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A group from Destiny is left behind on a planet when the ship enters F.T.L., and must find a Stargate route back before the ship leaves the galaxy.

WRITTEN BY: Martin Gero
DIRECTED BY: Ronn Schmidt
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Transcript by Callie Sullivan

DESTINY CONTROL INTERFACE ROOM. A Kino slowly flies towards Nicholas Rush as he sits working at his console in the Control Interface Room. Nearby, a pair of hands is working the Kino's remote, aiming it towards Rush as his image appears on the remote's screen.

RUSH (irritably, without looking up): Riley.

(Hunter Riley, whose hands are operating the remote, looks up at him.)

RILEY: I think Eli would want someone documenting the efforts to rescue the team that was left behind.

RUSH: Well, given that Eli is one of the team that was left behind, I would have thought he'd want everyone doing anything possible to help rescue them.

RILEY (sulkily): You didn't like my idea.

RUSH: Telling Destiny to go back and pick them up isn't gonna work.

RILEY: How do you know.

RUSH (angrily): Because I've already tried it!

(Nearby, Adam Brody steps away from his own console as a star map appears on the holoscreen.)

BRODY: I'm done.

(Riley turns the Kino towards himself and starts speaking into it.)

RILEY: The Stargate aboard this ship is much more primitive than the later models found in the Milky Way.

(He turns the Kino towards the holoscreen.)

RILEY: As you can see from this map, each time Destiny stops, it's in range of only a small group of Gates. That means the next time we drop out of F.T.L., the planet the team was stranded on will no longer be in range of Destiny. However, Doctor Rush and Mr. Brody are working on ...

(At that moment, the Kino drops out of the air and thuds to the floor. Frowning, Riley looks down at it.)

RILEY: That's weird.

BRODY: What happened?

RILEY: The battery must have died.

(He bends down and picks the Kino up.)


RILEY: I just got this one fresh out of the dispenser.

(Just then, the holoscreen fritzes and fades. Riley looks round at the others.)

RUSH: It wasn't me.

JAMES' QUARTERS. In Vanessa James' quarters, she and Tamara (T.J.) Johansen are talking. T.J. has apparently initiated a conversation about Vanessa's feelings for Matthew Scott now that he has been left behind.

JAMES: I am not the sort of person who just jumps into bed with anyone. I thought we ...

(She trails off, looking at T.J. suspiciously.)

JAMES: Colonel Young asked you to check on me, didn't he?

JOHANSEN: Yes, but he's asking me to keep tabs on everybody.

(Vanessa looks down dubiously.)

JOHANSEN: He believes in you.

JAMES: Well, he doesn't have much choice.

JOHANSEN: I'm also here because I'm your friend.

JAMES (apologetically): I'm sorry. It's just that ...

(At that moment the lights go out in the room.)

YOUNG'S OFFICE. Everett Young picks up his radio as the lights go out.

YOUNG (into radio): Rush, come in.

RUSH (into radio from the Control Interface Room): Yeah, we've got several systems down. It looks like Destiny's activated some kind of power-saving mode.

BRODY: That's strange because our reserves are still at almost maximum current capacity from the last recharge.

RUSH (into radio): Life support's fine. I should be able to work round it; get the lights back on in a couple of minutes.

(He deactivates the radio.)

BRODY: Maybe we shouldn't.

RUSH: What?

BRODY: Work around it. I mean, there's gotta be a good reason this is happening.

RILEY: This whole ship is falling apart. Computers don't last forever. Maybe it's a malfunction.

RUSH (exasperated): Well, we're not gonna be able to do anything in the dark.

RUINS PLANET. On the planet with the ruined city, Matthew Scott is leading Ronald Greer, Eli Wallace and Chloe Armstrong through the underground tunnels. Eli, while not actually panicking, is very anxious.

WALLACE: We have two days of water tops.

GREER: We'll find more.

SCOTT: Step one: we get out of these tunnels.

WALLACE (quietly): We're off to a bad start.

SCOTT: We'll find food and water.

WALLACE: They can't turn the ship around.

SCOTT: Then we'll use the Gates to catch up.

WALLACE: In order to connect the dots between here and the Destiny, there have to be Gates in range of each other between this planet and wherever Destiny stops next.

(He stops to emphasise his point. The others gather around him.)

WALLACE: Plus, this remote only tells you which Gates are in range of this planet, not where they are. There's no way to know which direction we'd be going. Oh, and in case that's not bad enough, we have no idea where Destiny went.

ARMSTRONG: Whoa. One step at a time.

SCOTT: Yeah. Let's all try and keep a positive attitude.

WALLACE (sarcastically): Huh!

(The tunnels begin to shake. Everyone shines their flashlight upwards nervously as dust pours down from cracks in the ceiling.)

GREER: The C4 blast could have destabilised the whole place.

WALLACE: Oh, that's just great.

SCOTT: Well, we had to take the risk.

WALLACE: What, seriously?!

ARMSTRONG (reproachfully): Eli.

(The shaking settles down but rumbling continues close by for several more seconds.)

SCOTT: All we can do right now is keep moving.

(He leads the team away.)

DESTINY. Young is walking along the dark corridors holding a flashlight. The light fades and goes out. Angrily he stops and smacks the flashlight, then starts to unscrew it.

YOUNG: Son of a ...

(Just then the corridor lights come back on. He continues on to the Control Interface Room.)

YOUNG: So, what do we know?

RUSH: Not much. Several non-essential systems automatically shut down.

BRODY: We still only have limited control.

YOUNG: How about rescuing the team we left behind?

RUSH: As I said, Colonel, we won't know if the planet they were left on is reachable until we've dropped out of F.T.L.

RUINS PLANET. Eli is rambling as the team heads onwards down the tunnels.

