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Son of Hedrezar, the leader of a prominent Enkaran village. Eliam was married and about to have a child with his wife Nikka, who he planned to name after Colonel O'Neill. He was concerned with the change in weather patterns on the planet, worrying that the winter would be far colder than predicted.

Eliam was understandably frustrated with the prospect of abandoning his new world to an incoming Gadmeer terraformer, permanently altering his planet. He treated Lotan, the Gadmeer envoy, with equal regard. His demeanor changed however when Lotan and Daniel Jackson informed the villagers that they had located the original Enkaran homeworld, the world his ancestors had been taken from by the Goa'uld long ago.


PLAYED BY - Alessandro Juliani
FIRST APPEARED - Scorched Earth


Scorched Earth - Eliam is eager for the birth of his child, but his fears mount with the arrival of an alien starship, ready to transform his new planet.