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A series of subterranean caves concealed with Ancient technology a half mile beneath Glastonbury Tor, England. Accessible by transport rings, it is believed to be the location where the Ancient Merlin took King Arthur to ascend. Within the caves are concealed treasures of gold and silver, as well as an Alteran history book and a Ancient long-range communication device.

Upon entrance to the cave and the discovery of a sword in the stone, Merlin himself appears as a hologram, welcoming knights of the round table. He gives instructions to prove one's worth so all will be revealed.

One must complete a series of challenges to gain access to the treasures:

Avalon02.jpgPOT PUZZLE
Two pots sit upon a slab of stone. One is labeled "The Universe is infinite" while the other says "The treasure is in this pot," both in Ancient. The objective of this puzzle is to choose only one pot. Ancient proverbs say "There is only one truth: the universe is infinite." Therefore, the statement that "The treasure is in this pot" must be false. Upon lifting the lid of the "infinite" pot, a small gold coin is revealed inside.

Avalon03.jpgSTONE PUZZLE
Eight movable stones are placed on a similar slab with room to replace them in different configurations. Instructions are written in Ancient, the first word being "reflect." Upon closer examination the stones they are the vertically mirrored numbers one through eight. The objective is to order them numerically.

Failure to fulfill either of these first two puzzles results in a gradual ceiling collapse.

Avalon04.jpgTHE KNIGHT
Upon one's return to the main cavern the sword is now removable from the stone. A holographic knight appears. Being struck by his sword does not injure the flesh, but according to Cameron Mitchell, there is still a blow of pain. Several strikes against the knight will eventually make him disappear.

The coin from the pot puzzle can be a tempting item. If it is removed from the caves of Avalon before completion of the tasks the tunnels are designed to collapse, killing anyone left behind. The coin must be kept in the pot, and the sword must be returned to the stone before all will be revealed. Giving up these valuable items proves truth of spirit.


Avalon, Part 1 - Prometheus locates the caves of Avalon and SG-1 beams down to investigate, encountering the first two puzzles they must solve.
Avalon, Part 2 - The team solves the first two puzzles and must complete the next two before the treasure is revealed.