WALLACE: It's crazy. You'd think some of these tunnels would lead somewhere. No wonder the people that built this place died out - probably all got lost down here. Just wandered around, thinking, “Oh, if only we'd thought to put in a few more exits.” Or maybe one of those maps you see in a shopping mall with a big red dot ... (he points to the printing on his T-shirt) ... “You are here.” How hard is that? I'd kill for a big red dot right now.

(At the rear of the team, either Greer's claustrophobia is getting worse or he's sick to death of Eli's babbling.)

GREER: I can't take this any more.

SCOTT: All right, we'll stop, take a quick breather. Five minutes.

WALLACE: Thank God.

(The soldiers remain standing and shining their flashlights in both directions. Chloe sits down on a large stone and Eli sits on the floor and activates his remote control.)

SCOTT: Still looking for that Kino?

WALLACE: Uh, no.

SCOTT: So what are you doing?

WALLACE: Uh, I've been thinking about using the Gates, actually.


WALLACE: I may have painted an overly bleak picture before. I'll admit I was freaking out a bit.

SCOTT: And now?

WALLACE: Well, we do know that Destiny is travelling down a path - basically a corridor of Gates left behind by the ships that were sent in advance. It meanders somewhat but generally it heads in one direction. I mean, they wouldn't put Gates on every planet in every galaxy.

SCOTT: Obviously not.

WALLACE: People don't realise how big a galaxy is.

ARMSTRONG (pointedly): Anyway ...

WALLACE: Let's say the Gates in range of the planet we're on ...

(Getting onto his knees, he picks up a large stone and puts it down again in the middle of the floor .)

WALLACE: ... are in this circle.

(He picks up a stick and draws a circle around the stone. He then draws a second circle a short distance away from the first one. Matt squats down beside Chloe to get a better look at what Eli is drawing.)

WALLACE: This circle represents the Gates in range of Destiny next time it drops out of F.T.L.

(He picks up another stone to represent the ship and puts it into the middle of the second circle.)

SCOTT: OK, so we need to get to that circle.

(He gestures to the second circle.)

WALLACE: Yeah, right.

(He picks up a few more stones and drops them in a line in the space between the two circles.)

WALLACE: Now hopefully there are Gates in range of each other between these circles. Once we are in range of Destiny, the address will show up on here ...

(He picks up the remote, looks down at his drawing on the floor, then smiles.)

WALLACE: You see how easy it is to make a simple map?

SCOTT: OK, so how do we know we're going the right way?

(Eli's smile fades.)

WALLACE: We don't. But if we do go the wrong way, we'll either run out of addresses because we've reached the edge of the corridor, or we'll run into planets we've been to before, or at least, addresses I'll hopefully remember or recognise, but this is a fifty:fifty shot.

SCOTT: Good.

(He looks up as Greer silently points back behind his own shoulder and gestures that there's something there. Scott stands up.)

SCOTT: All right, we should really get moving.

WALLACE: What, that's my five minutes?

SCOTT (urgently): Eli, seriously.

(He points down the corridor. Eli looks over his shoulder and sees another giant spider crawling around the corner. The civilians scramble up, everyone grabs their gear and they get moving.)

DESTINY. In the Control Interface Room, Brody is standing near the holoscreen which has been reactivated.

BRODY: Are you seeing what I'm seeing?

RUSH (unhappily): Yeah. Well, I suspected as much.

BRODY: Well, if it's true ...

RUSH (quietly): I know.

BRODY: You're not gonna tell Young?

RUSH: It's not certain.

BRODY: You have to tell him.

INFIRMARY. Young is with T.J.

JOHANSEN: She's upset. We all are.

YOUNG: But she's fine, though? I mean, I don't have to worry about putting her back out there?

JOHANSEN: No. A few words of encouragement from you wouldn't hurt, though. She thinks you don't have any confidence in her, that you're only putting her out there because you don't have a choice.

YOUNG: I don't.

JOHANSEN: I know you think she's a good soldier.

YOUNG: Is she aware that I know about her previous relationship with Scott?

JOHANSEN: No. She's not over him, either. But that's not an issue.

YOUNG: Hm. Thanks.

(He stands up to leave.)


(He turns back to her.)

JOHANSEN (awkwardly): There's something else I, uh, need to tell you.

YOUNG: Well, that sounds serious.

(T.J. draws in a deep nervous breath.)

JOHANSEN: I ... I ...

RUSH (over radio): Colonel Young, come in.

YOUNG (into radio): Rush, go ahead.

RUSH: Yeah, you're gonna wanna see this.

YOUNG: I'll be right there.

(Lowering his radio, he steps closer to T.J.)

YOUNG: So, you were - you were gonna say?

(She stares at him for a moment, then shakes her head.)

JOHANSEN: It can wait. It's more of a longer conversation.


(He turns and leaves the room.)

CONTROL INTERFACE ROOM. Young has joined Rush and they are looking at the holoscreen.

RUSH: When I was left behind on that planet with the crashed alien ship ...

YOUNG: I remember.

RUSH: Yeah, well, one of the things I saw there appeared to be a map of this galaxy, including the Stargates.


RUSH: Well, Mr. Brody and myself have been working on our own map, based on our own records of where Destiny has been thus far.

YOUNG: I thought Destiny had a map of where it's been.

RUSH: Yeah, but we're trying to create a clearer picture of the entire galaxy where ...

YOUNG (interrupting): Rush, just cut to the chase, willya?

RUSH: I was hoping to have some better news, but if I'm right, then we are at the very edge of this galaxy.

YOUNG: Well, how's that bad news? We know that Destiny travels between galaxies.

RUSH: Yeah, but the space between galaxies is huge, vast, empty.

YOUNG: You think that's why that power-saving protocol kicked in?

RUSH: I don't know - it could be - but more importantly, there will be no more Gates, no chance of dialling back to this system. If we don't find them the next time we drop out of F.T.L., we won't have another chance.

