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The second glider completely constructed by the U.S. government, and the first to be the successful template for a series of spacecraft. The F-302 is renamed from the X-302 experimental class vessel. It is armed with advanced weaponry and is extremely durable.

The ship can be deconstructed and moved through the Stargate, to be reconstructed on the other side. It is propelled by two standard thrusters and one large booster rocket, as its predecessor. In its earliest service days Colonel Jack O'Neill wanted to see what the craft was capable of, and successfully destroyed and evaded a three-pronged squadron of Goa'uld death gliders.

Like its predecessor, the F-302 cannot sustain its own hyperspace window for any extended period of time, due to the instability of the naquadria used to power the hyperspace engine. But, also like its predecessor, it is capable of short bursts through hyperspace, covering several kilometers in an instant.

The F-302 flight team aboard Prometheus was known as Blue Squadron, led by Colonel Cameron Mitchell during the battle over Antarctica. 302s quickly became the standard fighters on board Earth's BC-304 class of Deep Space Cruisers, starting with the Daedalus.


USED BY: Humans


Fallen - Determined to destroy Anubis's super-weapon, the F-302 is sent into orbit of Vis Uban where it successfully targets a ventilation shaft on the mothership, destroying it's ability to fire, after a hyperspace jump that bypasses the mothership's shields.
Lost City, Part 2 - Prometheus' F-302 interceptors face off against Anubis's Al'kesh bombers and death gliders just above the Antarctic surface.
Covenant - Carter takes Alec Colson for a joyride in an F-302, a craft Colson Industries helped create.
Gemini - Teal'c uses an F-302 to deposit an Asgard satellite in orbit over the Alpha Site.
Avalon, Part 1 - Colonel Mitchell recalls Blue Squadron's fight against Anubis's fleet in Antarctica.
The Intruder - Sheppard and McKay fly an F-302 into the corona of a sun to catch another F-302 that has been reprogrammed with a Wraith virus.
Ethon - Mitchell leads his former squadron in an attack on an Ori satellite weapon, which destroys their mothership, Prometheus, in the process.
Air, Part 1 - Colonel Telford leads a squadron of F-302s to defend the Icarus Base against an unknown attack, which inevitably destroys the base.