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Well I love Stargate, e'en my odd orientated somewhat way ward son, SGU. I'm a bit of a strange one myself. Take my word for it, I'm really, really weird, and anti-social. I hate going out, love reading and being by myself, I also love writing, and doing thought experiments. I'm 6'4", 330lbs, black as one can be, sometimes goes by the name Expletive:BMP, he's me when I'm being naughty. I'm 33 yrs, a proud virgin (will do something about this in the fullness of time, but not right now; Just before forever, but not today---that's my motto) I hate the Bahamas because it's too hot, and would love to live in Nothern parts of Canada or Alaska where it's cold and icy all the time. So if you know any one who can help, hook me up. My sister calls me big bear, which sounds too much like gay-bear and that's creepy. My dream is to be able to work on Stargate, even if I'm the stunt guy who gets his guts ripped out, or is eaten by something alien, or is beaten to death, or perhaps dies from explosive decompression (any and everything just to work on the Stargate franchise).

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