RUINS PLANET. As Team Scott reaches a fork in the tunnels, Matt marks an arrow on the wall with a piece of chalk. Eli, working on his remote as he walks along, giggles with delight.

WALLACE: Oh my God!

SCOTT: What?

WALLACE: The Kino!

(He shows them the live footage on the screen.)

WALLACE: Look, look. An exit!

(The footage shows daylight streaming down a narrow chimney which has a ladder cut into the rear wall.)

WALLACE: The Kino found an exit!

SCOTT: That's awesome. Where's the Kino?

WALLACE: Oh, I have no idea.

SCOTT: Right, exactly!

WALLACE: Come on! At least now we know that there is a way out of here.

(Chloe turns and walks away a little, frowning at something that she has just noticed.)

SCOTT: Left or right? What's it gonna be?

GREER: Well, we're travelling blind, so what difference does it make?

SCOTT: Left. I like left.

WALLACE: No offence to what you like, man, but ...


(She is holding her light up to a carved panel on the wall.)

ARMSTRONG: He's right. We should go left.

WALLACE: How do you know for sure?

ARMSTRONG: Because that's what this map says.

(She looks up at the panel again as the others go over to join her.)

ARMSTRONG: Huh. There's been a few of these along the way. I thought they were just decorative at first. So far they've all been the same except for one thing.

(She points to a particular point on the carving.)

ARMSTRONG: This symbol seems to be in different places.

(Eli reaches up and touches the symbol in the middle of the carving of the network of tunnels.)

WALLACE: “You are here.”

(He turns indignantly to the others.)

WALLACE: There've been maps down here this whole time?!

SCOTT: That's awesome. Are you sure?

ARMSTRONG (pointing to the area on the carving with the symbol): Well, this seems to be the fork we're standing in.

GREER: Yeah, well there's only one way to find out.

(Turning, he briskly walks away.)

SCOTT: What are you doing?

GREER: Gonna go look for another one.

(He disappears around a corner. Scott rolls his eyes and calls after him.)

SCOTT: Greer!

(The tunnels start to shake again. Scott shines his light up at the nearest crack in the ceiling and watches with concern as more dust pours out of it. He turns and heads in the direction Greer went.)

SCOTT: Greer!

(The rumbling subsides and a moment later Greer reappears from around the corner.)

GREER: She's right. There's another map ...

(At that moment the ceiling in between them collapses and a ton of rock cascades to the floor. There's no way of knowing whether Greer was behind or under it.)

SCOTT (anguished): GREER!

DESTINY INFIRMARY. T.J. is talking with Lisa Park.

JOHANSEN: I tried.

(She looks at Lisa's accusing stare.)

JOHANSEN: I did! Really! I was about to tell him and then he got called away by Rush.

PARK: Well, you should have told him anyway.

(T.J. sighs.)

JOHANSEN: It just sounded important.

PARK: So is this.


PARK: He's gonna find out soon enough. (She nods towards T.J.'s abdomen.) I mean, you're starting to show.


PARK: Are you afraid of what he's gonna say?

JOHANSEN: Or not say. I don't know.

PARK: Go tell him right now.

JOHANSEN: It just seems like there's always something ...

(Just then the ship's engines slow down and the usual shimmer envelops the two of them for a moment as Destiny drops out of F.T.L.. Tamara shrugs at Lisa as if to say, “See?!”)

RUINS PLANET. Chloe calls out in concern as the rock fall subsides.


(Covered in rock dust but unharmed, Scott looks back at her.)

SCOTT: Yeah, I'm fine.

(Chloe and Eli walk closer and look at the extent of the fall, which is blocking the entire corridor.)

WALLACE: Oh my God.

SCOTT (yelling): Greer! Greer!

(He activates his radio, hoping that Greer is behind the rocks.)

SCOTT: Come in, Greer!

(There's no response.)

SCOTT (into radio): Ron, can you hear me?

ARMSTRONG: Maybe the signal can't penetrate the rocks.

(Eli looks at her hopefully for a second, then remembers something.)

WALLACE: We could hear James pretty clearly.

(They all look at each other for a moment, then instantly Matt and Eli turn and start hauling rocks away from the blockage.)

DESTINY. The Stargate is open and Rush - geared up for offworld travel - is walking towards the Gate Room with Young. Lieutenant James and her team are already in the room.

YOUNG: Three hours?

RUSH: Besides dialling, checking for safe environment, roughly eight to ten minutes per planet, factor in time to get back, we'll be able to see roughly twenty planets. At least we know the direction to go in.

JAMES (to Young): We'll find them, sir.

YOUNG: Good luck.

(The team heads through the Gate.)

JOHANSEN (over radio): Colonel, it's T.J., come in?

YOUNG (into radio): Go ahead.

JOHANSEN: Have they left?

YOUNG (turning and leaving the room): Yes. Unfortunately it's a very short window.

JOHANSEN: Do you have some time to talk in private?

YOUNG: I'm just on my way to see Doctor Volker to talk about the charging plates, putting them back online. Nothing seems to be working around here. Can it wait?

(He deactivates his radio and awaits T.J.'s reply but there is nothing but static. Frowning, he twiddles with the radio's knobs as he walks along.)

RUINS PLANET. Scott, Eli and Chloe continue pulling rocks away from the heap as Matt continues calling out to his colleague.

SCOTT: Greer! Come on, buddy! Greer!

(Chloe and Eli tug on a particularly large rock. Eli struggles to support its weight.)

WALLACE: Uh! Wait-wait-wait-wait-wait-wait-wait.

(As the rock thuds to the ground, the tunnel starts to shake and dust sifts out of cracks in the ceiling.)

SCOTT: All right, stop. Stop. Stop moving rocks.

(The tunnel continues to shake.)

