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Colonel in the U.S. Air Force, assigned as the commander of the naquadah dig operation on P3X-403 under General Vidrine. Edwards is brash and no-nonsense, devoted to duty and with little patience for those who stand between him and his goals.

After mining the planet for three months and yielding sparse results, he and his team found a 53,000 metric ton naquadah mine. Unfortunately, it was located on a burial ground for Unas that had once been worked to death by their Goa'uld slavemasters. Edwards did not take kindly to any Unas – even Chaka, who came to his aid to solve the social issues between the indigenous Unas and the Tau'ri invaders, and nearly came to blows. He was willing to capture or destroy all of them, not seeing them as intelligent beings.

Edwards' stereotypes came to end, however, as several hundred Unas threatened to bear down on him and his men. Fortunately, a peace was established and Edwards remained to supervise the Unas in their assistance at the naquadah dig.


PLAYED BY - Michael Rooker


Enemy Mine - Edwards, learning primitive Unas have pinpointed his camp, has little concern for the well-being of the creatures and is willing to keep them away by any means necessary.