Chloe crumples to the floor as Eli leans against the wall, gasping for breath.)

(Elsewhere, Young's team is still beating a slow retreat.)


(As his team ducks around the next corner, he covers them, firing back towards the advancing squad. Once his team is clear, he trots back and joins Scott just inside a bulkhead, which now closes between them and the squad. The two men look at the doors uncertainly, listening to try and hear whether the squad is going to attach another of their devices to get them open again.)

(Elsewhere, Rush is hurrying cautiously along the corridors. T.J. chases after him.)

JOHANSEN: Rush! Wait!

(He turns to face her just as an Alliance squad runs out from side corridors and surrounds her. Nick stares in horror as they seize her arms. As they usher her away, Kiva comes into view and looks around. Seeing Nick at the end of the corridor, she raises her pistol and fires towards him. He ducks down but the bulkhead doors are already closing between him and her. The bullet bounces off the doors. Glowering, Kiva turns to T.J. as the men take her weapon.)

(On the other side of the doors, Rush straightens up in confusion. Brody's disembodied voice speaks nearby.)

BRODY: You're welcome.

(Bewildered, Nick looks around until he sees a Kino floating close by.)

BRODY (from the Control Interface Room): Wanna get the hell out of there now?

ELSEWHERE. The elevator doors open on another floor. Looking at Chloe lying on the floor, Eli realises something.

WALLACE: Chloe! You've been ... you've been shot.

(He kneels down to her and looks more closely at the bullet hole in her right lower thigh.)

WALLACE: Sorry, sorry, sorry.

(He realises that there is another larger wound on the back of her thigh and so the bullet has gone straight through her leg.)

WALLACE: It's OK. You'll be OK.

ARMSTRONG (weakly): Eli, I ...

WALLACE: Uh ... uh ... OK.

(Rising up on his knees, he unbuckles his belt and takes it off, then wraps it around her leg above the wounds and pulls it tight. He rips off part of his cardigan and folds it into a pad and puts it over the wounds.)

WALLACE: See? You'll be fine. You'll be fine. You'll be fine.

(Pressing the pad firmly down, he looks up at her as her eyes close.)


(He stares at her anxiously for a moment but she doesn't regain consciousness.)

WALLACE (softly): Oh my God.

(He pulls the cord out of the hood of his cardigan and ties it around the pad to keep it in place. Anxiously he looks out of the open doors of the elevator before turning back to Chloe.)

WALLACE (tearfully): I'll be right back, OK?

(Carefully he stands up and steps out into the corridor, looking to see if there is anybody around. After a moment he looks down at his blood soaked hands. Wiping them on his cardigan, he steps further out into the corridor.)

GATE ROOM. An Alliance man is working one of the consoles and manages to get some of the lights on. T.J. is bundled into the room from one direction. Several other crew members, including Riley, are all brought in with their hands on their head and are shoved into the middle of the room. Kiva sees that Riley has a radio in a sleeve on his jacket and goes over to him to retrieve it. As the crew members are pushed onto their knees, Kiva activates the radio.

KIVA: Colonel Young.

(Young and his team are making their way along a dark corridor.)

YOUNG (into radio): Who is this?

KIVA: Commander Kiva of the Lucian Alliance forces. We will not be complying with your request to surrender.

(She deactivates the radio and looks at her large collection of prisoners.)

EARTH. Sam Carter is reporting by video link to General O'Neill.

CARTER: We barely made hyperspace. This time it was even closer.

O'NEILL: What about casualties?

CARTER: Two of my 302s couldn't make it back; and if Rush was still on the planet ...

O'NEILL: I'm sorry, Sam.

CARTER: Yes, sir. Did any of them make it to Destiny?

O'NEILL: Haven't heard.

DESTINY GATE ROOM. The Alliance crew are stripping the prisoners of all their gear. As Riley has his jacket removed, he looks up for a moment at the Kino attached to the railing on the upper level. Kiva notices his gaze and follows it, then takes out her pistol and fires at the Kino. The screen in the Control Interface Room goes blank.

