Francis Maynard

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Four-star General in the United States military, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for President Henry Hayes. Maynard was a strong advocate of Stargate Command and General George Hammond, and in 2004 was responsible for briefing the newly-elected President on the top-secret project operating inside Cheyenne Mountain.

Maynard was opposed to Vice President Kinsey's apparent efforts to undermine the program, believing that the politician had a hidden agenda. Maynard strongly encouraged the President not to follow Kinsey's suggestion to replace Hammond and other S.G.C. leadership. He secretly met with N.I.D. Agent Richard Woolsey, who would provide the President both with a damning report on Stargate Command and also the truth about the real danger posed by Kinsey.

Maynard stood by President Hayes' side after the commander in chief suggested that he join Kinsey in heading for the S.G.C. to escape the planet, which was coming under attack from the Goa'uld Anubis. From the Oval Office, General Maynard coordinated communication with naval vessels in the Pacific Ocean before they were destroyed from space.


PLAYED BY - James McDaniel
FIRST APPEARED - Inauguration


Inauguration - Maynard is responsible for making the President aware of the Stargate program, and argues against Kinsey's recommendation to overhaul its leadership.
Lost City, Part 2 - Maynard continues to advise the President in the Oval Office alongside Generals Hammond and Jumper when Anubis's forces arrive in orbit.