Emily Young

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Wife of Everett Young. Emily was looking forward to the end of her husband's tour of duty with the U.S. Air Force, but became frustrated when he revealed that he wanted to take on a command position -- the one that would take him to Icarus Base.

Emily was eventually informed of Young's trek across the cosmos aboard Destiny by Major Peterson -- and Young himself, in the body of Colonel Telford.

Young's military priorities were not the only wrinkle in their relationship, however. Emily was aware of a past extramarital affair between her husband and Tamara Johansen, and the realization that the two were stranded across the universe together was almost too difficult for her to bear.

Is is possible that the two are separated or even divorced, though they both still wear wedding rings. Emily is slowly coming around to the fact that Everett may never return home, but the true nature of their relationship has yet to be revealed.


PLAYED BY: Ona Grauer


Air, Part 1 - In a flashback, Colonel Everett Young remembers the conversation he had with his wife about taking the Icarus Base assignment.
Darkness - Emily is in disbelief when she is visited by her husband in the body of another man.
Earth - Everett returns to Emily's home in Colonel Telford's body, convincing her to give him another chance. The two make love, only to have Telford momentarily return to his body during the act.
Life - Everett visits Emily and learns that Telford has been visiting her, and has convinced her that Everett is continuing his affair with T.J.