BRODY: So much for that.

(He is standing beside Rush who has resumed his rightful place at the console. Young is standing on the other side of Nick.)

RUSH (to Young): Why didn't you evacuate the compartment to space?

YOUNG: That was the plan.

VOLKER (to Rush): He didn't do it to save you.

RUSH: Not me. The connection was severed the minute I stepped through the Gate.

(He and Volker look across at Young who declines to answer their implied questions.)

YOUNG: Give me the lay of the land.

(Rush calls up the appropriate schematics of the ship.)

RUSH: This is the Gate Room. They also occupy the surrounding corridors. They had advanced further, but they pulled back.

YOUNG: To stick with what they could hold with limited manpower. That's smart.

BRODY: Once they retreated, I locked down the area behind them. Given the technology at their disposal, it won't stop them but it should give us some breathing room.

RUSH: The prisoners are being held here. Between them and us, thirty feet of corridor are in the way.

YOUNG: The second we hit that outside section, those hostages are as good as dead.

(Scott comes in.)

SCOTT: Colonel?

YOUNG: Yeah.

SCOTT: I, uh, I've done a head count. We have twelve missing and presumed captured, including Riley, T.J., Eli and Chloe.

ELEVATOR. Eli has returned to the car and is poking at various buttons on the control panel.

WALLACE (irritated): Come on!

(Chloe opens her eyes.)


WALLACE (turning to her): Hey!

(He kneels down beside her.)


ARMSTRONG: What happened?

WALLACE: You were shot. I-I stopped the bleeding.

(She starts to look down towards her leg.)

WALLACE: No, you're fine. Look at me. Hey. Look at me. Look at me.

(She raises her eyes to his face again. He smiles at her. She looks around the car.)

ARMSTRONG: Where are we?

WALLACE: I don't know. I've never been to this part of the ship before. I don't think anyone has.

(He rises up on his knees.)

WALLACE: I just pressed some random buttons. We can't get back. I'm guessing someone locked out elevator access.

ARMSTRONG: Us or them?

WALLACE (clueless): Yeah. That's the problem.

(He stands up and walks out into the corridor.)

WALLACE: I just need to get to a window; get an idea of where we are and ... and then we can ... walk back.

(Behind him, Chloe has been trying to get to her feet but groans in pain.)

WALLACE (turning to her): What? Oh ...

(He hurries back to her.)

WALLACE: Oh, no, no, no, no. I gotcha.

(He takes her right arm and bends down to wrap it around his neck.)

WALLACE: Come on. Ready? Here we go. One, two, three.

(Straightening his knees he pulls her upright. She groans again. He turns, holding her arm around his neck and wrapping his other arm around her waist.)

WALLACE: OK, OK. Lean on me.


WALLACE: I gotcha. Ready?


(They take an experimental step forward. Chloe can only trail her bad leg behind her on its toes.)

WALLACE: There you go.

(Chloe cries out again as they continue to limp painfully forward.)


KIVA (into radio): Colonel Young.

YOUNG (into radio from the Control Interface Room): Go ahead.

KIVA: Here's how I see the situation. We have the Gate Room and some of your people. You hold the Control Interface Room which I'm told is the ship's nerve centre.

YOUNG: What do you want?

KIVA: We came here for the same reasons you did. We don't want to hurt anyone. You're welcome to stay aboard Destiny and help us realise the potential of her discovery. Lay down your weapons and join us. Or - if you prefer - we can drop you off at the next inhabitable world of your choosing.

YOUNG: Or I vent the atmosphere in the sections you're occupying and keep the ship.

KIVA: If you had that in you, Colonel, you would have done it already.

YOUNG: The point is, I have the ability to end this conversation right now.

(As he deactivates his radio, Greer brings Camille into the room.)

YOUNG: Sergeant.

GREER: She wanted to see you, sir. Wouldn't shut up, in fact.

(Camille glowers at him.)

YOUNG: As you were, Sergeant.

(Greer leaves the room again. Young steps closer to Camille.)

