Council of Atlantis

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Last governing Ancient body that existed in the Pegasus Galaxy ten thousand years ago. They made the difficult decision to abandon their new home galaxy and return to the Milky Way after their defeat by the Wraith. Melia and Moros were among its (approximately) five members.

The council of Atlantis also entertained the scientific endeavors of the Ancient Janus, who hoped to build a time device, perhaps to undo some or all of the horrors of the Wraith in their galaxy. This they ultimately opposed, but Janus built it anyway, and soon the council was faced with a human from the future who had been brought back in time because of the technology.

The council permitted Elizabeth Weir to return to Earth through the Stargate when the city finally sank, opposing her requests to use the time device to return to the future. It is not known if the council dissolved after its administration returned to Earth, or if they continued to function as a governing body for a new Ancient colony.


Before I Sleep - The council of Atlantis is confronted with a woman from the future who arrived by technology they themselves forbade Janus from creating.