Clare Tobias

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N.I.D. agent and capable engineer. Colonel Harry Maybourne sought her out after Samantha Carter, a former colleague, beat her out of a position at the S.G.C. Maybourne transferred her to an off-world N.I.D. base to analyze the larger pieces of technology stolen from other races, determine if each item can be reverse-engineered, then send the schematics back to Earth.

Tobias was taken into custody by the S.G.C. rather than be whisked away with the Asgard when the N.I.D. team's cover was blown by Colonel Jack O'Neill, who she found herself attracted to.


PLAYED BY - Linnea Sharples
FIRST APPEARED - Shades of Grey


Shades of Grey - Clare Tobias is introduced to her new commanding officer, Jack O'Neill, and explains the purpose of her work at the N.I.D. base.