WRAY: We are way past the point of fighting our way out of this situation. We need to negotiate with these people, and I think I should be the one to ...

YOUNG (talking over her): Yeah, yeah, no, I think you're right.

(He turns away. She blinks in surprise.)

In the Gate Room, Kiva walks along the kneeling line of prisoners. She points to an airman.

KIVA: Him.

(She points at Riley.)

KIVA: Him.

(As the two men are hauled to their feet, she continues along the line and stops at T.J.)

KIVA: And her.

(T.J. is pulled up and walked a few paces forward, then forced to kneel again next to Riley and the airman. Kiva pulls out her pistol.)

TELFORD: That's a mistake.

KIVA (cocking her pistol): It's a demonstration.

(She walks up behind T.J. and aims the pistol at the back of her head. Telford hurries towards her.)

TELFORD: All it will do is force their hand.

(Kiva hesitates. T.J.'s eyes are wide with terror and, beside her, Riley doesn't look any better.)

TELFORD (to Kiva): Do you want control of the ship or not?

(Kiva looks across at Telford, considering her options.)


WRAY: They have some of our people.

YOUNG: Well, we have some of theirs.

WRAY: So the first thing we need to do is suggest an exchange. Do you think they'll do it?

YOUNG: No ... but I think it's worth the shot.

GATE ROOM. Kiva has moved away from the hostages and Telford is showing her a schematic of the ship on a console.

TELFORD: This is the Control Interface Room, and this is the Gate Room. If we cut our way through the wall here, we can flank them. I can lead a team.

KIVA: That will reduce our numbers here.

TELFORD: Take the Control Interface Room, we won't need them here. The ship will be ours.

(Kiva points to a couple of areas in the corridors.)

KIVA: These sections are in red.

TELFORD: That section of corridor is exposed to space. The ship's shield will hold long enough for us to pass. We will slowly vent atmosphere to space, yes, but we can seal the corridor again after we've taken the ship.

(Kiva walks away and towards the prisoners. Looking at them for a moment, she turns to one of her crew and holds out her hand. He gives her a pistol which she takes over to Telford and hands it to him.)

KIVA: Take six men.

TELFORD: I'll need twice that ...

KIVA: Six. And if anything goes wrong ...

(She walks back towards T.J., Riley and the airman.)

KIVA: These three die.

(T.J. turns her head and looks at Telford.)

TELFORD: Not her. She's a medic. We can use her in the event that ...

(Just then Camille's voice comes over the radio.)

WRAY: Commander Kiva.

(Kiva picks up her radio from the console and activates it.)

KIVA: Who is this?

WRAY: My name is Camille Wray. I am the civilian authority aboard this ship. I'd like to act as an intermediary to resolve this issue without further bloodshed. Colonel Young will not transfer control of this ship to you.

KIVA: And you will?

WRAY: No - but I will expedite a prisoner exchange. Your people for ours.

KIVA: If I release my prisoners, Colonel Young will not hesitate to vent this compartment.

WRAY: You have twelve of our people. We have only four of yours. I propose an even trade: four for four. This way you maintain your advantage and gain some much needed manpower.

(Kiva looks at Telford thoughtfully for a moment.)

KIVA (into radio): Colonel Young agrees with this?

WRAY: In our society, the military takes orders from civilian leadership.

(Kiva looks at Telford, who rolls his eyes and nods as if to say, "Yeah, unfortunately it's true." She paces for a moment, then activates the radio again.)

KIVA: I'll consider it.

(In the Control Interface Room, as Kiva's radio deactivates, Camille hands her own radio back to Young.)

YOUNG: Nice job. That should buy us some time.

RUSH: Look, you're trying to save lives here. Obviously that's a good thing. But, even if she agrees to the four, which is doubtful, she won't go any further than that. Once the equation tips to the point of acceptable losses ...

WRAY: No, no, no, there will be no acceptable losses ...

RUSH: Colonel Young has already determined what that number is. He knows the chances of us winning without loss of life are practically nil. So, limit our losses, yes, all that we can ...

(He points at Young.)

