Ancient power modulator

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Device deduced by the information in the Ancient repository of knowledge, allowing an incredible boost of power to the Stargate. Though not Ancient in materials, Jack O'Neill unintentionally designed the portable piece of technology from the new knowledge in his brain.

When connected to the power source from which the Stargate feeds (Main Breaker Quadrant B), the modulator allows the Stargate to siphon energy 10 times the maximum available amount, but preventing a dangerous overload long enough for the Stargate to activate.

This device is powered by liquid naquadah, which can be gathered from a Jaffa staff weapon.


The Fifth Race - O'Neill unwittingly designs the power modulator to journey to the Asgard planet Othalla and have the Ancients knowledge removed from his brain.
Point of View - SG-1 travels through the quantum mirror with the power modulator to use it in an alternate reality in the hopes of contacting the Asgard for aid against a Goa'uld invasion.