Gadmeer genetic data store

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Technologically advanced storage system created by the Gadmeer as part of a long-term program to bring their species back from extinction. The extensive repository includes tissue samples not only for the Gadmeer themselves but a host of species native to their home planet -- perhaps millions of samples of plants, animals, and insects.

Along with these is a database of information on re-creating their world anew on a suitable planet following a mass extinction event. The records held span the race's entire history, scientific knowledge, art, and culture -- a civilization 10,000 years old.

The genetic data store is on board the Gadmeer terraforming ship, programmed to travel the stars and, after finding a suitable planet, begin the terraforming process.


Scorched Earth - SG-1 is transported on board the Gadmeer terraformer, where they find the massive stores of genetic samples from the extinct Gadmeer civilization.