SCOTT: We need to get out of here.

(Eli stares at him as the shaking begins to subside.)

SCOTT: Look, I saw those rocks coming down. He, uh ...

(He shakes his head, indicating that he doesn't think that Greer survived.)

SCOTT: I know he would want us to get out of here alive, especially if there was no hope for him.


ARMSTRONG: Are you just saying that because you think you need to get us out of here?

(The tunnel begins to shake again.)

SCOTT: Gear up. Give me a second here. Just go.

(Anguished, but unable to do anything, Eli and Chloe turn away and start to collect their gear. His face full of pain, Matt turns towards the rock fall and activates his radio.)

SCOTT: Look, Greer ... I'm sorry, man.

(Unable to find any more words, he turns and joins the other two. As the tunnel continues to shake, he urges them away.)

SCOTT: Move, move, move, move, this thing's coming down.

(They hurry away as more of the ceiling starts to collapse behind them.)

FLASHBACK. Ronald Greer is about twelve or thirteen years old. Locked in either the basement or a cupboard of his house, he sits quiet and afraid as his parents argue nearby.

ANGELA: Please.


ANGELA: The boy has to eat.

REGINALD: Look, don't you go near there.

ANGELA: You've gotta let him out.

REGINALD (furiously): I don't gotta do nothing!

(Making an enraged noise, he apparently throws furniture, property, or possibly his wife, across the room.)

RONALD (quietly, afraid): Mom?

REGINALD: The boy has to learn.

(In the present, Greer recovers consciousness and slowly opens his eyes. He reaches up to a large cut on his right eyebrow and wipes it. Dust sifts down onto him as he looks around. Luckily the light on his rifle wasn't broken and there doesn't appear to be too much rock on top of him. He calls out.)

GREER: Hello! Hey! Hey, guys, can anyone hear me? I'm here!

(Lowering his head, he coughs and spits out dust. He pulls his radio out of his jacket pocket.)

GREER (into radio): Scott, this is Greer, come in.

(It appears that the radio is broken.)

GREER (more quietly): Come in.

(Furious and anguished, he starts to smash the radio against a rock.)

RUINS. Further along the corridors, Eli is again talking for the sake of talking as the team continues onwards. At last they reach the Kino floating in mid-air near the exit chimney.

WALLACE: Hey, at least the tremors have stopped. Probably got far enough from the cave-in.

(Scott walks to the chimney and looks up it as Eli collects the Kino and packs it into his bag. Scott comes back into the tunnel and looks back down it as if willing Greer to arrive. Eli zips up his bag and puts it over his head and shoulder, then exchanges a long look with Chloe as he sees the despair on Matt's face. He realises that Matt knows that if they leave the tunnels they will be finally admitting that Greer is dead. He also realises that there is nothing they can do to change the situation.)

WALLACE: I'll go.

(Walking into the chimney, he starts to climb up the stone ladder. A few seconds later, Chloe follows him. Matt continues to gaze down the corridor.)

On the other side of the rock fall, Greer is trying to tunnel his way out. Picking up one rock at a time, he passes them back out of his way.

(In his memories, young Ronald is building up a pile of bricks outside his house. Nearby, his father sits in a garden chair and drinks from a bottle of beer. As Greer in the present continues moving rocks out of his way, his younger self carefully collects together all the bricks in the garden and piles them up into a small wall. Some time later he completes the job and turns to his father.)


(His father takes another swig from his bottle and then lowers it, half asleep and very drunk.)


(Reginald hauls himself to his feet and walks over to the pile of bricks. Putting his foot against the wall, he shoves it over. In the present, Greer snarls at the memory. In the past, his father looks down at him straight-faced. In the present, Greer shakes off the memory and continues moving rocks out of his way. His memory shifts to himself, still about twelve years old, sitting at the kitchen table with his mother.)

ANGELA: He wasn't always like this.

RONALD (angrily): You say that all the time.

ANGELA: He was a good man.

(She pours him a glass of milk.)

ANGELA: A good father. You were too young to remember.

RONALD: I hate him.

ANGELA: It's not his fault.

RONALD: Don't care.

ANGELA: You need to be strong. I know you've got it in you. He needs us - both of us. Nobody else is gonna take care of him.

RONALD: We need to go.

ANGELA: Where?

RONALD: Far away. Both of us. We need to get out of here.

(Coughing, struggling and fighting off tears of panic, Greer starts to wriggle through the gap he has made in the rocks. At long last he manages to push a way through to the edge of the rock fall.)

(Some distance away, the rest of Team Scott is in woodland and has reached the Stargate. Eli flicks through addresses on the remote.)

SCOTT: Eli, hold up a second.


(In the tunnels, Greer pushes the last of the rocks out of his way and drags himself through the gap. Pulling himself to his feet, he starts to trot down the tunnel. At the Gate, Scott is in discussion with the other two.)

SCOTT: I'm saying maybe the thing to do is stay put. If it is possible to connect the dots between here and Destiny, then Colonel Young is going to send a team back to look for us. Maybe we'd be better off waiting for them to find us.

WALLACE: We don't know how long Destiny's gonna stop for. If it's a short window, there might not be enough time for them to get here and then to gate back to Destiny. We need to take the chance.

(In the tunnels, Greer finds one of the stone maps with a chalk arrow drawn under it. He runs off in that direction.)

(In the woods, Eli wields his remote as if asking Scott what his decision is. Scott turns away, running the options through his mind.)

(Greer continues to trot along the corridors.)

(In the woods, Scott makes his decision and turns back to Eli.)

SCOTT: OK, dial it.

(Eli turns to the Gate and types on the remote. The Gate begins to spin. Scott turns back and looks in the direction of the ruins as if still willing Greer to appear.)

(Greer reaches the chimney. Slinging his rifle belt over his head, he starts to climb.)

