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Leader of the people of P4S-237. Ellori was aware of the prophecies of travelers from the stars who would one day arrive and remove his people from servitude under the heels of the Goa'uld Baal and his kind, including Lord Mot.

With Jack O'Neill's encouragement, Ellori agreed to plan an ambush against Mot's forces when it came time for them to arrive. Unfortunately, Ellori's aid Chazen had contacted Mot, who purposefully arrived a day ahead of schedule, capturing SG-1.

Ellori had personal reasons for wanting the defeat of Mot. The previous year his people were unable to mine enough naquadah to meet the demands of the under lord. Consequently Mot killed his son-in-law. Now, with the aid of SG-1, Mot was determined to make an example of him to the rest of the villagers.

Ellori's daughter, Natania, shot and killed Mot in the back. Eventually the travelers from the stars were able to neutralize Mot's forces and bring Ellori's people freedom.


PLAYED BY - Thomas Kopache


Prophecy - Ellori openly receives SG-1, knowing the prophecies foretold their arrival would summon an era of peace and prosperity for his people, free from the heel of the Goa'uld.