Data crystal

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An information storage technology utilized by the Goa'uld and the Tok'ra. Data crystals are capable of storing vast amounts of information from a computer system. Designed in all shapes and sizes, they are durable and sturdy, and can be placed in storage for hundreds of years without degradation of the data.


Summit - Ren-Al stores the formula for the Tok'ra's new Goa'uld symbiote poison on a data crystal when Zipacna's forces begin bombarding Revanna. Carter recovers it after Ren-Al is killed.
Homecoming - Carter speculates that information regarding stabilizing naquadria was stored on a data crystal by the Goa'uld who first experimented with it on Kelowna. Herak nearly makes off with this crystal, but Jackson manages to snatch it away.
Lost City, Part 1 - Daniel explains that Sam has been able to use Tok'ra crystals to figure out ways of transferring different kinds of energies.
Outsiders - In the process of sabotaging Wraith research into an antidote to the Hoffan drug, Carson Beckett smashes data crystals being used by Wraith scientists.