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N.I.D. agent, co-head of the workforce continuing Adrian Conrad's legacy of cloning the rich entrepreneur's Goa'uld symbiote. Cross monitored the town of Steveston, Oregon by maintaining himself as the Sheriff's deputy, making certain nothing went awry with the Goa'uld and their plan to build a ship to escape Earth. He was assigned to monitor the construction of this craft. Immediately upon completion, his team would use a special chemical to kill all of the Goa'uld and take the ship for themselves to study and backwards-engineer.

Cross monitored SG-1's activity in the town, and when he believed they were preparing to strike (or be discovered) he took them out of the picture, ordering them to return to their regular duties. He was captured by the Goa'uld and forced to blend with one of their symbiotes, but Carter stopped him prior to his departure and takeover of the N.I.D.


PLAYED BY - Vincent Gale
FIRST APPEARED - Nightwalkers


Nightwalkers - Cross captures members of SG-1, explaining the operation in Steveston Oregon.