RUSH: ... but eventually you're gonna have to do something.

YOUNG (pointing back at him): You don't know what you're talking about.

RUSH: You forget: I've recently been one of your acceptable losses.

YOUNG (simultaneously): You knew what you were getting yourself into, Rush.

RUSH (his voice rising angrily): You should have disconnected the stones and got me out!

YOUNG (simultaneously and furiously): You have no clue what you're talking about!

WRAY (yelling over the top of both of them): Please, guys, STOP THIS NOW! Please!

(The men finally fall silent. Young glares down at Rush.)

YOUNG: I'm going to save every one of those hostages, and I'm gonna re-take this ship. D'you understand me?

(Without meeting his eyes, Rush nods, but his face is full of disbelief.)

YOUNG: Telford has convinced her that he's still with her, otherwise he would be dead by now. Sooner or later, he will make his move.

RUSH (bitterly): So, we are to gamble this ship and all of our lives in the hope that some traitor has had a change of heart.

(He glares up at Young, then turns away with a look of disgust on his face.)

CORRIDOR. In the corridors, Eli and Chloe are hobbling along with him supporting most of her weight.

WALLACE: Look at that.

(They have reached a huge floor-to-ceiling observation window at the end of the corridor. They stop for a moment and Chloe gazes out of the window.)

ARMSTRONG (softly): Wow.


(He helps her turn right and they totter off towards a second picture window. This one faces more towards the rear of the ship.)

WALLACE: Guess those elevators go more than just up and down.


(Reaching the second window, Eli helps Chloe take hold of the railing in front of the window so that she can lean on that for a moment and both of them can catch their breath.)

WALLACE: Right there. You got it?


(Eli looks out of the window, continuing to talk about the elevator.)

WALLACE: Guess they had a few buttons I wasn't supposed to press.

(Chloe looks round at him.)

ARMSTRONG: Is the air getting thin?

WALLACE: Life support isn't working out here.

ARMSTRONG: How do you know?

WALLACE (laughing ruefully): I was the one who shut it off. Rush's orders. I mean, there's air - there just ... there isn't any new air being pumped in.

ARMSTRONG: So we need to keep moving.


(Chloe tries to step away from the railing on her own but cries out and starts to fall as she tries to put weight on her bad leg. Eli catches her.)

WALLACE: Whoa, whoa, whoa! OK?

ARMSTRONG: I don't know if I can.

(Putting her arms around his neck, she looks at him plaintively.)


(He braces himself for a moment, then bends down and picks her up in his arms.)

WALLACE: No problem! (He smiles down at her.) I gotcha!

(Grinning, he continues down the corridor.)

NEAR THE GATE ROOM. Kiva leads T.J. to a storeroom where Varro is lying unconscious on the ground.

KIVA: This is my lieutenant, Varro. Save him.

(T.J. walks over and kneels down beside him, then lifts the dressing that has been laid over what is presumably a gunshot wound in his neck. She looks up at Kiva.)

JOHANSEN: He's badly wounded.

(Kiva looks down at her as if to say, "Then you'd better get on with it.")

COMMUNICATIONS ROOM. Young and Vanessa James are sitting at the table with the activation box between them.

YOUNG: Even the slightest hint of trouble, Lieutenant ...

JAMES: I'll bring you back, sir.

(Nodding, Young lifts his stone and drops it onto the box. At the Pentagon, airman Myers is sitting in the Communications Room reading a book. As Young transfers into his body, he drops the book, leaps to his feet and hurries towards the door.)

YOUNG: I need to speak to General O'Neill.

EARTH. O'NEILL'S OFFICE. Not long afterwards, Young is sitting opposite Jack in his office.

O'NEILL: Second-guessing a decision is a waste of time.

(Young looks down, embarrassed. Jack stares at him sternly.)

O'NEILL: I'm not there ... but I'm starting to wonder if maybe I should be.

YOUNG: I-I can't speak to that, sir.

O'NEILL: This should be done, Colonel - over.

YOUNG: Yes, sir. At the time, I believed that venting the Gate Room would kill both Doctor Rush and Colonel Telford. They deserved a chance.