(In the woods, the Stargate is open. Eli has sent the Kino through and is looking at its footage and data on the remote.)

WALLACE: It's hard to see. Looks pretty foggy, but everything else is good.

(He looks round at Scott.)

WALLACE: It's safe to go.

(Greer is racing across the fields in the direction of the Stargate.)

(In his memories, young Ronald is sitting on a bed with a small box on his lap. He has opened the box and has found inside photographs of his father and two of his army colleagues laughing into the camera. Also in the box is a medal awarded to his father. Suddenly Reginald opens the door and walks into the room. Snatching the photographs from his son's hand, he picks up the box and hurls it hard across the room, then grabs Ronald's shirt and drags him to his feet.)

(At the Stargate, Scott nods.)

SCOTT: Yeah.

(Eli and Chloe head up the ramp. Scott turns one last time and gazes back the way they came.)

(In the fields a long distance away, Greer is still running as fast as he can.)

(In his memories, Ronald is sitting beside his father as they drive to what looks like the worst part of town. Reginald stops the car.)

REGINALD: Get out.

(Ronald stares at him. He turns and glares at his son.)

REGINALD: Get out.

RONALD: I don't have any money.

REGINALD: Probably a good thing down here.

(He reaches across Ronald and pushes open the passenger door. Unable to do anything else, Ronald unclips his seatbelt and gets out of the car. As soon as he has closed the door, his father drives away.)

(In the present, Chloe stops on the Stargate's ramp and looks back to Scott.)


(Unhappily, he nods to her. She turns and walks through the Gate and he slowly heads up the ramp.)


ANOTHER PLANET. The team steps through into a heavily wooded area. As the Kino showed, it's very foggy. As they walk down the ramp, the Gate shuts down behind them.

WALLACE: Uh, it'll take a minute for the Gate list to refresh.

SCOTT: If Destiny's in F.T.L., it won't show up, right?

WALLACE: Uh, right.

SCOTT: So shouldn't we be spending a little more time on these planets, waiting to see if it does?

WALLACE: What if it is out of F.T.L. but just one planet away from here?

SCOTT: See, I knew this was a bad idea.

WALLACE: Weren't you the one who said we should stop being so negative?

SCOTT (sternly): Ten minutes. We give each planet ...

(He breaks off as an ominous growling can be heard in the distance, then loud thudding footsteps.)

SCOTT: You hear that?

ARMSTRONG: Of course we heard it!

(The creature snarls ferociously.)

SCOTT: Dial the Gate.

WALLACE: I'm dialling!

(The Gate begins to spin. The creature roars.)

ARMSTRONG: Dial faster!

WALLACE: I'm dialling, I'm dialling!

(Back on the planet of ruins, Greer is still racing towards the woods. Finally he reaches the trees and charges through them, holding his hand in front of his face to fend off overhanging branches. Reaching the Gate, he stops and sags in despair as he realises that the others have already left.)
(On the foggy planet, the Gate is still dialling out. The creature roars again as it thuds towards them through the mist-shrouded trees.)


(At last the Gate kawhooshes. Eli and Chloe instinctively flinch away from the vortex, then turn and follow Matt's gaze as he stares into the trees just as an enormous dinosaur-like creature, about twenty feet tall, thuds into view, growling ferociously.)

WALLACE: Holy ...!

(Grabbing Chloe's arm to get her moving, he drags her rapidly up the ramp.)


(He fires a burst of gunfire at the creature to try to slow it down. It snarls but keeps coming. As Chloe and Eli reach the top of the ramp and jump into the event horizon, Scott turns and races up the ramp. Stopping at the top, he fires another burst to try and dissuade it from following them (although it's unlikely that it would ever fit through the Gate), then turns and chases after his colleagues. The creature roars savagely.)

RUINS PLANET. Night has fallen and Greer has built himself a fire next to the Stargate's ramp. Sitting down and gazing into the flames, he remembers finally reaching home after his long walk home from downtown. As young Ronald tiredly trudges towards the house, glass explodes out of a window and he looks up to see that that side of the house is on fire. The heat from the flames has shattered the window. He races towards the house.

RONALD: Mom! Mom!

(Bursting in through the front door, he runs down the hall to his parents' bedroom where both of them are lying in bed. Coughing against the smoke, he hurries to his mother's bedside.)

RONALD: Mom! Mom! Mom! We have to go! Mom, wake up!

(He shakes her but she doesn't wake, already overcome by the smoke. Taking hold of one of her hands, he drags her unconscious body out of bed and hauls her across the floor and out of the bedroom door. One wall of the hallway is now burning but he keeps to the other side, grabs his mother's other hand and drags her along the floor and out of the house. Lying her on the ground outside, he settles her on the grass as she begins to cough weakly. Inside the house, something else explodes. Ronald turns and looks, wondering whether to go back for his father.)

(On the planet, Greer gazes into the fire as his father sits beside him in his garden chair, holding a beer bottle in his hand.)

REGINALD: You should have let me burn.

(Greer looks up as his father turns his face towards him, showing that the right side of his upper face and head is scarred after being badly burned. The hair at the front of the right side of his head is gone and a large patch of skin on his head is pink where it has never healed properly.)

STORM PLANET. Nicholas Rush and Team James come through a Stargate and find themselves on a planet with several tall columns of crystals growing nearby. The sky is full of storm clouds lit from behind by the sun (or possibly a bright moon) and, with no nearby trees or hills to obscure the view, the vista is splendidly dramatic. As the team walks down the ramp, the Gate closes behind them.

JAMES: It's beautiful. Not that I'd wanna be stuck here for a long time but it is an incredible sight to see.

(She collects the Kino and turns to Rush who is looking at his remote.)

RUSH (distractedly): Yes.

JAMES: This is our tenth planet. We've less than an hour and a half left.

