Communication pad

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Human version of the Ancient communication terminal. Less bulky than its predecessor, the communication pad may seat up to five communication stones simultaneously. The device runs on an internal power source, the life of which is not known. When a user activates a stone that is paired with the pad, his or her conscious mind will trade bodies with the person on the other end of the communications line -- even across the expanse of many galaxies.

One communication pad was dispatched with the Icarus team in the event they traveled to a nine-chevron address. The other is located at Homeworld Security under guard.


Air, Part 1 - Colonel Young risks his life to ensure the Communication pad and stones make it through the wormhole with the Icarus team.
Air, Part 2 - Dr. Bill Lee waits alongside a transmitting communication pad at Homeworld Security, and is soon taken over by Dr. Nicholas Rush.
Air, Part 3 - Colonel Young and Chloe Armstrong use the communications pad to take over Colonel Young and Dr. Mehta at Homeworld Security.