Darrell Grimes

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Friend of Cameron Mitchell and a member of his graduating class from George Washington High School in 1987. Darrell had attended 10th grade homeroom with Cam's heartthrob, Amy Vanderberg, who Cam had never gathered the courage to ask out. Cameron and Darrell were reunited at their class's twenty-year high school reunion.

He and Mitchell successfully pulled a prank on an instructor, Mr. Armstrong, during high school in which they managed to disassemble and reassemble Armstrong's car inside his own classroom.

Darrell and Cam's "date" to a high school reunion, Vala Mal Doran, began to pursue a physical relationship during the party until Vala chose to tell him she was married.


PLAYED BY - David Lovgren


Bounty - Darrell attends his 20th anniversary high school reunion, but the occasion is ruined when an intergalactic bounty hunter comes to collect Darrell's peer, Cameron Mitchell.