RUSH (still typing): This is a lot more complicated than I'd anticipated. Who would have guessed that Destiny had skipped over so many planets with Gates on?

JAMES: Getting back should be so much quicker, though.

RUSH: Yes.

JAMES: Well, we have extra Kinos and a remote. Maybe it's time we split up, cover more planets.

RUSH: Agreed.

JAMES: We're gonna find them. We just need a bit of luck.

RUSH: I'm afraid I don't believe in that.

(He continues typing on his remote.)

JAMES: So, you'll take one team and I'll take the other?

(Without replying, Rush turns back to the Gate and starts to dial it. James rolls her eyes.)

RUINS PLANET. On planet Greer, he continues to gaze into the fire while the ghost of his father sits beside him swigging from his beer bottle. The voice of another man can be heard.

HOSPITAL PATIENT (voiceover): Fires. Fires were everywhere. Got so we forgot what a clean breath of air felt like.

(Reginald throws a look at his son where a Desert Storm war veteran is leaning over his shoulder, wearing a dressing gown and pyjamas. He continues talking.)

PATIENT: Emphysema, asthma, bronchitis. They said none of the guys sent in to put out the fires showed any ill effects. Come on! D'you buy that? How can that be true? Those fires were everywhere!

(Reginald looks angrily at Greer.)

REGINALD: The man's a living hell ...

(And suddenly Greer's memories shift back to a time when he was about eighteen years old. With much more hair than he has in the present, he is sitting at his father's bedside in hospital where Reginald is wearing a nasal canula and is reacting angrily as the veteran paces around the ward in his dressing gown.)

REGINALD: ... sent by the Devil himself to torture me for all eternity.

(The patient is scratching his arms violently.)

PATIENT: Just a little skin reaction, they said, just a little itchy on the arm.

(He sits on the side of his own bed, still scratching.)

PATIENT: The F.D.A. approved it, even though it had never been through any serious large-scale trials.

(Ronald looks across at his father, whose face is a picture of angry despair as the patient rambles on and on.)

PATIENT: There were no side effects! They said it was the war, not the vaccine. (He starts to pace around the room again.) Between nineteen ninety-eight and two thousand, twenty thousand soldiers had to be hospitalised after receiving the vaccine even though they had never been deployed overseas. (Angrily) The Pentagon failed to report that to Congress!

(His voice drops as Ronald continues to watch his father's angry expression.)

PATIENT: Wasn't as bad as the sand fleas, though. They got under your skin, and how. Carried all kinds of diseases - diseases you can't even say!

(He walks over to Ronald and leans over him.)

PATIENT: Tank busters - uranium depleted! I loaded those munitions. Nothing dangerous coming off those. What do you think?

(Ronald stands up and walks around the bed to sit on the other side.)

PATIENT: Eighteen thousand times in two years, those alarms went off! It's not the mustard gas - never the mustard gas! It was cigarettes, deodorant! Can you believe that?!

(He wanders off again.)

PATIENT: Chronic fatigue, loss of muscle control, headaches, dizziness, memory loss, shortness of breath, brain cancer.

(Sitting on the side of the bed, Ronald puts a comforting hand onto his father's chest.)

REGINALD: I'm gonna kill him, put him out of his misery.

PATIENT: It was the war. It was the war!

(He storms towards Reginald's bed and leans over him.)

PATIENT: It wasn't the fires. They were everywhere. Big black billowing smoke. The war is why he can't breathe.

(Reginald loses it and leaps out of bed, hurls himself at the man and throws him backwards, crashing into a bedside trolley. They fall to the floor with Reginald on top of the man and, screaming with rage, Reginald slams his head repeatedly onto the floor. Ronald rushes across and pulls him off. The impetus topples them backwards and Reginald falls on top of Ronald, who lies on his back and holds him as his father starts to sob.)

DESTINY. Young walks into the Infirmary.

YOUNG: Hey, T.J. Listen, I'm sorry. One thing turned into another and the next thing you knew, a five minute update is ...

JOHANSEN: I'm pregnant.

(He stares at her for what seems like a couple of hours. Finally he finds some words.)

YOUNG: You're pregnant?

(Wide-eyed with fear of how he will react, she nods. Another half hour seems to pass before he steps closer to her.)

YOUNG: Um, how-how far along are you?

JOHANSEN: About twenty-two weeks. It's yours ... ours.

YOUNG (quietly): A baby ... (he looks around the room) ... on this ship.

(He frowns at her. She scowls back.)

JOHANSEN: I'm keeping it.

YOUNG: No, I didn't - I didn't say you shouldn't.

(Her eyes fill with tears.)

JOHANSEN: What are you saying?

(He hesitates for a long moment, then walks much closer to her.)

YOUNG: Uh ...

(He takes her hands, lifts them up and kisses them. Her tears spill over and pour down her face.)

YOUNG: We're gonna work out how to make this work, that's what we're gonna do. We're gonna make it work, OK?

(Forcing a brief smile, she steps closer and lays her head on his shoulder. Unseen by her, Everett's face is a picture of shock.)

ANOTHER PLANET. Team Scott has arrived at a new planet. There's a desert around the Stargate and they have arrived in the middle of a sandstorm. With a scarf covering most of his face, Eli is struggling to see the screen of the remote through the sand whipping through the air. Matt and Chloe also have scarves over their faces.

WALLACE: Uh, this is a problem.

SCOTT: What?

WALLACE: Uh, the Kino says the atmosphere on the planet we just sent it to is toxic. We can't go through.

ARMSTRONG: Which means we can't get that Kino back.

WALLACE: And we won't know if the next address we try is safe.

(Behind them, the Stargate shuts down.)

SCOTT: Dial another one.

WALLACE: But I-I just said ...

SCOTT: I know, I know, but we can't stay here, can we?

