Dave Kleinman

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Officer stationed as the weapons officer aboard the United States Air Force vessel Daedalus. Kleinman has made several trips back and forth from the Milky Way and Pegasus galaxies to service Atlantis with personnel and supplies.

Kleinman started on the Daedalus as a Second Lieutenant, and has since been promoted to Captain. He was eventually transferred to the U.S.S. George Hammond, under the command of Samantha Carter.


PLAYED BY - Kirby Morrow
FIRST APPEARED - The Siege, Part 3


The Siege, Part 3 - Kleinman fights the Wraith in the Daedalus's maiden voyage into the Pegasus Galaxy.
Aurora - Kleinman is on hand when the Daedalus is sent to intercept the Ancient warship Aurora.
The Hive - Kleinman engages the Daedalus in a battle against two hive ships just prior to the vessels turning on one another instead.
Allies - Now a Captain, Kleinman joins the Daedalus on a mission to test the retrovirus weapon on the Wraith.
No Man's Land - Daedalus intercepts a Wraith hive ship headed for Earth.
Misbegotten - Daedalus rendezvous with Sheppard's team after another tangle with Wraith hive ships.
The Return, Part 1 - Kleinman is on board when the Daedalus encounters an Ancient vessel in the void between galaxies, leading to the rescue of the 10,000-year-old crew.
The Return, Part 2 - Kleinman receives a transmission from Atlantis in time to spare the once Replicator-controlled city from Daedalus's mission to destroy it.
Incursion, Part 1 - Kleinman serves on the George Hammond bridge when the ship tries to stop the Lucian Alliance from gating to Destiny.