Daria Voronkova

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Captain in the Russian military and Colonel Chekov's right hand. Captain Voronkova was taken with Dr. Daniel Jackson at first sight and treated him to salo, which he was not particularly fond of.

Voronkova drove Daniel to see Russian defense minister Miroslav Kiselev, but instead he was taken into custody by the Russian military. Only after he was subjected to a blood screening was Daria able to free him. She eventually managed to arrange an interrogation between Jackson and former vice president Robert Kinsey, who had recently been possessed by a Goa'uld.

When Kiselev ordered that Jackson and the Goa'ulded Kinsey be taken into custody, Voronkova watched as Daniel used a locator beacon, which the Prometheus detected, transporting them out of Russia and aboard the X-303.


PLAYED BY - Francoise Robertson


Full Alert - Captain Voronkova promises to be Dr. Jackson's guide while he is in Russia, but is not prepared when she is forced to abandon him to her military.