Fred (I)

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Resident of Colorado Springs. While asking people for change, Fred encountered Ma'chello (in control of Daniel Jackson's body) on the streets of the city. Ma'chello invited Fred to a feast using Daniel's credit cards (to celebrate their "strangeness"), and ordered cheese burgers, french fries and shakes at a nearby diner.

Fred learned Ma'chello had been a soldier, and believed the man had fought in the Persian Gulf, having never really learned the truth. However, Ma'chello talked with Fred about the fortunes of good people in the world, instilling the seeds of hope and a bright future for mankind.

Shortly after the dinner, Ma'chello was captured and taken back to the S.G.C., Fred never ceasing to insist the man was a hero.


PLAYED BY - Alvin Sanders


Holiday - Fred encounters Ma'chello (in Dr. Jackson's body) in downtown Colorado Springs, who insists the two of them go to feast "on him."