O'NEILL: We lost two 302 pilots sent to stop the attack.

YOUNG: I'm sorry.

O'NEILL: Colonel Carter knew she'd lose her ship if she tried to save them, but it was the right decision.

YOUNG (in a whisper): Yes, sir.

(He lowers his head again, sighing.)

O'NEILL: Are you up for this, Everett?

(Young raises his head and gets to his feet.)

YOUNG: Yes, sir.

O'NEILL: Because somebody'll take your place if you're not.

YOUNG: I'm not gonna let anybody take that ship, sir.

O'NEILL: Then get your ass back there.

(Nodding, Young leaves the room.)

DESTINY. One of Telford's assault squad finishes laser cutting through the wall and kicks out the square of metal to reveal the corridor behind. As Kiva watches, Telford steps through the hole and shines his flashlight around. There's nobody to be seen. He nods back to Kiva.

TELFORD: We're good.

(She nods to him and walks away as the rest of his squad follow him through the hole. They walk down the corridor, each one of them looking up a little anxiously as they pass below a large hole in the ceiling which is open to space. The shimmering force shield over the hole is humming quietly. Telford leads them onwards and then walks over to a wall console and activates it.)

SQUAD MEMBER: What are you doing?

(Some Ancient writing appears on the screen. Telford looks round at the man as the writing is replaced by a schematic of the ship.)

TELFORD: Just checking to make sure we're heading in the right direction.

(The squad member steps back and Telford looks around the junction, then leads them off.)

TELFORD: This way.

CONTROL INTERFACE ROOM. Rush looks round at the wall where the countdown clock usually appears. However, the panel is blank.

RUSH: There's no countdown.


(He and Brody look up at the wall.)

RUSH: We dropped out of F.T.L. because someone was gating in. Why haven't we jumped back?

(Lisa Park's console beeps.)

PARK: Someone just activated a console in one of the access corridors.

(Brody goes over to look at her screen. The schematic appears with a route being marked on it leading from the Gate Room to the Control Interface Room. Brody speaks into his radio.)

BRODY: Colonel, a console just came on using Telford's code. They're in the cordoned-off section, coming our way.

(Young is walking along a corridor with Scott, James and several other soldiers.)

YOUNG (into radio): That's his move.

(Looking round at the others, he breaks into a trot. The others run after him.)

CORRIDOR. Elsewhere, Eli carries Chloe along a corridor. Water is dripping nearby and there is condensation in the air.

ARMSTRONG: It's cold.

WALLACE: Really?(!)

(He stumbles on and reaches closed doors. Turning and going back a few feet, he carries her to a wall and starts to lower her down next to a section which is jutting out.)

WALLACE: OK, watch your foot.

(Bracing her against the wall as he puts her down, he takes off his cardigan.)

WALLACE: We have to be careful moving through sections.

(He puts the cardigan around her shoulders.)

WALLACE: There's a reason we've never been out this far.

(He helps her put her arms into the sleeves.)

WALLACE: A ton of the compartments are depressurised. There.

(He settles the cardigan in place around her.)

ARMSTRONG: Mmm. Thank you.

WALLACE: Hang on.

(He walks to the other side of the section which is jutting out. As she leans across and takes hold of the section, he too grabs it with one hand and looks across at her.)




(Nervously he reaches out with his other hand and punches the wall button before swinging round and grabbing the wall with his other hand. The lock spins and the doors slide open ... and there is no rush of air whooshing out. Eli stands up, walks to the entrance and looks down yet another long corridor.)

WALLACE: More dark and gloomy.

(He walks back to Chloe.)

WALLACE: We're good. You ready?


(Grunting with the effort, he hauls her up into his arms again.)


(He stumbles around the corner and heads off down the new corridor.)

WALLACE: How're you doing?

ARMSTRONG: I'm good.

WALLACE: You sure?