WALLACE: No, no, but I-I ...

SCOTT: You stay, I'll go, I'll go. I'll radio back if it's safe.

ARMSTRONG: Matt, Matt, no!

SCOTT: Look, if we stay here, we're as good as dead anyway. Dial another one!

RUINS PLANET. The ghost of Reginald sits in his chair while Greer lies on the ground on the other side of the fire.

REGINALD: They left you. Abandoned you.

GREER (firmly): They did what they had to do. They thought I was dead.

REGINALD: Nobody's gonna save you. Nobody cares. In the end, all there is is you.

(He looks into his son's eyes.)

REGINALD: You alone.

(In his memories, eighteen year old Ronald walks into his father's hospital room. Reginald is unconscious and has a full oxygen mask on his face. Angela is sitting at her husband's bedside. Ronald sits down beside her.)

ANGELA: The doctor says there's an infection in his brain. They say there's nothing they can do for him.

RONALD: I enlisted.

ANGELA (shocked): What'd you go and do that for?

RONALD: I didn't get the scholarship.

ANGELA: But you worked so hard.

RONALD (smiling bitterly): I wasn't fast enough.

(He gazes at his mother.)

RONALD: He always said it wasn't his fault. His choice wasn't wrong. He just wanted to be somebody. I wanna be somebody.

ANGELA: You don't have anything to prove to anyone. You didn't let him change you. Nothing can hurt the spirit God gave you.

RONALD (standing up): I have to use it, don't I? To make a difference.

(Angela stands up and hugs her son.)

ANGELA: You can still change your mind.

RONALD: I'm not going to.

(Angela sighs sadly. He pulls back a little and kisses her forehead.)

SNOW PLANET. The Stargate is open on the next planet in Team Scott's chain. It's night time and this new Gate is surrounded by fir trees. Snow has been falling for a long time so that the trees and the ground are covered. Coming through the Gate with his rifle aimed in front of him, Scott walks forward cautiously. As soon as his foot hits the ramp, he slips on the snow and slides forward, eventually losing his balance and falling on his backside. Standing up and shaking himself off, he aims his rifle around again, then activates his radio.

SCOTT: All right, I'm OK. It's cold and dark but I can breathe and there's no crazy dinosaurs - at least, not yet. Come on through.

(He continues checking the area surrounding the Gate as Chloe and Eli come through and untie the scarves around their faces as they look around.)


(She and Eli skid down the ramp. She hugs herself against the cold.)

ARMSTRONG: It's kind of pretty.

(The Gate closes down behind them.)

ARMSTRONG: Sometimes we would spend Christmas at a cabin in Vermont.

WALLACE: Amazing ... that a planet on the other side of the universe can remind you of Vermont!

(He grins at her, then types on his remote.)

WALLACE: OK, here we go. Next set of addresses.

(He looks at the screen with dread as the list comes up.)



WALLACE: I recognise this one.

SCOTT: One we've been to before?

WALLACE: Not recently.

ARMSTRONG: That's not good.

WALLACE: It's the one with the downed alien ship - the planet Rush was stranded on.

(He looks up at Chloe and Matt.)

WALLACE: We've been heading the wrong way.

SCOTT: OK, so what now?

ARMSTRONG: Uh, can we re-trace our steps?


(He thinks for a moment.)

WALLACE: No - we should go to this planet.


WALLACE: Look, even if we re-trace our steps and try this all again with different choices, we're travelling blind. Rush said he was able to boot up the computer on that alien ship.

ARMSTRONG: Yeah, and that's what brought the aliens.

WALLACE: Yes, but in the small time that he was there, he was able to glean some information about the shape of this galaxy and where the Stargates are. If - if I can do the same, we won't have to stumble around. We'd have a map.

ARMSTRONG (unhappily): OK, but what about the aliens? Believe me, you do not wanna end up a prisoner on one of those ships.

WALLACE: I realise we might not have much time. We'll have to get in and out quickly.

ARMSTRONG: If they're not there now.

(Eli looks at Scott for a decision. Matt ponders the options.)

RUINS PLANET. The Stargate begins to dial in. Greer jumps up and kicks his fire out before retreating to the cover of the trees. He raises his rifle and aims it as the Gate kawhooshes. Moments later Lieutenant James and her team come through. Greer lowers his rifle.

GREER: Lieutenant.

(He raises his hands and stands up slowly as they swing their rifles around to focus their flashlights on him. With his face full of relief, he walks towards them.)

BARREN PLANET. Team Scott has arrived at the rocky planet where the alien craft was found crashed into the hillside. They have walked from the Gate to the half-buried ship and nervously stare up at the open hatch on its underside.

ARMSTRONG: I hope this is a good idea.

(Later, they have climbed into the open hatch. Scott shines his flashlight around the dark ship.)

SCOTT: All right, come on.

(The others follow him in and look around inside. Scott finds what looks like a console.)

SCOTT: Eli, how about this?

(Eli walks over to the console and shines his flashlight on it.)


(His light picks out something surprising - Nicholas Rush's glasses are lying on the floor next to the console. Chuckling, he picks them up.)

WALLACE: Guess we're in the right place.

SCOTT: Well, I've not seen as many alien spaceships as you(!) Come on - clock's ticking.

WALLACE: I know, I know.

(Nervously he looks down at the console and presses a couple of buttons at random. As he pressed the second one, the console hums loudly and activates. Lights illuminate on the console and sparks flare from the wall behind him.)

SCOTT: Fifteen minutes.

WALLACE: Where'd you get that number?

SCOTT: I like it.

WALLACE: This is an alien spaceship.

SCOTT: Right, exactly. Fifteen minutes - that is it. End of discussion.

DESTINY. In the Gate Room, James and her team are arriving back through the Gate with Greer. Young is waiting for them.

YOUNG: Nice work, Lieutenant.

