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Tok'ra aid to Council Member Garshaw of Belote. During the evacuation of the Tok'ra base it was discovered Cordesh was in possession of a Goa'uld long-range communication device. He sent a message to the Goa'uld telling them of the Tok'ra's whereabouts and their escape plan.

Having betrayed his comrades, Cordesh left the body of the original host and hid himself within a female Tok'ra, while the original host was wiped away in the vanishing Tok'ra tunnels. Not long after, the symbiote's treachery was once again revealed, and he was removed from the new host to be given a torturous death in the tunnels.


PLAYED BY - Winston Rekert
FIRST APPEARED - The Tok'ra, Part 1


The Tok'ra, Part 1 - Cordesh and Martouf head off SG-1 on the surface and bring them to meet Garshaw.
The Tok'ra, Part 2 - Cordesh's deception revealed, he is taken by the Tok'ra to be destroyed in the backwash of the Tok'ra tunnel destroyer.