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A leader among the Tok'ra, who holds grave concerns about his people's alliance with the humans of Earth and with the rebel Jaffa. Delek visited Stargate Command following Anubis's attack on the Alpha Site to answer questions posed by General Hammond.

Delek was aware of at least one Tok'ra spy deployment of which Jacob / Selmak was not made aware: that the Tok'ra High Council had an operative high in the ranks of Olokun's forces. He informed Selmak that, despite being a part of the High Council himself, Selmak had been excluded from the decision. Delek believed that Selmak had been compromised, his feelings about the Tau'ri taking precedence over the Tok'ra and their goals. In fact, Delek seems to have a lower view of human hosts than most Tok'ra, expressing his concern that Jacob has been exerting too much influence over his symbiote because non-Tau'ri humans have not had their will broken by thousands of years of Goa'uld enslavement.

Delek motioned for the Tok'ra-Tau'ri-Jaffa alliance to be severed until a new plan could be forged.


PLAYED BY - Sebastian Spence


Death Knell - Delek visits the S.G.C., fully prepared to move for the separation of the Tok'ra from the Tau'ri.