(James smiles proudly.)

JAMES: Thank you, sir. Any word from Rush?

YOUNG: Not yet.

(He walks over to Greer and the two of them clasp hands.)

YOUNG: Glad you made it back.

GREER (smiling): Yes sir.

(Young looks into his face, seeking an explanation for why he was alone on the planet.)

YOUNG: Sergeant?

GREER: They thought I was dead. I don't think they would have left me otherwise.

YOUNG: I just hope that choice doesn't mean we've lost them.

BARREN PLANET. ALIEN SHIP. Eli has got the holoscreen working and various pieces of information are flitting across it.

WALLACE: None of this makes any sense.

(Chloe walks over to him as Scott checks his watch.)

SCOTT: OK, time's up. We need to walk away.

WALLACE: Not yet. (He looks back at Scott.) Wait.

SCOTT: You just said none of this makes any sense, Eli.

WALLACE: I know, I know.

(He stares urgently at the screen. Chloe is also watching the images.)


(He looks round at her.)

WALLACE: What do you mean?

ARMSTRONG: The screens - go back.

(He flicks back a few images. She points at one of them.)

ARMSTRONG: There. Select that.

(Eli looks bewildered but wisely doesn't ask. He selects that screen as Scott walks over to join them. A star map appears on the screen.)

WALLACE: There it is.

SCOTT (to Chloe): How did you know that?

ARMSTRONG: I don't know.

(Eli lifts up his camera and photographs the screen.)

WALLACE: Can you read this?

ARMSTRONG: No - I just ...

SCOTT: D'you know what it means?

ARMSTRONG (to Eli): Look, can you use this to get us back to Destiny or not?

WALLACE (smiling nervously): Uh ... yes?

(He makes his face more positive.)

WALLACE: Yes. I think so.

(He looks at the map again.)

WALLACE: We have to hurry, though.


WALLACE: If I'm reading this right, then Destiny is about to leave the galaxy. If we don't get back on board before it does, we're gonna be stranded for good. Game over.

(Grabbing his stuff from the console, he turns and hurries towards the exit. The other two follow him.)

DESTINY. In Destiny's Gate Room, Vanessa James is watching the countdown clock.

JAMES: Five minutes.

ANOTHER PLANET. Team Scott race through an open Stargate onto yet another planet. From the way they are panting, they have apparently travelled through several Gates already. They stop and catch their breath as the Gate shuts down.


SCOTT: Seriously, there was no quicker way?

WALLACE: No. If I'm right, this planet should be just ...

(His remote beeps as a new address comes up.)

WALLACE (grinning): There it is! (He laughs.) Destiny!

SCOTT: Dial! Dial-dial-dial!


(Turning to the Gate, he types on the remote and the Gate starts to spin.)

(In Destiny's Gate Room, Young is pacing as James continues to watch the clock.)

YOUNG: Down to the wire.

(The chevrons on the Gate light up and it starts to spin.)

RILEY: Incoming wormhole.

(Everyone turns and looks at the spinning Gate expectantly.)

(On the planet, Team Scott laugh in delight as their Stargate continues to spin.)

(In the Gate Room, the Stargate kawhooshes. The vortex settles down and a moment later Nicholas Rush and his team walk through.)

YOUNG: You cut it close.

(Rush sees who else is in the Gate Room.)

RUSH: Greer!

YOUNG: And the others are not with him.

(Rush stares at him in concern.)

(On the planet, the Gate spins on and stops as it reaches its final chevron ... then its lights go out.)

SCOTT: What happened?!

WALLACE: I don't know. I ...

(He stares down at the remote.)

WALLACE: It didn't connect.


WALLACE: I don't know!

(In the Gate Room, the Stargate shuts down.)

RUSH: So where are they?

(On the planet)

SCOTT: Dial it again.

(Eli turns and looks at him blankly, still in shock.)

SCOTT: Dial it again!

WALLACE: Yeah-yeah-yeah, OK.

(In the Gate Room, Rush walks over to Riley's console. He looks up at the countdown clock which has turned red and is into its last minute. Everyone watches the clock as it counts down its final seconds. Just before it reaches zero, Young turns away, unable to bear to watch, but he can't help but hear the accompanying ping from the clock as it stops. Seconds later, Destiny leaps into F.T.L.)

(On the planet, the Stargate stops as it reaches its final chevron, then its lights go out.)

SCOTT (frantically): What happened?

WALLACE: I don't know!

(He looks at his remote. One of the addresses on it flashes and then vanishes from the screen.)



WALLACE: The address just disappeared.

SCOTT: How can it be there one second and then gone the next?

(Eli turns towards him, his face full of despair.)

WALLACE: They jumped.

(He turns and stares at the Gate.)

WALLACE: We missed it. We must have just ... missed it.

(He sinks down on the ramp, his eyes filling with tears.)

WALLACE: That's it.

(He gazes up at the other two in desperation.)

WALLACE: We're done.

DESTINY. Back on Destiny, Riley is following Greer along a corridor. He looks behind him to make sure that the Kino is still following him, then turns and calls after Greer.

RILEY: I'm trying to carry on for Eli. Don't you think he'd want me to? I mean, I think it's important.

(Greer doesn't respond or turn back to him. Riley continues to pursue him.)

RILEY: Look, I know you've been through a lot. I only need a minute or two. What happened on the planet?

(Greer reaches the doors to his quarters and pushes the wall panel to open them.)

RILEY: People are gonna wanna hear your story, you know.

(Greer walks into his room and silently turns to face Riley. Riley immediately gets the message.)

RILEY: Maybe another time.

(Greer pushes the internal wall panel and the doors close, shutting Riley out. Slowly Greer turns and looks around his room, then walks tiredly to the foot of his bed. Sitting down on the end, he lowers his head and sighs.)