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A civilized, pre-industrial society of humans inhabiting the peaceful planet Edora. Edorans pray to their ancestors, thanking them for all gifts that are given to their society. They plant crops, fish from a nearby lake, and are very capable at fashioning wood into whatever their needs may be. They have developed the skills to create adequate housing for their small community, and other useful devices, such as windmills.

The Edorans were unaware that their planet contained soil deposits of naquadah, for which the people of Earth wished to trade. Many Edorans were hesitant to aid such powerful people, believing they would cheat them out of everything that was precious to them. But Jack O'Neill was insistent that the teams were only interested in fair trade. O'Neill stuck up a personal relationship with a Edoran woman named Laira, which blossomed into romance when Jack found himself stranded on the planet for three months.

Each year, Edorans look forward to the "fire rain," a celestial event in which the meteors scrape against the atmosphere and create bright spectacles of light. The show becomes more beautiful with each passing year, but it wasn't until SG-1 arrived that they realized the fire rain they thought was so beautiful would actually be responsible for a serious meteor bombardment against the surface of the planet, for every 150 years the fire rain strikes the ground.

Out of the belief that their ancestors would protect them (or that the fire rain was morelike an illusion that would never do harm), one third of the village remained behind with the potential knowledge that the fire rain could destroy them, while the other two thirds evacuated to Earth. Shortly after the evacuation completed, a meteor struck very-near the Stargate, leaving Jack O'Neill trapped with the locals. Several houses containing entire groups of families were struck and destroyed.

For roughly three months following the assault of the meteor shower, the Stargate lay buried beneath a hardened layer of naquadah. It was only after Teal'c arrived beneath the surface in an attempt to burrow his way to the top that O'Neill picked up his radio signature, unburying him and righting the Stargate to the way it had been. After this was done, the evacuated Edorans were allowed to return to their village, thanking the ancestors for their safety.




A Hundred Days - Predicting a meteor assault that will wipe out the Edoran village, SG-1 assembles the people and instructs them that they must return to Earth. While many follow, several decide to remain behind.
Shades of Grey - O'Neill briefly returns to Edora to make everyone at Stargate Command believe he has retired offworld with the planet's people, but is actually using Edora to cover up the fact that he is about to join a rogue N.I.D. group in obtaining technology.