ELSEWHERE. Somewhere between the Gate Room and the Control Interface Room, Telford and his squad walk into a storage area. Pocketing his pistol, Telford walks across to the opposite doors, which are closed. The light on the door panel is red, and there is a humming sound coming from somewhere nearby. Telford hits the button a couple of times but nothing happens. On the other side, Young and his team are aiming their weapons towards the locked doors.

YOUNG (into radio): Stand by.

JAMES (into radio from another position): Yes, sir, we're good to go.

BRODY (into radio from the Control Interface Room): Ready.

(In another position, Greer and his group take their places.)

GREER (into radio): Just give the word, sir.

(Back at the closed doors, Telford states the obvious.)

TELFORD: It's locked down.

SQUAD MEMBER: I'll handle it.

(The man steps towards the doors and attaches one of the round discs onto the door lock. Immediately a white light begins to fritz on and off above his head. He looks up at the source of the humming. It's the second area where part of the ceiling is missing and the humming seems to be coming from the shield, but now there is this strange flickering light as well. It continues to fritz as the man looks round at the others.)

SQUAD MEMBER: OK, get ready.

(As the others ready their weapons, the man reaches out to activate the disc. The light fritzes on again and now it is stronger, and it is accompanied by a high-pitched intermittent metallic squealing sound. The light flickers over the back of the man's hand and a burning patch appears on his skin. He screams in pain and the patch immediately widens. The rest of the squad look at him nervously as he turns, still screaming, and they see that his entire hand is blackened and burned beyond recovery. Even as they start to take in the shocking sight, more burning patches appear on other areas of his body, then his entire body rapidly blackens as if severely burned. The squad panic and run from the room. Telford holds his ground, watching in appalled horror as the man's body disintegrates into a pile of ashes which tumble to the floor in a heap. The squeal fades and the flickering light from the shield dissipates. Moments later Telford looks up as all the other lights begin to flicker.)

(All around the ship, the lights flicker on and off. Scott looks up nervously.)

SCOTT: What was that?

(In the Control Interface Room, the group looks around in concern as the lights continue to flicker. Rush looks down at his console, trying to work out what's happening. At the other positions guarded by Destiny crew, everyone looks anxiously at the lights and readies their weapons. In the Gate Room, Kiva looks up as the lights flicker and then go out. Those with flashlights switch them on and everyone raises their weapons and aims them into the darkness.)

(Back at Telford's position, he has bravely moved to the doors and reaches out to press the centre of the Alliance device attached to the lock. The lock begins to spin. On the other side of the doors, Young and his team hear the lock spinning.)

YOUNG: Ready.

(The doors slide open and Telford comes into view, immediately raising his hands. Young signals to his team to hold their fire. Telford lowers his hands, then squats down to the pile of ashes.)

TELFORD: What happened?

(Young walks closer. Telford points down to the ashes. Smoke is rising from them.)

TELFORD: You didn't do that?

YOUNG: What is that?

TELFORD: Just a minute ago, it was a man.

(He stands up.)

TELFORD: We have to stand down ‘til we figure this out.

(In the Control Interface Room, the team looks up in surprise as Young's voice comes over the radio.)

YOUNG: This is Young. Everybody stand down.

(In the corridors, the teams start to move away. Telford beckons to Young.)

TELFORD: Throw me a radio.

(Young turns and beckons to a nearby airman.)

YOUNG: Radio.

(The airman hands his over and Young tosses it to Telford.)

TELFORD: Three clicks, go to channel six. I'm gonna have to try this again.

(He presses the wall panel button and the doors close between him and the others. As they lock, he nervously reaches out and deactivates the Alliance device and removes it from the lock. He looks up at the hole above his head. The shield keeping the air in is flickering in its normal way, and the humming sound continues from it. Looking down at the pile of ashes at his feet one last time, Telford heads back the way he came.)

CORRIDOR. Eli is still carrying Chloe in his arms and is stumbling with weariness. However, they appear to have reached a corridor closer to the inhabited area, because all the lights are on.

ARMSTRONG: Let's stop.

WALLACE: No, I'm fine.


WALLACE: Seriously, this is nothing.

