Doug McNair

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Resident of Colorado Springs, occasional boyfriend of Krista James. Doug has a drinking problem, and when Krista was involved their encounters sometimes escalated to physical abuse.

On an evening when Doug was intoxicated and particularly vocal, he banged on Krista's door, inviting the scrutiny of her neighbors. Krista insisted she needed to work the next morning, and when Teal'c encouraged his departure he grabbed her chin and told her he would call the next day.

Krista broke up with Doug at least once before letting him back into her life one final time, and even then he made time to beat her. When Teal'c discovered the bruises on her arm he assured Doug that, if he ever harmed her again, he would kill him. However, Krista took matters into her own hands, and the next time Doug was in her apartment and became violent she used her Lok'nel training to crush his windpipe.

Krista, not telling Teal'c what had transpired, asked to leave Colorado Springs for the weekend. While they were gone agents from The Trust entered her apartment and rearranged Doug's broken body to make it appear as though Teal'c was the one who attacked and killed him.


PLAYED BY - Derek Hamilton


Affinity - Doug continues to worm his way back into Krista's life, not realizing Teal'c has taught her a form of martial arts that will be his downfall the next time he gets too rough with her.