Colson Industries

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Corporate conglomerate based in Seattle, Washington. A subsidiary is Colson Aviation. The company's largest client is the United States government. Its founder is Alec Colson.

Colson Industries has several satellites in Earth orbit, all which blacked out when Anubis and 30 of his motherships arrived to annihilate the planet. Afterward, the satellites were able to transmit images of the fleet which had been stored in the buffer. Following the battle over Antarctica, the company was also responsible for the cleanup of the death gliders and Al'kesh which had been destroyed there.

Another of the company's subsidiaries received a copy of Asgard DNA for a blind study, the ultimate purpose being to try and assist the Asgard race with their cloning problem. Instead a complete clone was grown and eventually used as evidence to prove the existence of alien life to the people of Earth.

Following this incident, Colson Industries was forced to fold. Secretly, right-hand man Brian Vogler signed false financial statements that pulled the company under. The countless employees and their families survived, however, with aid from congress.


Covenant - Alec Colson uses his company to add two and two together and prove to the world that life beyond Earth really exists.