(He stops and raises one knee high, shoving Chloe higher up into his arms, then totters onwards.)

WALLACE: Once, I climbed the Redridge Mountains on my way to Stonard with a full pack.

ARMSTRONG: Where's that?

(Eli hesitates, wondering if he can bluff his way through it, but then laughs in embarrassment and tells the truth.)

WALLACE (chuckling): World of Warcraft.

ARMSTRONG: Wow. That must have given you quite the sense of accomplishment.

(Eli grimaces in pain, almost at the end of his strength, but stumbles on regardless.)


WALLACE: OK, OK, OK, a little break. A little break.

(Carefully he lowers her into a sitting position on the floor with her back against the wall. She groans at the change in position of her leg.)

WALLACE: All right, all right.

(Exhausted, he sinks down next to her, his face covered with sweat. They both catch their breath for a few seconds, then Chloe looks across to him.)

ARMSTRONG: So what do you think is happening?

WALLACE: Probably won by now.

ARMSTRONG: You think so?

(Eli shrugs.)

ARMSTRONG: If we won, then why haven't we been rescued?

(Eli looks across to her.)

WALLACE: Well, first they have to figure out what to do with the prisoners; and then there's that whole post-victory celebration. I mean, streamers everywhere.

ARMSTRONG (wearily): I'm so tired.

WALLACE: You're still ... you're still losing blood. I wasn't able to stop it completely.

ARMSTRONG (weakly): Eli ...

WALLACE (sternly): Hey.

(She looks at him.)

WALLACE: I'm going to take care of you.

(He forces a smile. She gazes back at him, then looks down and takes his hand. They clasp hands and Eli smiles again.)

GATE ROOM. Telford has returned to face Kiva. The lights are back on.

TELFORD: It wasn't them. Now, I don't know what happened to our man but I know that they had nothing to do with it. They don't have anything that could do that to a person.

KIVA: Are you telling me that they had nothing to do with this?

(She storms over to the nearest console. Telford hands the door device to one of the crew, then follows her to the console. The files on it are fritzing wildly.)

TELFORD: What happened?

(In the Control Interface Room, the team is having similar problems.)

BRODY: Overload in the power relays preceded by temporary disruption of all shipboard systems - lights to life support.

YOUNG: Well, how the hell did they manage that?

RUSH: They didn't.

YOUNG: Well, then what caused it?

RUSH: That's what I'm trying to figure out.

(In the Gate Room, Kiva looks at Telford.)

KIVA: They're making their move.

TELFORD: They wouldn't be that obvious.

(Kiva activates her radio.)

KIVA: Colonel Young. Would you care to tell me what's going on?

YOUNG (into radio): We don't know.

KIVA: One of my men is dead.

YOUNG: You need to know that we had nothing to do with that.

KIVA: Yes, so I'm told.

(She looks up as T.J. is brought over to her.)

KIVA (into radio): I'm going to ask for a show of good faith.

YOUNG: What do you want?

(Kiva walks over to T.J. and offers her the radio. T.J. takes it and activates it.)

JOHANSEN: Colonel?

(Young's head lifts as he recognises her voice. The team watches as he hesitates for a long moment, then steps away outside the room.)

YOUNG (into radio): Lieutenant. How are you?

JOHANSEN: I'm fine. We're all fine.

YOUNG: What is it that they want?

JOHANSEN: Some of their people are injured badly. I'm gonna need medical supplies to help them.

LATER. CONTROL INTERFACE ROOM. The team in the Control Interface Room is discussing the options.

RUSH: What will this accomplish?

WRAY: A goodwill gesture doesn't have to accomplish anything.

RUSH: Of course it does! So they lack medical supplies. Who knows what else they might lack? Food? Water? Now, in time they're gonna get desperate and make their move and when they do, they'll be dealing with the hostages first. There's only one way this is gonna end if we wait.

WRAY: How do you know that? We don't even know what's going on with the ship!

YOUNG: All the more reason to act now.

(Everyone looks round at him.)

YOUNG: Rush is right. We have to take them down, and we have to do it right now.